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Glade Wolf

It is always best to keep an eye on the greenery in these lands for there is a chance that a Glade Wolf could be hiding in them waiting to make a meal on unsuspecting prey. -Elvish Hunter
  Glade Wolf is another particular creature that made itself right at home after the Awakening. Once average wolves these creatures have become more dangerous more than ever with their new ability of camouflage that allows them to blend with their surroundings.

Basic Information


Biology is that of a wolf, only larger with plant material attached to it.

Biological Traits

Size: Glade Wolves are three times the size of the average wolf, making them able to take down large prey with ease. Which is especially effective when a pack of them work together to trap and corner prey.   Camouflaged: Plant material covers most of their body to enable to hide within the greenery around them to not be seen. With it being so compelling that they just look like any old plant.   Menacing Grow: Glade Wolves are known for their aggression against anything that will try to harm them to the point they will let out a fearsome growl. This growl has been known to even make other predators run off in fear before they even realize it.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce heterosexually with pregnancy lasting for one month.

Growth Rate & Stages

It often takes a whole year for a Glade Wolf to reach full size. Often with them just have a full set of white fur when they are pups and relying on their parents to nourish them. But once they start to reach their adult life the plant material begins to cover their body to allow them to fend for themselves.

Ecology and Habitats

As the name implies these wolves prefer to live in forest areas and in glades to bath in sunlight. Using the terrain by blending into their environment with plant matter attached to them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Carnivorous by nature often eating any that they catch often through ambushes or organized pack hunting. They are also capable of photosynthesis if unable to find food which is often it preferred choice as sunlight tends to last longer than trying to hunt something.

Biological Cycle

When seasons change the plant material on their body will change color with the season and wilt and die when winter comes. But will regrow with the coming of spring. But when plant material is gone a pure white coat is left to allow them to blend in with snow to hunt.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Glade Wolf society is somewhat different compared to average wolves most of them hunt alone rather than in packs. Why this may be is not understood but they will do it from time to time to better catch their next meal. They are still social with one another and tend not to bother each other when they can with fights often breaking out over territory or mating disputes. But they will stay with their young and hunt with them until they are fully grown to properly fend for themselves.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Hide: Many use Glade Wolf fur as camouflage capabilities as it will still work even if it is dead with proper magic techniques.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are often found in forested region on the continent of Continent of Dageth

Average Intelligence

Are capable of near-perfect stealth, along with using senses of smell, hearing, and sight to process where their prey is.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sight: Great   Hearing: Great   Smell: Excellent
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Magic Born
20 - 30 years
Average Height
Male: 3’2” - 3’6”   Female: 3’0” - 3’4”
Average Weight
Male: 140 lbs - 200 lbs   Female: 125 lbs - 175 lbs
Average Length
5 ft
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
White, green
Geographic Distribution

Blending In

  Glade Wolves do not just stay hidden through camouflage they are capable of becoming the plant foliage around them as if they were a part of it. Making it difficult for anyone to even know that they were even there. This has allowed them to be the best ambush predators around. It also helps them hid when they want to as well as they can be hunted by other predators as well and can stay safe as long as they are hidden.  

Protectors of the Wilds

  The Elves believe that Glade Wolves are guardians of all things nature and protect it from harm. In many cases, they have to be found chasing off people trying to harvest the land or polluting it rather than try to eat them. They are often only found in the untouched wilderness and away from anything civilized and stay there unless provoked in any way.


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