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Basic Information


Wolves walk on for legs and have strong bone structure along with muscle to take down prey.

Biological Traits

Wolves very in size depending on region they live in.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual reproduction

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes a full year for a wolf to grow as it understands it surroundings and use it senses to survive. Pups start as fluffy and blind until they become older and their eyes adjust and coat are develops.

Ecology and Habitats

Wolves perfer forested region, along with tundra and icy climates with cool temperatures to their fur.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wolves hunt in packs and eat meat only.

Biological Cycle

Wolves tend to give birth to their offspring in the spring when food abundant. Along with migrating when their prey migrates during the seasons. Fur also thickens during winter and sheds in spring.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Work in packs with a alpha leading them. Betas only answer to the alpha and omegas are at the bottom of the pack.


The Akili have known to use wolves as guard dogs and companions im their way of life. The wolves are usually born in the village with other domesticated wolves and are raised by a tribesmen making them use to being around humans they are familiar with. In the Norria, some norrians have been know to tame wolves as war beast and are often trained to submit and obey their every command. Pups are easier to train.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Guard dogs, war beasts

Facial characteristics

upright ears, sharp teeth, pointed muzzles, inquiring eyes

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Wolves found on the continents of Kinith, Dageth, and Norria.

Average Intelligence

Can hunt in packs to take down prey and howl to communicate with one another by howling. Have long term memory.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wolves have excellent hearing and smell. Their are also able to see in the dark, though they are color blind.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Natural class
6 - 8 years
Average Height
2 - 3ft
Average Weight
Male 66 - 180lbs, Female 51 - 151lbs
Average Length
3.5 - 5.2ft
Average Physique
Sturdy and muscular
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Tawny brown, grey, gold, white, black

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