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You should mind where you step when you are wondering this place as the trees tend to be a little sensitive on what you step on and have been known to retaliate if they feel threatened. - Wild Elf Shaman


The region is entirely made up of forest and access into the deeper regions a difficult to achieve. But those who do see are in a whole new world hidden from those who are blinded by civilization.  


  The Grove: In the heart of the forest lies the Groves, a sacred place were the oldest trees have existed as long as anyone could remember. There revered for their wisdom as it guides the Embraced to the enlightenment.   Maltreu: Translated into the Lair of Devourers, It is a highly dense region dense region of vegetation cover in vines and foliage. Their are no animals that can be found here as the plants are the one the devour everything as their carnivorous nature even causes the to eat other plants.   Gal'turuk: While there is no official translation, it is considered to be a nice place to be in as food is plentiful and their are no dangers that dwell in it. Many tribes often make their home here due to this.   Evergreen's Rest: It is peaceful place filled with the most beautiful plants anyone has ever seen. Most notably the stardrop flower as it sparkles like a star in the sky. Many herbs are found here as well to make strong medicine to Hell the most dangerous of diseases.   Bright Glow: While in the day it may seem to be normal looking forested area, the land transforms when the sun goes down as the plants begin to glow. The animal that live in the region as seem to glow as well from eating the plant life.   Black Wood: A place with a dark past as the wood on the trees is the color black. This is due to the Black Bloods that destroyed the forest here and when the Land punished them for their crimes they became fertilizers to feed the new trees. The color of their blood was said to make the trees black and it is said the they are still alive to this day to spend the rest of eternity in agony feeding them.  

Places of interest

  Stones of Elaco: It is a Place of worship for the Wild Elves as a palce of worship for Spirits of the land. Many large stone pillars were erected with ancient marking of the old ways.   Deranor: Once one of the largest settlements of the old Elven colonies of old, it has long since been abandoned. But it has become of a place peace and understanding. As the tribes and the Embrace often come here to share knowledge and ideals in ensuring a lasting coexistence between both peoples.

Fauna & Flora

The Woodlands are a strange place then most other place on Dageth since the Awakening(law:7d8715ab-d3e2-46ac-bf7d-232e5c4b82d9). As the is always summer for the season never change for some reason. The plant and wildlife are also interesting considering that you are able to talk with some of them. Even @[Spirits have a tendency to live here as its a peaceful place to stay in. The things that they can do can cause you to think that your mind is slowly succumbing to insanity. Here nature is truly in control and those who live here are only renting the place.    

The Embraced

  The sentient plant life that is connected to one another share all thoughts and memories as if they were one being. They often keep to themselves and just care for the earth and plant life around them. But they are will to talk to people, mostly the Wild Elf tribes and the Earth Touched as they have the same ideology of nature being sacred. They are often seen as all different types of living plants from bushes to trees that can walk and talk, along with the ability to manipulate their bodies and plant life around them.  


  A strange creature to say the least as very few have seen it as it can turn invisible. But those who have seen say that it is six limbs and walks on all sixes and stand on it hind legs to walk as well to reach a height of three feet. It feet are like hands as well to grab things easily. The exact species of is a mix of mammal and reptile to say the least. They are intelligent creatures and are capable of speaking. But they are tricksters by nature and will mess around with you with pranks such as throwing rotten food at you or using their voice to pretend to be someone else. But they are friendly and a conversation can be held with them, but they will just do it when there invisible as they only reveal themselves to people they trust.

Natural Resources

The region in rich in wood and herbs with many other forms of plant life. Though there are some mineral deposits, they have remain completely untouched.


Wild Lands

  The Woodlands have an interesting history in Dageth as a true wilderness untouched by any known civilization as far as it has been recorded. This due to the races that lived on the continent at the time, the Dwarves and Trolls. Due to the fact that they never built ships to travel across the sea and explore. The Dwarves though being highly advance didn’t care as they preferred to live in the mountains and the Trolls were not advanced enough. Both races considered that the land around the was all their was and the rest of the world was all water. To them anything beyond it was a myth or a fairytale told around the hearth to children. The Woodlands was one such tale even though it was less then a hundred miles away from the main land.   The arrival of the Elves on Dageth changed that as for the first time in history civilization had arrived in this wilderness as they sought a new home for themselves. Colonies soon popped up all over the region as settlements covered the coastline. But they never went farther then that as the inland stayed uninhibited for some reason. From most people heard about is that the settlers of the region saw it as a sacred land that reminded the most of their old home and did not want it to be destroyed so they left it like it was. Though others believe that their were colonization efforts before, but those who went farther inland were never seen again and not even a official map of the region was created. Making many believe that some sort of animal or even Spirits were involved that stopped the settlers from colonizing.  

The Awakening

  The Awakening changed everything about how the Woodlands were as the land was altered and came alive. The colonies that once existed were long since abandoned since the War of Light and Dark and once more was ruled by nature. The weather was always summer well and the winters never returned. The Embraced emerged as well as the their minds and bodies allowed them to walk about the land and share one another’s thoughts as if they were one being. This lead to the region become more wild and untamed as green covered abandoned buildings and plant grew large and more diversified then ever. The animals as well changed dramatically as well as they learned to maintain peaceful coexistence with the plants around them.   Then the Wild Elves came and once more after many centuries civilization came. But they were different from their other brethren as they accepted the laws of nature and cared for the land as much as the native species. With this they were granted entry into the inner regions of the Woodlands and lived in peace with nature. The Spirits of the land also began to show themselves as the tribes began to speak with them and worship them as their ancestors once did. Creating a truly unique society the likes of the world has never seen before.  

The Wars That Came

  Though peace was some that the inhabitants valued more anything else, a storm was brewing on the mainland between the Elves and Dwarves as tension were high over resources and territory. Which eventually led to the War of Wood and Stone as all out war spread across the continent. At first the Wild Elves and the Embraced were neutral over the conflicted as they had no part in the fighting and they went about their lives. This would work for a time put as the war went reached it first decade, the desperation for the victory was all the more attractive. The Dwarves invaded the Woodlands in an attempt to flank the Elven armies. This backfired as the Wild Elf. Though another invasion by the Dwarves would not happen again. However another threat would in the far future.   The Arrival of the Orcs and the formation of the Black Blood horde was something no one ever expected and the Woodlands were caught completely off guard. When the black bloods arrived on the shores they were much more ruthless then anything they ever faced. As they begun burning and killing everything in their path. Destroying a large portion of the Woodlands in the process. It wasn’t until the very land itself unleashed it fury upon the invaders and devoured them whole and used their bodies to renew the land that they destroyed. Once the conflicts were finally over, the people of the Woodlands stayed out of the problems of the world as it brought nothing but misery no matter it was about.


Very few people ever visit these lands as the Wild Elves do not take kindly to outsiders. But those who are considered friends are welcomed.
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