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Earth Touched

Transmission & Vectors

It come from the spores of the plant know as Earth's Blessing and these spore travel through the air. If any form of animal manages to inhale it the spore will attach it's insides and begin to infect their biology.


It is only caused by the spores of Earth's Blessing so any other time the plant does not have the spores, no one will be infected by it.


Symptoms do not show until only a few weeks after the spores are inhaled.  
First Stage
  • Skin discoloration
  • Loss of appetite
Second Stage
  • Fear of Fire
  • Desire to be outside
  • Desire to drink more water
  • Desire to bath in sunlight
Third Stage
  • Plant material growing out of body
  • Whispering from unknown source
  • No longer needing to breath
  • No desire to eat food
  • Change in skin color
Fourth Stage
  • Mental connection with nature


It is possible to remove the spore from the body in the first few days they are inhaled. This of course is done with a medicine known as Alenium, which causes the spores to die and the host to vomit to be sure they are out of his system. This medicine is no way expensive


If the spores are not removed in the first few days, they will latch onto the host's insides and spread for the next few weeks. This will lead to the host to become plantlike over time as the symptoms are always the same for everyone. In about a months time the transformation will become complete and they become a hybrid of plant matter and flesh.


Once the transformation is complete the host be come connected to all plant life around it. Being able to communicate with it and feeling what it fell. This also cause them to lose some emotions along the way with only some of the most primal ones remaining. It can even alter their personality as well to a more calm and peaceful nature. But there will some primal instincts that will remain such as reproduction, sleep and feeding.

Hosts & Carriers

Earth's Blessing is the only known plant to carry the spores that cause the diease.


Its best to avoid going near Earth's Blessing when it is in its blooming period.


After the Awakening, and the alteration of almost all living things trough magic, was when Earth's Blessing came into being and after a while the first creatures that were infected soon showed up. These of course only happen during the plant's blooming period and only small amounts of creature are infected by it. Which most people try to remember when the Earth's Blessing bloom to ensure they are not infected by it. This of course created groups of individuals were close to nature, wishing to become one with it and willingly set out to become infected to become a "Child of Nature." There was even a major cult that revolved around this as well in the Kingdom of Vilneria, known as the Children of the Earth. Where they tried to recruit people to accept the transformation and become one of them. But due to the religion of the House of Sun and Moon that was dominant in the kingdom, they were quickly chased out and eventually scattered as they hunted down by many different groups seeking to destroy them.

Cultural Reception

To many people, this condition is something that seems unnatural to them as it removes many things that makes them what they are. Seeing those transformed as some form of abomination to nature itself. But to some such as Wild Elves and other who strong connections to nature consider it the next step to becoming one with nature and are willing to sacrifice to achieve such a states and finding a way to preserve it once they understand it.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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