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Booga Booga Bush

Those damn Wolpertingers must be in my garden again. - Elf hearing his Booga Booga Bush in the distance.
  While the Continent of Dageth has its fair share of sentient plants that have managed to leave their mark in the region, there is nothing more bizarre nor unique than the Booga Booga Bush for its ability to create noises and shaking to scare of any danger near it.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Semi Sentient: The bush itself has gained a certain degree of sentience to allow it to be able to understand its surroundings better than most other plants. Though it does not have eyesight it can understand through detecting odors in the air.   Unique Vocals: The reason it is called the Booga Booga Bush is because of the sound it makes when dealing with threats that are near. Often being used as an intimidation tactic to scare off anything that poses a danger to it.   Alert Sensors: The section system to sense danger comes from the grassy tendrils that surround it in all directions. Through air pressure and odors, the bush can detect whatever is in the area from a certain distance they are at to know when to use its noise if they get too close.   Last Defence: As a last-ditch effort to protect itself from harm the bush will attack anything that will come near it with its Blade Grass by flailing it around wildly to cut whatever it can reach. This often works well as most animals flee in terror of such things and the bush looks like a monster trying to jump at them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Shake Away

  Though the bush does not like to have things around it is the only way for it to spread its seeds. During the spring when Snow Dewberries are being produced on it they will be scattered around when it starts to shake to scare off anything near it. This allows birds and rodents to take the berries with them to eat. When the seeds begin to fall out of the berries when begin to eat they will plant themselves in the ground and grow from there.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once a seed is planted the bush begins to become a long spiky pole to ward off herbivores from eating it. Once it gets larger the spikes become large grassy tendrils and start to develop their vocals but sound more like it is shrieking and will not gain its iconic sound until reaches full growth.

Ecology and Habitats

Forested regions are when are most suited to thrive as they can easily scare off animals without begin seen and can spread their seeds more easily.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They only need sunlight and water to thrive properly. Its size greatly depending on the amount it receives in its lifespan.

Biological Cycle

When the weather gets colder they will warp themselves up in a pillar shape to trap in heat and will stay in this state until it gets warmer.

Additional Information


The bush has become quite a popular thing to have by the High Elves as they use it as a security alarm to inform them of intruders may they been pesky animals or thieves. The bushes are often friendly with their owners as long they are taken care of by them and will not try to scare them when they are near and can identify them by odor in the air.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Snow Dew Berries: Snow Dew Berries are considered a delicacy due to their bittersweet taste and are often harvested from the bushes every spring to bake sweets and become ingredients in recipes.   Blade Grass: a type of glass that only grows on certain types of plants, it is very sharp and can cut flesh with ease, its durability is also something of note as it withstands great amounts of stress on it.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

It is often found in forested regions across Dageth, mostly in areas that have good amounts of sunlight with them

Average Intelligence

The Booga Booga bush can let out a cry that sounds like the name it was given as a means of defense to scare off animals trying to eat it along with it shaking to make it look like it is alive and moving.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Have unique sensory tendrils to sense things that are near them or touch them.
Scientific Name
Class: Magic Born
26 - 56 years
Conservation Status
Very common in forest regions
Average Height
3 - 4 ft
Average Weight
30 - 38 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Many shades of green
Geographic Distribution

Perplexing Plant

  The bush is considered odder than most other plants since the Awakening due the way it acts and how it looks. As it can make noise without any sign of holes or vocal cords inside them, unlike most sentient plants. Another curiosity is why it is not fully sentient either even though it can feel emotions such as fear or anger in most cases and does not respond to anything except sounds. But the most questionable thing about it is its physiology as its grass-like body seems to be flexible and hard to tear despite having animals trying to eat it all the time. With only a few of them ever being successful in that venture either. Making them one of the many puzzling species on the continent as no one can figure it out at all.  

Guard Plants

  The Booga Booga Bush has far more value to them than most people realize. For they are used by Elves as a warning system for both intruders and the possible dangers that might come with them. They are often placed in gardens, farms, settlement borders, and even at security points to forever be vigilant of danger. These plants are most commonly used in the Kingdom of Vilneria when one of these plants saved the life of a young Elven prince the jaws of Glade Wolf, the loud sound it produced startled the beast so much it ran yipping away and the boy was brought safely home. As a sign of gratitude, the bush was brought back to the capital and after a loud and ear bleeding journey it was made into the protector of the royal family and kept on the palace grounds. The bush would also save the life of King Deln III from the assassin's blade of a Shadow Elf that would have killed him if the bush did not detect its hidden presence. Since then the bush has been commonly used as a sign of protection giving it the nickname "Guardian Bush" as a reminder of its importance.


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This is a wonderfully unique idea! I absolutely love the concept of a bush yelling and shaking its sharp leaves at enemies. To use them as guardians makes a lot of sense. This article was so much fun to read - the sentence "after a long and ear bleeding journey" made me laugh out!

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