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Jantani Desert

The Jantani, is a harsh and beautiful place to travel across, but only the strong and resourceful can survive this place, for that is how it always treats its guest and inhabitant as long as it has been like this." Alazar Hulmmer Nerzad, Sultan of Nerzad Sultanate
  Once these lands were full of lush greenery and life, but that all changed when the god of theses lands died and his power was abused and twisted creating the waste land you see before you. With life being harsh and cruel daily to the people who live in it.


As as the eye cane see, the desert seems to be endless with nothing but sand and rock revealing itself. Their are only few places that can sustain waters in a place like this, let alone a place for shade. It expands the entire east of the Continent of Kinath from the Spine Ridge mountains to the Fertori Ocean. Their are also may settlements that are within the desert, with most of them having water close by to survive. But the largest settlement, the Jantani City States live on the coasts to better survive the desert. Along with the ruins of long dead settlements that are slowly consumed by the desert, only to be revealed by it from time to time again.

Fauna & Flora

The land is has little few plants to grow in such a harsh place, with only some being able to grow were their is actually water. making them rare and hard to find by even the most seasoned explorers. But as for the animals that live here they are mostly reptiles in nature and mighty big ones at that for that matter. With some even able to reach the hight of a single story building. But their are some birds and other mammals who are able to survive the harsh environment that is their home.

Natural Resources

What is not covered in sand is often reveled by the sun. Mineral and metals can be seen on the rocks that reflect off the sun, with many seeking them out on long and dangerous journey to claim it. Along with water that lies deep underground and can not dry up from the desert sun. Making it even more valuable anything else in the world.
Alternative Name(s)
The Jantani, the Great Desert
Inhabiting Species

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