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Ascar Plains


Northern Plains

Plains of Gold: Here much of the land is built for grain farms to feed the masses. These can be seen for miles upon miles as the open plains help them grown greatly. Plains of Marble: Marble can be found here deep with the rock as quarries are built to harvest it all. The quarries can go on for miles depending on how much marble can be found. Stone is also quarried as well to be used as building material. Plains of Green: Herds of animals are found here as they are used for livestock. Everything for sheep to cattle can be found here as their meet feeds many and their waste is used as fertilizer to rejuvenate the soil across the plains. Plains of Rivers: The rivers of theses territories help maintain the soil to enable crops to grow every year. Along with cash crops that require lots of nutrients to grow.  

Southern Plains

The Wild Plains: The region is wild and mostly untamed, filled with large animals that roam them. Such as Agron and Wind Runners that are often used and both food and transpiration. Not that many settlements can be found here as not that many people want to live unless they want more freedom. The River Roads: The rivers that converge here are at the center of the plains that lead to the Lake of Crossings. These rivers are used are often used for traded and fishing. Along with some farmland and settlements built on hills to avoid being swept away with the yearly storm that causes floods.


A Savage Time

  The plains came into being with the rise of the Beastmen after they invaded the west and drove out the Elves. The forests that they burned down soon became large plains that the lived on for over a thousand years. Here they would roam the land doing as they pleased as the Humans here live in fear and hide away in their fortified settlements trying to survive. It was not until the rise of The First Kingdom of Men that all changed. The Beast War was long and brutal, but eventually the Beastmen were driven out and plains soon came under Human control ever since.  

Taming the Frontier

With Humans controlling the region, it was not too long before they decided to come out of their settlements and expand. The once endless plains was soon covered in more settlements and farms were built to better feed themselves. These farms would eventually grow larger and larger as time went on and the wildlife and the region was slowly push out to better protect crops. More people so came to the plains to escape the crowed settlements and began living their lives here bring industry and improving agriculture and later build quarries to collect marble found on the plains.  

Conflict and Ruin

Conflict has found its way onto the plains many times over the centuries as the plains are the only way to travel the Western Lands easily, making armies have marched across region multiples time and many battles have been fought here. Often causing the region both environmental and economically as wars have caused the death destruction when they come. Causing famine as the farms and fields as they are looted and settlement left in ruins as their inhabitants are killed as their homes are razed to the ground. Which is why the people that live here have learned to adapt to it as a way of life, creating fortified settlements and militias to defend their homes. Making the settlements of the plains are considered some of the most fortified regions in the west they are ready for war to once more to come to their lands.  

Under Imperial Rule

Want was once a rugged land that was in disarray is now a region of security and stability. Along with one of the most secure region in the Vatian Empire. As food is necessary to keep the empire feed, it is mandatory to ensure nothing happens to it. Which is why a series of forts and checkpoints can be found all across the plains. Making it very difficult for anyone to go unnoticed with being spotted by a sentry. To live on the plains is both a blessing and a curse as the empire expects to get what it wants almost always. Those who are unable to will often have to deal with severe consequences by the soldiers that are sworn to watch over them. It doesn’t even matter if you are Vatian or not, your mean’t to work and if you don’t manage to do that then treat the same way that everyone else is. Which is why many pray for a good harvest or a new cache of stone or marble to keep the people of Vatia content.
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The Lawful North

My family has been running this farm here for centuries. Me, my children, and my grand children will be farming here till the day we die.- Humble Famrer
The region is completly controlled by industry as farms and quarries can be seen for miles and miles all around. Settlemants can be found every dozen miles as many people are need to work these places. Many cities can be found here due to the populations that are converged here. But many of these people are still famers and miners. This region is also heavly watch over with a military presence to ensure that all products and resources keep coming as well. As the grain and other crops feed much of the west due to the vast amounts of it that is grown here.  

The Wild South

The laws of men don’t apply here, Dug didn’t understand that and now he in the belly of a Great Olber
The south has always been considered a wilderness that cannot be truly tamed. Mostly due to the wildlife that can be found here that often roams freely. Only villages and towns can be found here, with only a small number of cities that actually exist here. The soil is good for farming, but there are only a few places that you can actually grow it as the wildlife often eats it. Not to mention some of them might be trying to eat you too if you not to careful. Which is why many people here are hunters that hunt the large game that lives here. The south is not that regulated then the north so people have more freedom here, though it causes more crime to happen here as well. It also considered a buffer zone in case invasion from the happens to


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