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Ardania has always been isolated from the rest of the Western Lands, and everything about them is just foreign even by western standards. - Regis Leons


Ardania has a lush environment filled with lush forests, grassy fields, and rolling hills that make up much of the region. Along with cliffs that make up most of the coastline.   Great Forest : One of the oldest forests in the west, the forest has become a divide between the north and the south, acting as an unofficial border for Ardania.   Borderlands: The outlining regions of Ardania where the borders of Ardania officially end. These regions follow their laws and often deal with threats on the untamed frontiers that meet them. These lands are divided into the Green Edge, Grey Edge and Blue Edge   Crownlands: The inner lands of Ardania are under the nobility's control and are far more developed, with bustling cities and towns found throughout it.   The Spine : The unmoveable mountains that divide the Western Lands and the Eastern Lands and its environment is hostile to all living things.   The Narrow Path: The only open piece of land that allows for safe travel between the north and south and is far safer than traveling through the Great Forest.   White Cliffs: Cliffs that make up most of Ardania's coastline with rock that can be seen for miles as light shines off of it like a mirror.   Southern River: one of the only rivers that lead into Ardania from the north and is mainly used to transport goods into Hyperia.   The Twins: Two rivers that originate from The Spine and both siblings are considered essential trade routes for delivering goods and resources to and from the mountains.   Lake Runa: The largest lake in the south and has religious significance being a place with strong ties to the old faith; while no one follows it, the remains of that religion remain in some places.   Lake Sapphire: A lake known for its pristine beauty as its water radiates like a sapphire gem when any light reflects off it. Many festivals and events occur here all year around for people to enjoy seeing such a sight.   Three Points: Three islands that have been apart of Ardania for centuries and at act as a places of defense from dangers from the sea. These islands are known as Pikehold, Brightwatch, and Saltmound with each of them uses as naval bases.   Inward Chain : A name used for the clustered islands found in the Bay of Stones, these islands are rocky making it hard to farm on, but make up for it by being rich in minerals and Quick Clay.

Localized Phenomena

Coastal Storms: Powerful storm from the Great Blue often hit the coastline of Ardania, being able to able to sink ship and tear down buildings if they are too close to them.   Frost Swells: Lands near The Spine will often will suffer colder weather and even frost that comes down the mountains building up a night and during the autumn season.


Ardania goes through seasonal changes like the rest of the Western Lands, only the weather is often warmer with autumn and winter arriving a at least a month later than in the north. The coastline does however deal with harsh storm that come the Great Blue and Hyperia.


An Isolated Land

  Ardania, or its more ancient name, Carathas has had a long history of isolation since the fall of the The First Kingdom of Men thousands of years ago. This was due to the Great Forest separating it from the rest of the west and the dangers within it that made traveling difficult for anyone. This caused its inhabitants to remain isolated and unaware of what went on with the rest of the world for over a millennium. Here, the warring tribes would become petty feudal states under the control of Bannerlords, warlords that struggled for power for centuries. These were dark times of endless wars and would not come to an until the rise of its eight kingdoms known as Kerz, Jorgan, Frenik, Parn, Arda, Dania, Lansen, and Tesburg.   Yet more conflicts would continue, with these kingdoms fighting to expand and spread their influence. But over time, these kingdoms would fall through a series of wars and disasters, leaving only two remaining, the Kingdoms of Arda and Dania. Both would continue to fight one another until, Finally, the land would be united by their ruling families under a new house, House Kasval, ending seven centuries of war and unifying the south. Through this union, the Kingdom of Ardania would be formed, bringing forth a new age of progress and the beginnings of spreading beyond their borders to explore a world that they had forgotten.  

Influencing the West

  Despite Ardania being isolated and having no role in politics that affected the rest of the west, many would assume they had no real impact. That is considered complete and utter nonsense by the uneducated and the ignorant. The truth is the south has had a significant influence that has left a more profound mark on the north than one would ever expect. The most distinguishable is the Luminarium of the Exalted were founded here, and the prophets that taught the teachings of the Exalted were originated from here. Once they left isolationism, the faith spread to the north over time, and now it is the central religion that dominates the Western Lands. This is not the only contribution as military advancements such as ships, weapons, and even Knights were created in Ardania with them being adopted by others when they introduced them. Their building designs were also adopted in some places, mainly castles, as they were stronger than most forts at the time. Even the arts of magic that have managed to flourish here have allowed for a better understanding of magic by those that used it here. All of this was gathered through trade between the people that had dealings with them. Allowing for exchanges of new ideas between both parties and a better understanding of the once-isolated Ardanians.    

Kingdom's Fall

  Over the centuries, the kingdom would begin to fall in decline as its government and nobility began to lose itself to greed and corruption, leading to many claim wars and rebellions, the most devastating being Roderick's Rebellion lead to more than a decade of rebuilding after the conflict. But in the far north had other plans seeing the weakness of the kingdom and War of the Raptors soon followed, being the first actual conflict between the two powers. Both sides fought each other with all the resources and manpower they had to push the other into submission, leading to a long and costly war. After four harrowing years of fight, the empire would triumph, and the kingdom collapsed as a result. Now the empire rules over the south, which has become only a place of ruination and death under its new rulers. Yet their rule is not complete, as the vastness of the entire south requires much need soldiers to secure them. However, the empire does not have the men available to accomplish this task leading to problems that have caused many problems in completing their rulership over these lands.


Traders were once a great commodity in Ardania with traders from all over coming to see their goods for the luxuries that are found here. It was also a place where runaway slaves to find freedom as their was no slavery here. But since the war very few people come here and only the soldiers of the empire and a few of its citizens come here now.
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Under Imperial Rule

  Despite the Province of Ardania being created after the war's end and under the empire's rule for nearly a decade, Ardania is far from being stable and peaceful. Famine and diseases run rampant due to the negligence of the acting government, leading to an increase in banditry and rebellion across the region. The garrison's forces stamp out any opposition where they can find it. Still, they are undermanned due to the lack of forces to fill in the gaps to secure the region, resulting in the Imperial Legions being outnumbered and lacking supplies to maintain themselves. With the death toll rising in the tens of thousands since the war ended and its natives are demanding the blood of those that have caused this misery upon them.  

Weariness of Outsiders

  Due to the region's isolation for centuries, many Ardanians have grown accustomed to seeing only their culture and way of life in their lifetime. But when the region became open to the rest of the world, it caused a large amount of xenophobia amongst its population. While people met outsiders with suspicions of their intentions, it mostly seems to be the history of foreigners invading their lands during their isolation period. So much so that their borders were heavily fortified to keep watch for any trouble and followed a series of rules and regulations to get into it. While this xenophobic behavior has dropped considerably since Ardania became more open to its neighbors, some places still harbor some distaste for anything different from them.  

Cultural Heritage

  Ardania is home to a unique heritage of cultures dating back to ancient times, and much of it is found in its people of today. While all the people living here are considered Ardanian, its regions are a melting pot of different ancestries. Many are scattered but can be found in certain parts if one looks close enough and carries on traditions and beliefs that honor their past and the way they follow. Making it a place where no matter where one was to go, one would find interesting and colorful people going about their days like those before them.  

Major Settlements

  Asron : The capital of the region with a rich history that comes with it, while not the largest city in Ardania, it makes up for it with culture and finely crafted architecture. It is also the heart of all this politics, whether open to the public or done in the shadows.   Stone Haven: The largest city in Ardania, with only towering stone buildings seen for miles around. It is also strong with faith as the city has strong ties to the Luminarium of the Exalted throughout its history.   Ironmound : A town famous for its skill in metalworking and its rich iron mines that keep the town afloat. Much of the region's iron ore comes from here, and an ore found here must be kept flowing to ensure that business keeps going for all who profit from it.   Saltstone Landing: A port city that brings ships from all over to bring about trade and commerce with all that drop anchor. It is also a large producer of salt from the ocean to sell to ships passing through.   Ruchmort: An old city that was once the capital of the Kingdom of Dania, now it is a place that has long been in decline being a place for farmers of The Gift to deliver their crops to be distribute across the region.   Tenath: A small city known for its studies of Magic and other sciences. It is a place where scholars and avid learners come to learn and discover in order to offer their services to others.

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