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May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
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Oaken Tower

An castle with a an particular history and has a long history on being a place of peace and protection from all that would do harm.

1559 words

War Hounds

Dogs trained to be fight alongside their owners in battle and hunt all that have been deemed their enemies without hesitation

1519 words

Darren Nettle

Once a proud Ranger that served his homeland well, only to betray that trust with the lives of his comrades.

2804 words

Fredrick Lumbren

Once a Ranger, tragedy has taken much of his sight and crippled him, now he works behind enemy lines to build support to liberate his homeland.

3164 words


A land that had long since been isolated from the world before entering the world stage, filled with wonders and horrors that no one would find in the west.

2173 words

Deeptide Reavers

Vengeance born on the high seas to punish all that have wronged the righteous.

1944 words

Stuffed Bread

A meal that is two in one as bread is filled with a another food to add flavor and become a more filling meal.

880 words

Asron, the Royal Captial

The former capital of the Kingdom of Ardania was once a place of culture and learning, now it is a shadow of its former self under the empire.

2127 words

People’s Militias

A series of militia groups that have joined together in order to defend their homes from all that would do harm to them.

2196 words

Griffon Riders

A new breed of cavalry that takes to the sky, gaining an advantage in air superiority against most foes. while still in its infancy it has changed the face of warfare entirely.

3777 words

Mountain Lion

A well know predator of the mountains known for it stealth and its speed to take down prey.

1094 words

Spy Lenses

A device used in the use of aerial reconnaissance being able to see from long distances with the fear of weather effecting it.

824 words

Royal Sky Riders

The first generation to take to the skies and watch over their homeland from the skies upon their mighty griffons to ensure that peace is keep across it.

1322 words

Laws of Magic

Even magic is bound by laws that decided how it can be and how it can be not with those that refuse to obey them to suffer the consequences.

1349 words


A condition in where a spirit or a demon takes over the body of a of a mortal being of the physical realm in attempt to interact with it.

1223 words

Alchemical Flasks

A creation of alchemy the substances found in them have a verity of effects that can be used in battle to harm and disorient the enemy.

1131 words

Back to Writing

Another part of my novel I finally started to do again being inspired this December, enjoy.

5525 words

Bloody Bride

A cautionary tale of a women who was betrayed by a man that she thought loved her.

726 words

Demetris Gregory Cirillo

A man who was once fascinated by magic to the point of obsession, now after experiencing a terrible incident that left him marked he now travel the land to stop others from committing wrongs with it.

1692 words


Even in the Dreaming none are safe from the power of the gloom and its nightmares that seek to corrupt all.

571 words

What Once Was

3461 words

Even More Writing

7439 words

Mocking Bird

1161 words

Jester% Progress so far

49661 words 496.61% completed!

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Throughout my life, I have always been a dreamer, of course, I'm not sure it was just me of the ADHD doing but I did it anyway. Of course, like any kid at a young age, I loved to draw and through my drawings, I am managed to bring out my ideas to come to life before my eyes. Of course, like any kid who liked to draw, I wanted to be an artist until my dream was utterly shattered by my parent's hammer of reality and to tell you the truth I was never going to be that good anyway and ever if I was I was going I would be a starving one just trying to make a living by doing commissions for anyone like everyone else. I would probably be doing from a box near an internet cafe to consider no one ever has a lot of money, anyone, to start a life these days. So when high school ended I began my journey to become a writer and man was I lost and my writing looked like Tommy Wiseau's script for The Room. Of course, I had no idea where to start since I never read when I was a kid because when you are forced to read by your parents it doesn't make you want to do it at all. But considering I watched a lot of movies, tv and played video games I had an idea of where I was going. With time I managed to get somewhere, but it was not until I found World Anvil that the horizon seemed to hold endless possibilities for me. Then the man did I just write everything in my head to the point that I tried to post an article every week or several a week just to see my progress and man, oh man I slowly made my way into something good. I have been doing that ever since and I do not feel like stopping anytime soon. So look out world because I going to stick it to you for all the reality crap you kept telling all my life and nothing is going to stop me now.

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