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Royal Sky Riders

We have all been given a great honor and gift to be here, to serve our people in the king's name, and to do so by taking to the skies to strike down all who dare threaten the peace from the very heavens themselves. - Griffon Rider


High King of Norria: Due to the small number of riders currently existing, the High King has taken command of all forces of the sky riders to ensure that they are given their assignments and that future recruiting and training are done properly.     Wing Commander: The leader of multiple wings to command in battle, they can lead their wings tactically and the main command through the Wing Chiefs under them.   Wing Chief: Officers that command an entire wing under them, a wing will be able to maintain their orders through them and organize effectively to carry them out.   Wing Sergeant: A rider whose duty is to keep a wing under control when needed and keep them up to the task. This can be difficult with the vastness of the sky and the chaos of battle, but they can drag back riders that stray too far.


Being a Member

I had never thought about flying in my entire life and always looked to the ground to see where I was, but seeing a rider for the first time has given me a yearning to become like them and go where few have ever gone before - Inspired Recruit
  We are here at the being of something that has never been seen in our homeland. Thanks to our High King, we have been given the power to take to the skies upon the mighty Griffon to defend our people against those who dare stand against it. With our mighty steeds, we can travel across great distances that would take days if one were to walk, and with our sight can see all that goes down below us. We are forever watching over the land to ensure peace that was hard earned is kept as we soar through the sky as if we were meant to be there. Though our number may be small, each of us has the will to face our foes as if we were a storm, for we are those who have been deemed worthy of earning that right to be here and the many trials that tested us repeatedly to prove that we had the right to take to the heavens to continue our watch. We will ensure that our oaths are kept and that all shall know the power of the skies are not to be trifled with as we rain fury from above.  

What People Think of You

  While still new to the Norria, the sky riders have already made their mark across the continent, being used as peacekeepers to ensure that the kingdom's laws are kept and that those who refuse to obey will suffer the consequences. With them being able to travel much faster than even the fastest horses, they have been able to respond to many incidents that have led to conflict and aid in the search for these threats being able to see vast amounts of the area from so far up alongside the soldiers of the kingdom. Giving them a mythical status amongst the people for their skill and mastery over their griffon mounts. However, they have yet to be shown to the world as they will be triumph cards that should not show so early when war with the Vatian Empire is brewing, and the new kingdom needs every advantage they can for the coming clash of powers

Public Agenda

The Sky Riders have sworn to defend the High King of Norria and the Kingdom of Norria by serving as an aerial military force to strike down all of it enemies.


Griffon Mounts: Their most important asset is the griffons they were given to train and ride upon to carry out their duties.   Workshops: Craftsmen and smiths have been assigned to aid in building whatever the riders need to ensure they are effective and efficient as possible to their success in the air.   Alchemy The riders have access to alchemy to allow themselves to use their potions used in battle to be dropped upon their enemies and let chaos ensue.


First Amongst the Clouds

  Created at the decree of High King Darius Harkon, the sky riders are a new initiative to create a new breed of warrior that can take to the skies and battle against all who stand against the kingdom. With the first recruits trained by the king, they have begun to grow in number and are slowly becoming a capable force in the newly formed arts of aerial warfare. While this new type of warfare is still fairly new, with many unknowns and mishaps along the way, these brave riders have learned to adapt and improve on past mistakes as they continue to make headway to take to the skies time and time again. Their willpower and determination to prove themselves are capable flyers alone have made them skilled upon their griffon mounts as they continue to push themselves and train to see how far they can go. Because of this, many of the riders are highly skilled even in the short amount of time they have been doing this. Many have already been sent on active duty to improve their skills by dealing with the problems that remain from the Northern Wars of Unification being those that refuse to accept the new path the kingdom has taken for the continent. This has also allowed the riders to better understand their roles and strategies in warfare, using these threats as practice when they finally face real danger to their lands. Especially with the future war with the Vatian Empire that may soon come to their shores, they will need to use every advantage they have when facing their Imperial Legions when the time finally comes.

Fury from Above

Founding Date
Military, Air Force
Alternative Names
Sky Riders, Sky Rider of the North, Griffon Riders
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Sky Riders
Ruling Organization
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Limited Numbers

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Each rider here has proven their worth to ride amongst the sky, and that makes them better than anyone else because of that fact - Sky Rider Instructor
Due to the riders still being a new branch of the kingdom's military, they are few in number as the requirements needed to join are very strict, having lowered the chances of many passing the tests needed to pass have only allowed a select few to join. The training of a griffon and the time to fly on one also takes a lot of time to be a sky rider officially makes it all the more crucial that each rider put time and effort into their training. It has been determined that almost a hundred riders exist in total, and most are spread thin across the continent, carrying out their duties with what resources they have to succeed them. While this may seem like a weakness with their small number, it does not mean that these riders are not as skilled as they look. Each one has proven themselves to be where they are today, and the fact that they can have air superiority over most foes they face gives them a tremendous advantage in battle. Making them some of the most well-trained and skilled soldiers to be created by the kingdom will continue to be so in the future.

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Well, I'm a sucker for any and all things that fly, so this was a delight for me to read. I love how dedicated the riders are to their training and oaths. I'm curious what will begin to happen as other countries might develop aerial militias as well...some sky battles, perhaps, or the turning of the riders into more resource and exploration based travelers to avoid conflict? Fascinating! Also, some totally awesome griffons :)

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.