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Hailing from the Continent of Norria, a place where life is a harsh everyday struggle, live the Norrians. A Proud and ever defiant people that live on war. For when their long boats are seen off the shore, blood will be spilt by the days end. But not all of them are butchers, for some are great traders that can be found traveling half way across the world to bring prosperity to their people. Their navigation skills are said to be legendary, even by the Hyperions who claim thats they are the greatest seamen in the world. But they where not always a warlike people, for they were forced to by this way when the Warlock Lords came to Norria and enslave them and only later able to earn their freedom by silting their throats. For centuries they have been fighting on another for power as tribes and clans killed one another for it. It was not until recently that the land has finally been united by a man who declared himself as their first king and with a perpose that is yet unknown to the world.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Freygerd, Tola, Svala, Sigrid, Ingirun, Abi, Runa, Yri

Masculine names

Fridgeir, Steinar, Armod, Valbrand, Baug, Runolf, Hedin, Thidrik

Family names

Norrians use to not have last names, so they of call the by name of their parents names that end with son for boys and dottir. That was not until the Unification Wars with the land united and all most know have a last name.  
  • Lillegard, Handal, Clausen, Ouron, Bruun, Friberg, Lund, Ekman, Hallstrom


Major language groups and dialects

  • Norros
  • Glanra
  • Fulgru

Culture and cultural heritage

The Norrians where original descend from a peaceful people know as the Rivari, who where the first Humans to inhabit the continent, but where destroy when the Warlock Lords came and enslaved them. During this time they were forced to be their slaves and after they won their freedom, they became know for being warriors and raiders feared by all.

Shared customary codes and values

Honor is at the center of Norrian Culture with most of them being warriors and often many would die before they even reached thirty. Faith is also impotent to them since it helps grant them passage into the afterlife. Bathing is also important to them since it helps stop disease from spreading and it is customary to look your best for your own sake. Emotions are often controlled as well since a slight tone of voice can lead to violence among them, so a cool head is often needed to keep things a peace. But war is in their blood and it screams to see those who cross them fall as clan feuds run deep in their culture and it won't stop until either side is dead at their feet.

Average technological level

They are know of their fast long boats and weapons the a cut though anything. They know astronomy and navigation as well But they are not as advanced in anything else.

Common Etiquette rules

Norrians often try to avoid physical contact since it only only for friends, family and their spouses. But when meeting with someone they often just pound the right hand on their left shoulder as a sign of respect. Washing your face, hands and neck are common before eating. Toasting for good health and leaving weapons at the door during a feast.

Common Dress code

In the south men wear tunic with cloaks and pants with leather boots. While women wear dress with extra layers for warm, with some cover their hair as well with cloth. But as you head north furs are worn more to for extra warmth. That goes for men and women alike, with women dressing more like men at times. Then there are the warband who just wear what ever can keep them warm and armor, wether it’s tunic, furs or both. Along with leather armor and chainmail.

Art & Architecture

Most their building are made of wood since very few people know about stone masonry. The few builds they have a small houses built into village with a mead hall to commune in and celebrate. That and temples dedicated to the gods. Wealthier families and leaders often have larger houses than most. Most of their are can be found in wooden sculptures and carved into buildings. As well as in armor and weapons. Runestones are often made as well in dedication to great warriors and leaders as well.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

  • Raiding
  • The Thing
  • Holgmengar
  • Trial of Sheilds
  • The Journey of Waves
  • Feasting
  • Blood Feud
  • Blood Eagle

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Only the strong survive in Norrian culture, that goes with newborns as well if they survive the first few day after birth they are accepted in the family. If their was something wrong with the child they would often leave them to die since they are not worth the trouble. They would have a rune drawn with soot on their forehead to represent them. With some runes affiliated with courage and other with leadership. Then the father would call upon his ancestors to give the child protection from evil spirits and other unnatural things that wished to harm them. A small drop of blood would be taken from them and thrown into a fire to see if their fate is seen through the flames. After that a feast would be given to them in their honor.

Coming of Age Rites

For most young boys, to be a man is to be able to hunt and feed the family, along with fighting. Starting at the the age of twelve to fifteen a boy must go a hunting trip with other hunters to look for food. He must make a kill and bring it back to feed the family as the first step of his road to adulthood. The second part was learning how to fight, with them often learning at the age of twelve. They are taught how to fight with swords, axes, spears, shields and other weapons. After tears of training they sooner of later end up in their first fight. Once they kill an enemy they are officially considered a man.   As for women they given their own rites to become women. They must learn to fight as well in order to protect the home and also take care of the house as well. Most women must their own wedding dress and ring in order to marry. For those who do not want to live as house wife yet, they often become sheild maidens and fight in wars and raids.   For people in the far north and south they are required to go on a voyage on a ship since it is required for them to travel at sea for trade and raiding.

Funerary and Memorial customs

All the dead are burned to send to the after life. It is also because that they are afraid that the dead might come back if they do not. The dead are dressed in their finest clothing and are given their most treasured valuables with to the after life. The entire settlement is often their to see them off, especially if they are great warriors. Rites are Also give. To make sure that they do not come back as spirits to haunt the living.

Common Taboos

  • Magic
  • Cowardice
  • Mischief
  • Back Stabbing
  • Desecrating the gods
  • Ghosts and the undead


Beauty Ideals

Bathing is common in Norrian culture since it is apart of their faith along with braiding hair and beards. Blue eyes are also considered to be favored over others too.

Gender Ideals

Both genders are given influence in Norrian society, with man and women have the same jobs a men. Such as raiding, weaving, hunting and carpentry. But this only goes with a few women and the rest of them are often left at home to watch over the house in order to protect it and raise the children. The women known as shield maidens often do not settle down until they are beaten in a fight with another man in order to get married

Courtship Ideals

Marriage in Norrian culture is more political than by love. Families often marry of children to form alliances with each other and end feuds between them. A this time the bride and groom would get ti know each other and try to work it out. If they liked one another the woman would give him a sword and the man would give her a chaplet made of flowers. Then their where the marriage that where not political, with couple marrying out of love, they would often be from the same village as one another and each would just exchange a gift with one another to official get married. Then there was often the more dangerous involving the women warriors know as shield maidens who would not marry until a man defeated them in battle and after that happen they would just marry as soon as they could. If you lost you would luck to be alive after the fight. Of course that does not mean that non married couples are not allowed to have sex it is just done out of sight to keep a father from killing the man who been sleeping with his daughter.

Relationship Ideals

A marriage is like being in a war band with both the husband and wife watching each others backs and looking out for one another, Since live in a harsh land with a harsh people. Both will do what it takes to help their family survive in the long run, even if it means killing is involved. With most men leaving home to earn a living a women staying at home to defend it from enemies and animals. But when he is around, they often help each other out out to have a comfortable life with one another and their family. A happy couple is often seen when the wife is sitting

Major organizations

The Kingdom of Norria
Encompassed species
Languages spoken


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