Alchemical Flasks

When attempting to use these bottles, you must be within a safe range or avoid any effect of the mixture inside them to avoid being affected by them. - Sky Rider Instructor
  Alchemical Flasks are glass bottles that contain chemical liquid or powder that reacts to air once the substance is released from the broken flask. The effect of the contents is meant to be harmful or to disorient anyone caught in its range of effect.


Accidental Discovery

  When Darius Harkon went on his voyage across the world, he came across an old alchemist in the Western Lands that taught him the arts of Alchemy. During that time, he experimented with many things to improve his skills in the craft, namely in the ways of medicine to aid in curing sickness and healing wounds. Which he wanted to use to help his people, and improve their lives in the future of the kingdom he was building when he returned home. He never intended or wanted to create weapons of war to be used against anyone, with it all being a coincidence for him.   During one of these experiments, he attempted to create a salve to heal wounds faster. Instead, when one of the bottles containing it accidentally broke, it started a fire that burned down a small abandoned shack he was working into the ground. While this event made him more careful in mixing ingredients, it also made him experiment with possible ways to use it in battle. At that time, he would call these mixtures that he made alchemical due to the reactions they could produce. During his travels, he would pick up more and more creations to be used in battles as he continued his journey. He would eventually have a total of five types of flasks, with each one having its properties, and would continually use them even after returning home to Continent of Norria.  

Chemical Warfare

  They would also be mass produced in Northern Wars of Unification by him and his armies to reign terror across his enemies who had no defense against them. However, their accuracy and area of the effect differed on the flask size. While they had been made for small vials for personal use and large ones for artillery pieces, they have only been used sparingly due to the time it took to make them and the time it took to make the glass for the flasks. They were also a safety hazard if the vial accidentally broke, harming all caught and requiring them to be stored carefully and when moving. But they would so find a place where increase their effectiveness within the Royal Sky Riders to be used by their Griffon Riders in a new type of strategy known as aerial bombardment.   The idea was for riders to have a large amount of the flask on them and, when above an enemy position, would drop the flask on top of them, causing large amounts of damage to them. Enemy formations would be disrupted, and stationary objects such as artillery pieces and fortifications to be damaged or destroyed much more easily. It has become far more useful for the sky riders than ever in their missions across the continent. Since the wars ended, the flasks continued to be produced to serve the needs of the armies and fleets of the kingdom to give them an edge over their foes as they fled for their lives because of something in a glass bottle.   The flask also has other uses to them as well in the areas of espionage and sabotage. Allowing the spies and assassins of the kingdom to carry out their missions more effectively by using the flasks to create a distraction, break into restricted areas, destroy evidence or objects and even kill their targets if needed. Little evidence would also be left behind since the glass would be destroyed with the contents once they're used. These come in small, concealed bottles and are often disregarded as medicine or a small drink. They, of course, can be easily hidden just in case someone is curious and tries to open them, leaving them with a terrible surprise.


While in the past, armies had used things such as pitch, oils, and fat to set fire to the enemy, alchemical flasks are far more effective than any of themselves due to the effect they have despite their initial sizes. They are much safer to move around, easier to make, and diverse to suit battle needs. If the formulas ever end up in places beyond Norria, these flasks will change how warfare is done if used properly.
Item type
Weapon, Explosive
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Controlled Substance
6 - 10 lbs
Base Price
Fifty Silver
Raw materials & Components
The ingredients for different flasks vary from the ingredients needed to make them.
Alchemy Set

Types of Flasks

  Inferno Flasks: A red liquid is meant to catch on fire once it comes in contact with air. The fire is meant to be very hot and spread where ever it spreads as everything around it catches fire. Due to it being man-made, the fire cannot be put out normally with water causing it to grow; instead, the only way to put it out is to let it burn or smother the fire with dirt or sand.   Smoke Flasks: A finely grounded powder designed to expand and spread once its flask is broken. This powder spreads across a wide area that blocks one vision and causes problems breathing, forcing anyone in it to move away from it while trying to find a way out of the cloud.   Blast Flasks: A flask that requires a fuse to work as it is is filled with an explosive power similar to Black Powder, creating a small explosion to cause disorientation. However, small pieces of metal are placed into it to create shrapnel that scatters once the flask explodes and impedes itself into anything hits.   Flash Flasks: Once these flasks break with clear liquid inside of them, creates a bright flash of light to blind anyone near them temporarily and can be used to see in the dark.   Melting Flasks: A far more sinister concoction due to the green liquid inside it being a powerful acid that melts through wood, flesh, and some metals.

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