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Griffon Rider Flight Armor

Look, I understand that these things can be a bit stuffy when you're wearing them, but just be glad that they can keep you warm and on your Griffon because it will save your life when the need for them arrives. - Griffon Rider
  Though Griffon riding has only existed for almost half a decade now by the Norrians they have learned one hard truth about it, Humans were never made to survive up in the sky without proper protection from the element and from falling off their griffons from a height, not like that, it is not a pretty sight. It just takes forever to clean up the mess. This is why High King Darius Harkon ordered his best engineers and brightest minds to come up with a way to ensure the rider’s safety. From that, the flight armor was introduced to all riders to protect themselves from harm better and has been used since then.  

Environmental Design

  Rider Armor is specially designed to protect its wearer from the weather that can be found in high altitudes in the air, and due to Norrie's cold climate, it is something familiar to many of its riders who take to the skies. But prolonged exposure to the elements can tax the body, and temperatures are far colder in the sky than on the ground below. There are also the implications of weather changes that can happen at any movement, such as blizzards and storms that are more dangerous in the air. Lensed Helms: Norrian helmets are perfectly designed to protect the rider from the elements as they protect their head without giving up any protection if in a combat situation. The helmets are made of metal and animal hide and can withstand strong winds to protect the rider's head, and their thickness allows them to block out any cold from reaching the wearer. Special glass called Cold Glass was also created and inserted into the helmet's visor to block wind, snow, water, and sunlight from hindering their vision and not fog up when in contact with heat, so they are not blinded. Sky Armor: A combination of leather and fur to give protection and warmth to a rider, whether they are just going on patrol or heading into battle. Leather treated with oils and wax tends to hold up against wind, rain, and snow, keeping the wearer dry no matter how long they have been exposed and allowing enough air to let them remain at average body temperature without overheating. Fur is also used to ensure that certain body parts remain warm, such as the hands, feet, joints, neck, and stomach, to ensure the rider is in peak condition to fly. Protective Cloth: Cloth is also used to protect a rider from the elements and does not hinder their ability during flight and in battle with the cape and scarf, enabling them to gain adequate protection. Made of either wool or flax commonly found on the continent, it is easy to get on-demand, with everyday clothing worn under the armor to apply warmth. The cape protects the riders from things such as rain and snow from sticking on their backs and creating ice that will cause them to get cold and add weight to them, along with a scarf to protect the neck and face from receiving windburn and possible frostbite and allowing them to breathe without struggling through a thick cloth to keep the cold out.    

Safety Precautions

  Due to the hazards of flying, safety protocols have been created to ensure a pilot stays alive in case the rider encounters certain events during their time in the area. However, these systems are still being worked out to adjust the survivability of the rider in question properly. But it is better than nothing; by trial and error, the kinks can be worked out with time.   Harness Straps: A series of straps attached to the suit to lock into a riding saddle. This is often done to allow the rider to stay on their Griffon when in combat, complex flight maneuvers, and harsh weather without the fear of falling off. The straps are often made of leather with metal at the end to avoid breaking from strain at any moment.   Emergency Pockets: A series of pockets that a rider has on their suit that contain several items to use in different situations, such as a sunstone to light one's way through terrible weather or to seek help, signal powder to throw up in the air to signal the situation to other riders and healer's kit to help tend to any injuries they might have sustained in flight among several other things.   Cape Release: Though the cape on a rider is a crucial part of ensuring that they are protected from the elements, it can be somewhat of a problem when in in-flight as it will go in whatever direction the wind takes it and can blind the rider as they struggle to get it out of their face which could cost them their life if in battle. This is why a system was created to remove the cape to avoid such a hassle with simple metal clips attached to the cape and the armor to remove quickly. This can allow the rider to store the cape in their saddle or abandon it to the wind if they are in danger. This is also used as a trick to distract a pursuer following them with the pursuer, either trying to dodge it or blind them when the cape gets caught.

Manufacturing process

The process of making the armor comes from several different places, often with materials already made before the suit is. With leather, fur, and cloth coming from craftsmen, blacksmiths, and hunters from across the continent and brought to the capital to alter to the armor. As for the Cold Glass, it is secretly forged by blacksmiths loyal to the crown to properly protect the riders. With most of it already done it takes only a few weeks to properly be made. Once done they are kept under guard to ensure no one steals in an undisclosed location.


The armor identifies those who wear it as members of the Kingdom of Norria's Royal Griffon Riders. A force that is in direct control of the High King of Norria due to it being founded by Darius Harkon when he became the first person to able to fly a Griffon and began to train other how to do it. It also shows the authority by serving under the High King and carry out his will and serving the kingdom by going on assignments and keeping the peace.  

Nation's Progress

  Though the Kingdom of Norria is a relatively new nation that has only managed to exist for only a few years now it has begun a fast rate of progress thus far that most people don't even realize. Through the achievement of making Griffons as valuable riding mounts giving the kingdom an edge in air superiority over other states that are stuck with just naval and ground forces, the flight armor is an achievement in its own right. As the sheer skill and craftsmanship involved in so little time to create such a thing is something that boggles the mind. Especially considering much of Norria's inhabitants are tribally based by nature and have no form of industry to nations such as the Vatian Empire who factories help fuel its civilization and its military at an astonishing rate goes to show that its people are capable of achieving great things they put their minds to it. Along with the knowledge that is coming from the outside world that is being put to use to them and with their knowledge to find a way to protect its riders without sacrificing their protection is a sign that many more achievements will come with time.  

Dawning of a New Age

  The suit has another meaning to it as well, that the old ways of the world are dying out and will change into something else entirely. The idea of military forces doing battle in the sky let alone managing to survive so high up in the sky is considered unheard of and the ramblings of madmen that no one would ever believe in most parts of the world. But soon enough it will be undeniable once finally put into action on a large scale as war seems more likely to happen for the Kingdom of Norria with each passing day. Once used in combat the suits will be able to let their wearer reach up to high altitudes that most people will be unable to see clearly or ever hear from a distance only making the rider near undetectable by current standards and can strike at any time without sacrificing the element of surprise. Creating a new form of warfare that will cause many major changes when the time comes.
Item type
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Only Griffon Riders can wear this armor which represents that they are part of the Kingdom of Norria's military forces and have earned the right to wear such armor as it allows them to become Griffon Riders and to have one outside of the riders is strictly forbidden and would result in harsh punishment for those who have possession of it.
19lbs - 60lbs
Base Price
39 gold pieces
Raw materials & Components
The armor itself is a combination of various animal furs, tempered leather, metal, and cloth combined to create the armor. Along with the use of Cold Glass that is created in the forges in Norria to aid the rider in the air. Of course, new materials are being tested to improve upon current designs to ensure the riders become better equipped to complete their tasks in the future.
Related Materials

Rankings Identification



Scarves are a significant part of a rider's as it is a sign of their role in their wing and the status of a rider in their flight wing.   Green/Spear: Riders capable of attack and defense must redeploy and adapt to a situation. Often seen in front of a wing and on the frontline to do battle.   Yellow/Arrow: Riders that rely on speed when in flight can do faster turns and maneuver to flank and outfly their foes. Often used as scouts and messengers that can reach places at an alarming rate.   Blue/Shield: Riders that stick close to their comrades to intercept any threats that might come up to them. Often used as escorts and bodyguards to wings and assets to ensure their safety.   Red/Axe: Riders that excel in combat are often in the thickest of the fighting and dealing severe damage. Often used, is a heavy assault unit to deal as much damage as possible.  


The rider's helmet is also used to identify officers in the air, as their helmet is the easiest to see.   Bald Helm: Helmets without decoration signify that they are just standard riders.   One Feather Plume: Represents the rank of a Wing Sargent who keeps the Wing in order.   Two Feather Plumes: Represents the rank of Wing Chief, who is in charge of an entire wing.   Three Feather Plumes: Represents the rank of Sky Commander, who is in command of multiple wings.  



Flight Wing Armor

All riders wear standardized armor that is light and allows them to achieve more difficult maneuvers in the air.  

Storm Wing Armor

Armor modified for a more heavily armored rider and is used by members of the Storm Guard to allow them to be protected and ready for close combat.  

Wailing Wind Armor

Flight Armor was used for the secretive Wailing Wind, known for its classified assignments. This armor is designed for stealth and nighttime missions as it allows them to fade into the darkness. They can see in the dark with a type of Cold Glass that uses light to absorb it to see clearly in the dark. Metal horns are used rather than feathers to ensure they don't make any sound while on assignment.

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