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Kingdom of Norria

No one thought it would happen this quickly, a dream of a kingdom in only a few years and I have become a fool in not believing in the first place, now I serve a man that is as brave as he is wise and I will continue to do so to keep that dream alive for our people. - Jarl Harold "Sheildmaster" Sigurdson, during the coronation of High King Darius Harkon


High King/High Queen: The absolute ruler of the kingdom and have complete power over their subjects. But they must be strong and willful to rule or be overthrown by any challenger in combat.   Jarls: They are chieftains of the tribes that live on their lands and hold great power in the form of warriors and wealth. Through them, law and order exist across their lands.   Karls: They are the ordinary people of the land, often forming tribes and clans. They usually go about daily life and are given a say in the community.


Being a Member

  As a Norrian or any other culture or race in Norria, this is something completely new to you. Since the Warlock Lords, has there been any form of a nation that has to declare rule over the continent once more? Considering your age, you experienced struggle or conflict before the wars that united the land for much of your life. Though the Unification Wars were a long and bloody struggle, peace has come that has not been seen in centuries. Whether you fought for or against the man destined to be the High King no longer matters as all have been pardoned to bring forth a better future where grudges are nonexistent. The new High King, Darius Harkon, has a vision for these lands by creating a fair and great kingdom, just like any other land that lies beyond the seas that border the continent. A land where wars are less common, and food is plentiful for all to enjoy. Where great cities may one day exist and trade routes traversed to share goods with the rest of the world. The dream is why many decided to follow this man to end the endless cycle that had plagued them for so long. Despite the new kingdom only existing for a few years now, law and order are maintained, and even the greatest feuds have stopped. The lands have been reorganized for the Jarls to maintain their lands and rule over them. The people began to learn that war was not the only way to live life as they began learning the knowledge of agriculture and science to improve their lives. Merchants have begun to travel across the world to sell their goods. Even the races that once fought each other stand together to bring about a better world for their people. But it will be a long road ahead for those who preferred the old ways, and those who stood against the young king continue to defy him. It is a long and difficult journey for them that lies ahead that will be filled with many trials to test if this new kingdom shall survive and if its king remains on his throne long enough.    

What People Think of You

  To the world, Norria is a backwater that has a harsh climate and full of savages and monsters. The only time anyone bothered going there was to create trade deals for its exotic resources, find mercenaries, or collect the beasts that roam the land as exotic pets or fighting beasts. But the people still fear the Norrians for their a good reason. Their raiders pillaged many parts of the world. Especially in the Western Lands where everything is plentiful. Even when the Warlock Dominions tried to conquer these lands during the Warlock Wars the people had always remembered what happened whenever Norrians came. A few centuries after their defeat, the free Norrian conducted the Great Raid over a hundred years ago that ravaged much of the northern regions of the Western Lands . with the rise of the new kingdom, the people of the Western Lands, especially the Vatian Empire are in fear an invasion will once more envelop the land. But that does not mean that the whole world is their enemy. The Shungetsu Empire of the Davad Archipeligo favored Darius Harkon long before he became king, saving the life of their empress and making them a valued ally and trade partner. Several other parts of the world welcome the trade of the Norria, and their goods, which were once hard to acquire, now come in large quantities. Allowing the new kingdom to slowly but surely enter the world stage.

Public Agenda

Norria is currently trying to bring itself up as a kingdom recognized by the other nations of Humanity and wishes to change their ways of war and raiding to bring prosperity to their harsh land through trade and diplomacy. Along with keeping the peace between all factions and races inside the kingdom.


Norria has little of anything at the moment but has a strong standing army and fortified forts and strongholds that defend the land from attack. Along with a few items such as furs and wood to trade for other resources.


The Coming of a King

  For centuries the Norrians of Norria had been fighting and squabbling amongst themselves since overthrew their dark overlords, the Warlock Lords and gain their freedom. During this time, barely anyone made any progress as they continued to raid and pillage whatever they managed to get their hands on from their neighbors or raiding lands. Life was hard, and only the strong survived over the weak. Nothing would seem to change as they enjoyed the freedom that came with this harsh life as they answered to no one, but that would change with the arrival of a boy who had a dream, a dream for a new world where the people of this land would prosper and thrive without war and suffering. This young child would travel across the land and beyond it making a name for himself as he had gained many warriors that would fight for him, and he would fight for them as well. As the years went by, his body became stronger and his mind keener from his travels. During his journeys, he made friends and enemies, achieving some of the most astounding achievements that even the gods would be impressed with them. Then one day, he stopped his traveling and saw it was the time to achieve the impossible, to unite the Continent of Norria under one banner as their king.  
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  To many, this idea was absurd and impossible as no one wanted a king let alone one that was barely a man. But many who knew this young man during his travels saw something in him: destiny was on his side. This king would be known as Darius Harkon, and his dream was something worth fighting for to achieve. Many soon pledged themselves to him and joined his goal to create a new Norria, but some would still stand against him, and many wars would soon come. These wars, known as the Northern Wars of Unification or the Unification Wars, would end the lawless warlords that ruled over the land for a long time. From the ashes, he would be declared High King and has since then been doing everything in his power to make his new kingdom flourish.  

A Rough Beginning

  Though it has only been a few years since the kingdom's founding, progress has been steady. High King Darius has gained much knowledge during his travels abroad and has been fascinated by the knowledge held these lands have progressed and how to ensure order is maintained. It is also confirmed that the defenses of his kingdom with structures dating back to the Warlock Dominions are due to their strategic value. Infrastructure has improved, and the kingdom made many roads to connect settlements for trade and transportation. What were once small villages are starting to grow into larger settlements as attempts to create towns and what would eventually become cities in the future.
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Though old grudges still linger across the land, many warriors who once fought in the Unification Wars have become Lawbringers to preserve the peace. This will take some time to achieve as many still refuse to accept the new order of things and continue to follow the old ways. Of course, many enjoy the peace and have replaced their weapons with plows and hammers for a better life. The High King introduced new forms of agriculture to better feed the community. However, currency is a problem as one has not been made yet, so bartering is conducted across the land. King Darius has been building his new capital and trying to keep the peace between the Jarls and the other inhabitants of the lands to ensure that the kingdom prospers.  

The Coming Storm

  Though King Darius has no intentions to start war or raids beyond Norria, many find it quite skeptical for a Norrian even to be peaceful, for it is not their nature. The one that is the most skeptical is the Vatian Empire, who has sent many envoys over the years to see him and determine his intentions. Despite his best efforts at diplomacy, the imperial envoys that have come and gone have been left unconvinced by his sincerity, which has made him lose his patience for them finally reaching a boiling point. The latest envoy had brought several demands from the empire to the young king that would have placed him and his people under their iron grip. Angered by these demands, Darius beheaded the envoy then and there, which resulted in the skirmish between the envoy's entourage and the High King's guard, the Storm Guard. Those of the entourage who survived were escorted to their ship to relay Darius' message, "Peace or war, it is all up to you to decide." Now the kingdom prepares for an empire's invasion as the High King does not want to invade the empire just yet and wishes to fight on his terms. It is no problem for him as tens of thousands of warriors still live across the continent and are ready to spill blood without a second thought against an enemy.

Demography and Population

There are to be at least nine million people that reside on the continent with many being Human and other being such Giants and Ursine, Osmir that become apart of society.


The entire continent of Norria is considered to be a part of the kingdom and will remain so as long as the kingdom stands. Along with the Icewind Archipelago. But the control of the land is tricky as it has been recently unified, and not all of the inhabitants liking the new kingdom and its laws.


While most are clan warriors, many have been training to be professional soldiers and receive proper military training to become more advanced fighters. All to create a royal army to ensure that the kingdom remains protected. As for the navy, many Longships have been used to protect the kingdom's waters, and new attempts at creating larger ships are in progress. Along with the airborne division known as the Royal Sky Riders and the High King personnel forces the Storm Guard.

Technological Level

Though not the most advanced nation, it has outclassed them in some categories, with navigation and seafaring an indispensable way of life to the Norrians helping them through dangerous waters and never lose their way. Weapons and armor are other advantages since conflicts have shaped them throughout the centuries, and making better weapons and armor to kill your enemy can give them an edge in battle. They have also been able to make discoveries in alchemy and create better medicines and weapons. But their crowning achievement would be their longboats as they were sturdy and could travel at great distances in short periods, along with traveling through rivers and the open sea.


The Jotinar is the main religion of the far north, with many of them representing something of value. Still, the mightiest of the gods are warriors, and so are many of their followers, making them warlike to please their gods. But also hold value in truth and honor and keep one word and loyalties.

Foreign Relations

Norria is struggling to be recognized by the world as an independent state, with most considering them barbarians and raiders rather than civilized. Making it currently hard to conduct trade with other states to grow the kingdom.

Agriculture & Industry

Norria's industry involves mainly metalworking in weapons but has recently increased its agriculture and fur industry.

Trade & Transport

The longships the Norrians are capable of traveling great distances on open seas in short periods. Their ability to traverse rivers enables them to trade even deeper inland. It allows them to bring their goods from place to place in a short period without dealing with long trips.


Education is taught by a Skuld, a bard that tells tales of the gods and great heroes, but education in learning skills is none nonexistent since many of the inhabitants are in tribal societies.


The infrastructure of the new kingdom is slowly progressing as the new capital is gradually being built, along with forts, harbors, and other valuable buildings to bring progress to the people. But when it comes to sanitation, it is usually done in an outhouse or a river.

Hope, Homeland, Honor

Founding Date
1528 CA
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The North, Northern Kingdom
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The kingdom is currently using anything of value from precious metals to common goods until an official currency is created.
Major Exports
  • Fur
  • Bone
  • Ivory
  • Feathers
  • Exotic Beasts
  • Honey
  • Amber
  • Wool
Major Imports
  • Books
  • Glass
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Spices
  • Pottery
  • Textiles
  • Silk
Legislative Body
The ruling monarch and their Lawgivers make the laws to ensure what laws are needed. It is often done during the moot, a scared meeting for gathering to discuss important issues.
Judicial Body
The Lawkeepers are responsible for seeing which laws are fair and needed for the people. Once they declare their verdict, it is final, and no one can change it.
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Wandering Warriors

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There is no place for us now that all the battles across the land have been fought, we must find another place where our steel is desired - Veteran Warrior
  Despite a lasting peace already achieved, another problem has yet to be solved. The warriors who fought in the Unification Wars are still without anyone to fight with, and many know no other way of life. While the new kingdom has found ways to help them take to civilian life and has replaced their weapons with plows and pitchforks, some still wish to live the old ways. Though most have gone to join the kingdom's military, a few have decided to stick to the old life of raiding and banditry. They are making it necessary for Lawbringers to increase in number and bring them to justice.  

Into the World

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You know I never knew the world would be so different compared to home, I wonder why are people never traveled more often? - Young Oarsmen
  Norria has long since been one of the most isolated places in the world as long as anyone can remember, but High King Darius has bigger plans. He dreams of Norria being the center of trade and commerce in the hopes that new ideas and technology will help hasten the continent's progress. Along with filling the kingdom's treasury to ensure it grows when it is without facing heavy debts and crippling taxation. Warships turned trading ships have made their way across the most known world. Messages have invited foreigners to the continent to develop further and create diplomatic relations with other nations.  

Maintaining Order

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You all know the law, there will be no blood feuds through raiding or murder as decreed by the High King himself. - Law Bringer
  Uprooting centuries of tradition is not an easy task, especially in Norria, where killing used to be as easy as breathing. Now tribal society is being slowly removed to create a modern society. High King Darius hoped the villages across the land would one day become towns and cities. But first, he has to deal with his new subjects before anything begins. New laws ensure that people obey and prosper under them. But sometimes, a show of force is needed to ensure it is successful. However, most people are willing to deal with these changes as long as the peace is maintained.    

An Uneasy Peace

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I don't like that we have to make peace with our enemies after all they have done, but I am bound to my king's decree so I must obey his words even if I don't like'em. - Reluctant Storm Guardsmen
  Though the Norrians themselves are having trouble getting along with one another, they are not the only ones that are having trouble, other social groups have been trying to make peace with them. Still, old grudges are making them have difficulties in keeping the peace. Even the other races are having trouble controlling the stability with the Humans as the Giant, Ursine and Osmir despite being granted land and citizenship. It is why mixed communities are formed for better relationships and for them to start smiling and waving at their new neighbors.

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