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Magnus the Slayer

Mästare Magnus Haroldson (a.k.a. The Slayer, Skull Crusher, Horned Giant)

Out of all the warriors I've known and have fought with that believed they could kill anything, Magnus is the only one that's still alive that can say such a thing. - High King Darius Harkon

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is incredibly strong due to his size, but it was what made him slow. But it does not mean he can’t use short bursts of speed to drop on someone. He is so strong that he can crush men's skulls with his bear hands.

Body Features

peach skin

Facial Features

Long blonde beard

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoo of a bear on his chest

Physical quirks

He walks boldly and heavily due to his size

Special abilities

Berserker Rage: Gains strength and energy, while losing control of all reason and being consumed by bloodlust.

Apparel & Accessories

He is always seen wearing his armor made of the beasts that he has killed as he is always ready for battle. Often wearing furs of things he's killed as well went he is not wearing it.

Specialized Equipment

Bane: The name of his massive ax that only he can use as the weight of it is too much for most to bear and is capable of cutting through just about everything mostly due to its weight rather than sharpness.   Armor of the Vaquished: The armor that he wears is made of the greatest beasts that he has hunted and used their parts to create a very strong armor that is hard to breakthrough.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to Kill

  It is said that Magnus was a slayer since the day he was born, but few people would have a hard time believing it if it wasn’t for the story that everyone told about him. It was said Magnus was larger than your average infant as he was half the size of an anvil and was often hard to carry. But he knew how to kill before could walk as it was said that a Goblin tried to run off with him and rather than cry and do nothing he strangled it to death before it could fight back. This desire to kill things seemed to become something natural to him as he grew at an alarming rate. Even at his age, he managed to kill wolves and bears by the time he was eleven years old as he was the size of an adult at the time. When he was thirteen he was a full-fledged warrior and had killed many men and beasts alike. Making him a feared and respected warrior. But often didn’t think things through as he believed that his strength could solve it. He was often sought after by many to fight for him because of it but instead decided to travel seeking a real challenge. Soon enough he would meet his match, the one man he couldn't beat, Darius Harkon and it would change his life in so many different ways.  

Finding Purpose and Glory

  Magnus met Darius when he was wandering the south looking for a fight and was surprised as Darius was still a boy at the time and the Storm Guard was less than a year old. Believing him to be a strong fighter to gain so many warriors behind him and he challenged him, but Darius knowing that he was no match for Magnus' strength tricked him by getting him to declare any challenge he desired and Magnus did not realize it until he entered a game of wits rather than a duel. This would lead him to be bested for the first time in his life and become dumbfounded by it. Rage clouded his mind and it seemed that he was going to tear Darius' head off. But the calm look in his eyes stopped him in his tracks as he showed no fear nor anger in him, something he had never seen in someone before. So he decided for the first time in his life to follow this boy and wanted to learn more from him. At first, following someone else's orders was something he did not use to it, but he learned that Darius always did something for a reason and started to understand that strength was not everything to become a great warrior. Which made him start to think things through more rather than rushing headfirst into trouble. It was what made him decide to become his blood brother along with Thorvid the Red as he treated them like his own family from all the adventures they had been on.   Magnus would find himself in situations that he only dreamed of as he traveled with the Storm Guard as he faces many challenges and vanquished mighty foes along the way. All across Norria, he vanquished many foes and beasts alike that gave him the challenge he was seeking. All the while learning from his young leader in the ways of war and tactics, which made him more successful and made him smarter in the process. His best achievement was of slaying monsters that were remnants of the Warlock Dominions that many failed to kill centuries later, truly earning the title of “Slayer” as he was the only one capable of killing due to his strength and endurance made him last longer against them where weaker warriors were crushed with one blow. He of course gave credit to his comrades for helping bring down the beasts for one man could take them alone despite their strength. He would enjoy the other adventures that they went on as they often found themselves against the odds and made it out many times. He was often seen ahead of everyone else in the fray and gained him the title of Mästare or "champion" in the Warband due to him being their best fighter. Soon enough everyone across the continent would know who he was and what he achieves and even beyond in some places.  

Misadventures of Magnus

  Magus would find himself in the strangest of places when he was in the Storm Guard as he wandered off from them or just became separated from them. This would happen a lot during their journey across most of the world as traveling to foreign land tends to cause situations like that. But for Magnus, he considered it more as luck rather than misfortune as he just saw it as another adventure and just went with it. Often finding himself fighting his way out of all of them and being praised for something. In the Western Lands he saved many lives from all sorts of things and even won a gladiator tournament in Vatia. In the Eastern Lands, he fought an army of bandits attacking a caravan. The Dark Continent was the time of his life as he hunted just about every beast he could find and stopped a cult of necromancers from raising an undead army. But his strangest adventure was when he was in the Davad Archipelago where he fell overboard while fighting a sea monster and was washed up on one of the islands only to be captured by the crew of a Dragon Ship belonging to the Shungetsu Empire. During that time he found himself in a sky battle between them and Swords of Yusoda where he fought with his former captors in the Battle of Yoso and aid them in taking the fortress of Horotoro. He would later be reunited with the Storm Guard and declared a hero to this day.  

Honored to Serve

  When Darius Harkon declared himself High King of Norria, Magnus followed him through with his blood brothers dream to create a better world for his people. During Northern Wars of Unification, he would spend much of his time protecting his High King on the frontlines as they fought side by side with him. It is said during this time hundreds would die everyone went near him as his ax cut through them in the dozens even as they tried to go near him. He had helped win many battles and most of the enemy often tried to stay away from him when he was around, yet he went after them anyway. By the time war was over was considered one of the greatest warriors and heroes that had ever lived. More so with the Battle of the Bloody Hill, defending his king again overwhelming odds. It was said to have cut down anyone who ever went near him.  

Ajusting to a New Age

  Magnus since the founding of the Kingdom of Norria has been having trouble adjusting to the way things are now as what is a warrior without war is making him restless. But Darius is making sure he keep his old friend busy by sending him on missions. The kingdom still has troubles after the wars so Magnus is often sent to deal with any trouble that might pop up. Though he enjoys crushing heads once more, his warrior spirit has yet to be quenched, but his recent interactions with women by the name of Bruda may finally dose the flame that burns so wildly in him. Until then he just wants to fight anyone worth fighting for now and it will be a while before they run out as warriors across the land are refusing to accept the new order the kingdom has brought and have become bandits and brigands. What better reason than to crush your for in the name of the High King.

Mental Trauma

He is afraid of snakes due to the way they look and has a fear of heights due to being on a Dragon Ship that was falling out of the sky.

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Courageous
  • Just


  • Never backing away from a challenge
  • Never turning his back on injustice

Personality Characteristics


He seeks battle and challenges to make him the greatest warrior that ever live. Along with protecting his High King and his homeland from anything that would do harm to them.

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Courageous
  • Dutiful
  • Instictive

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Prone to anger
  • Addicted to fighting


Social Aptitude

He has a positive attitude on things and is quite the charismatic person the be around.

Hobbies & Pets

Kelg - His personal riding Lugtra
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Mästare of the Storm Guard
Year of Birth
1497 CA 35 Years old
Dark Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
254 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
I prefer the path of most resistance, it makes it all the more satisfying to beat it.
Sure someone may outsmart me from time to time, but can their wits stop my ax from splitting them in two.
Best shut your trap little bird before decide to crush you with my fists.
Speak sense, your fancy works don't make it easier to understand you.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Norrish Vasili Shulung


  • Slaying the beasts known as Jurholok, Ketna, Run'enyo, Opevath, Uronset, Pernahvo and Wung
  • Killing a Goblin as an infant
  • Capturing the fortess of Hurotoro
  • Beating Rolo the Mighty in arm wrestling
  • Saving a village from Frost Vipers
  • Killing every sort of man and beast imaginable
  • Defend his wounded king from all harm
  • Saving Julia Lucra
  • Fighting of a small army of Bandits
  • Killed a cult of Necromancers
  • Becoming Champin of Arena


  • Losing his eye in battle
  • Fell overboard in a storm
  • Being robbed while drunk

Morality & Philosophy

  Magnus lives for battle as any true Norrian would, but his age and experience from others have made him more focused on his surroundings and others around him. His desire to challenge himself also drives him. He believes that morality comes before anything else and when he sees something that he does not like, he tends to fix it his way. This sense of justice has gotten him in a lot of trouble, but it has brought some good with it. He tends to believe that everything happens for a reason may it be good or bad, believing that he is favored by the gods to carry out deeds and to find himself worthy to join them when he dies.  

Religious Views

  He is a faithful believer in the gods that wishes to make himself worthy of joining them once he falls in battle. But cares little about other gods and faiths.  


  • Warfare
  • Tactics
  • Hunting
  • Seafaring


  • Mercenary


  Darius Harkon - Blood Brother   Thorvid the Red - Blood Brother   Ivan Snake Skinner - Father   Sema Drukendottir - Mother   Bruda Stonefist - Lover


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