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Storm Guard

Though Icy lands and violent seas I shall stand my ground for I am honor-bound to my liege. The clashes of my shield shall call the thunder and strikes of my blade shall summon the lighting to strike down all those who dare face me. For we are the storm that shall consume all for those who dare blocks my liege's path. - The Storm Guard Oath


Three hundred men make up the guard with each one of them being a force fighter in their own right. For every thirty men, they are lead by Huskarl and along with Shieldkin with every ten men to keep them in line. But the one leader can truly lead them and that is the Mästare of the Guard who leads them into battle often being the oldest and most skilled of all its members.  

Command Structure

  Mästare: The greatest of the Guardsmen that gives out orders to its members and commands directly from the monarch. They are honored and respected for they are chosen from the ranks to show that they are worthy of the title.   Huskarl: Veterans of the guardsmen that have learned to lead their comrades into battle and keep them in line when they are needed.   SheildKin: Experienced fighters that make up much of the guardsmen are sent out on assignments and are the first into battle.


Being a Member

  Welcome to the sacred brotherhood of warriors, you're among legends now. It takes a lot of skill and discipline to be a part of the Storm Guard as only one in every thousand people can pass the trials to become a member. But that doesn't matter now since you made it, but you still have to prove yourself of course. Your is a sacred duty for you are here to defend your High king from any threats that may come at him. But defending the kingdom is another job you have to do as well as the guard is sent on assignments that the average soldier has trouble dealing with at times. This is where you make a name for yourself and show them what you're made of, for the guard is made of warriors, not some glorified bodyguards standing around scratching their asses. Your actions speak louder than words and the blood on your weapon and the scars that you get will prove that. It best to get to know your fellow guardsmen too as they are your family now and family is something more than just blood. You'll be fighting with them till the day you die and they will make sure that they watch your back as long as you watch theirs. Play your cards right and you might even be included in one of their tales if you do a good job. Just don't let it all go to your head and make sure to split some heads if some decide to come at you or your king when the time comes.  

What People Think of You

  Most of the world knows who the Storm Guard back when they were adventurers as they have done some things that made sure people remembered them long after they left. Those that knew them during that time either loved them or hated them, of course, most of the ones that hated them are long dead. That what you get when you think you can take them out like they were common men, which they are not like each one of them is worth twenty men and that just the ones who are just Human. The people of Norria love them of course for all their deeds and now they are respected for besting the best of the best that the Kingdom of Norria has to offer. Serving and protecting the High King as it perks as well. This means when they show up it's best to stay clear as trouble soon follows when they are sent off on one of their missions. But when you see them in action it like seeing warriors of old fighting their battles once more. It all the more reason for those who have the skill and the courage to see if they have what it takes to become one of them.

Public Agenda

The sworn duty of the Storm Guard is to protect the High King of Norria, along with being able to enforce the laws that he gives out when the need arrives.


Mounts: Their are two types of mounts that they use horses and Griffons, though Griffon flight training is need to properly fly them.   Weapons and Armor: All weapons and armor are highly crafted by the best smiths in the land.   Lodging: The guard is stationed in the capital of Keramor in a barracks just of them.


Of Mercenaries and Adventurers

In the old days of Norria mercenaries and adventurers would be formed Warbands that to go out in search of glory and riches to go down legends for their deeds. This would be no different with as it was Darius Harkon who first formed the Storm Guard at its founding when he was just a boy, despite only being thirteen. It was through his skill and charisma that certain individuals were drawn to him and would decide to follow him. Though at first many thought they were doomed to fail as they were lead by a child of all things as they set out to the harsh Norria to seek fame and fortune. But in the end, those who did follow Harkon soon found themselves in the adventure of a lifetime as they found themselves in places that only the brave and the mad would find themselves in. While some would perish as most would do when seeking out adventure a group of names would manage to reveal themselves such as Thorvid the Red, Magnus the Slayer, and Gretta Iceborn to name a few. Though some of these individuals are no longer living they live on within the tales that are told about them as long as men can speak. Making anyone who has ever joined satisfied as they knew that they would be dining with the gods when it was finally their time to die in battle. But their adventures would not just be in Norria as they had sailed across the known world to carry out their deeds for all to know.  

Legendary Exploits

Since the founding of the Storm Guard, there have been many tales told around the hearth that speak of their exploits that made them famous in the first place, even the one that gave them their iconic name. They were caught in Þrumandi reiði while at sea with Darius guiding them the whole way and managed to survive intact, while he earned the title of Storm Lord he gave them the name of Storm Guard as they were the ones who saw them through while Darius was only leading the way. Along with that, they seemed to be ending up with the odds always against them yet they managed to find a way to get out of it and gain more fame from it. Even beyond Norria, there are a few people who have seen what they have done during their travels aboard know that their tale should be told for their deeds always change the lives around those they have crossed. Some trophies were brought back home to be displayed in the mead halls across the land just to prove that it really happened. But the truth is who doesn't want to hear a good story for they are the only things that anyone truly has in the end.  

Beyond Blood

  The Storm Guard is not just made up of Norrians, but of different cultures and races that joined them in their travels. It is the tradition of the Warband to allow anyone to join no matter their race, sex, or culture, for those who have the heart of a warrior should be welcomed among their own and stand together in battle. This was different about them as they took it a step farther as they accepted foreigners on their journey abroad and even some controversial ones at that too. Such as accepting magic users and races and cultures that are looked down by Norrians. But Darius convinced his men otherwise as everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and his gambles often bore fruit every time. Making them a highly diverse and skilled group that could use these its member's skills to achieve their goals more easily. But they would show what they were made of in the heat of battle where no one can laugh at them when their heads are being severed from their bodies.  

Transition of the Guard

When Darius Harkon declared himself High King of Norria, the Storm Guard was transformed into his royal guard to protect him. No longer would they be the adventurers that they once were and were now an elite military force at the ready. They would go into more extensive training retinue to better themselves and combat and better equipment to protect themselves. They were not just standing around idle either, during the Unification Wars they were often seen on the front lines with their king. Their years of experience and training made them deadly to face in battle and their dedication to ensuring their king's safety was a true test of loyalty. But once the fighting was over, they went into guard duty over their king. But that does not mean that it’s their only duty, they are sent out on a mission on the behalf of the king that ranges different from time to time, such as an uprising or monster hunting. It keeps their skills honed and their wits about to ensure that they are better prepared to protect their liege.

We are the Storm

Founding Date
1520 BCA
Military, Army Regiment
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

Famous Members

  • Thorvid the Red
  • Magnus the Slayer
  • Gretta Iceborn
  • Shero the Phantom
  • Swift Striker
  • Thrak Stonehide
  • Mogu the Wall
  • Harlock the Mighty
  • Ulga Bear Butcher
  • Hargak Iron Breaker
  • Aldermen the Bold
  • Kessoli of the Spear
  • Basem the Scorpion
  • Eladra the Seer
  • Nadine Wolfkin

Unrelenting Resolve

  Just the name says they are just like a storm that will destroy everything that gets in its way. Everything they do is to ensure the destruction of the enemy physically and mentally. This is due to a saying that Darius Harkon use to say to them to keep them going " Be a reed rather than a tree, for the tree shall break before the storm while the reed bends to it." This gave them the idea of adaptability in the face of their foes and using whatever advantage they have to win their battles. It also helped them by never giving in to fear no matter the challenge and if they should fall they will die like warriors rather than cowards with their backs turned  

Bonds of Comradery

  Years together with one another have created strong bonds with one another that is not easily broken. These bonds have created a sense of kinship that has let them treat one another like family. No matter if they were Norrian or not or even another species it did no matter to them at all. This is why they are so good at fighting with one another and know how to protect one another weaknesses that may be exploited. It another reason why you should never mess with any of its members, for if you mess with one of them you have to deal with all of them and it will not end well for anyone who does.

Guarding the High King

The Storm Guard are content with their condition as being bodyguards to the High King


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