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Þrumandi reiði

There is a reason why the title of Storm Lord was created by my people for only those who have strong will and courage can survive the Þrumandi reiði and shall let all know that they are willing to face anything in doing so. - Darius Harkon, King of Norria
  Þrumandi reiði or the Thunderous Wrath in the common tongue is a powerful storm that manifests within the North Sea. Those who see it only have a short time to avoid it before it they get right into it. Often throwing whatever they can overboard just to out run it. But those who do must try their best to make sure that they survive or end up in a watery grave. Most ships that do make it through often are never left intact and it is not uncommon for a few sailors to fall overboard never to be seen again. But to the Norrians it is considered a challenge and rite of passage to test themselves and win favor with their gods. Those who make it through are given the title of Storm Lord to show their strength and will to face what ever come their way no matter the odds.


Unlike most storms that form in it the Þrumandi reið case the sea to become more violent that even the creatures that live in its water go deeper into it to avoid it. The waves shake violently and create maelstroms that are created by giant walls of waves that crash into one another. As the wind itself can blow birds right out of the sky and break their wings it they dare try to fight. Even the strongest of sails in not properly kept maintained can break from it. But worst of it all is the lighting that is a blood reach that even makes the sky read for all to know what is to come at the heart of the storm. whatever it hits means certain death to all that touch it. Ships will be obliterated with only small pieces of wood remaining and even the mightiest of sea monster will die an agonizing death if struck by it.


It can only manifests itself in the North Sea. No one knows exactly why it only occurs here, the Norrians believe that it often caused the storm god, Algard as he has a feud with the sea beast Kalgami.


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