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Darius Harkon

High King Darius Harkon (a.k.a. The Griffon King, Lord of Storms, Serpent's Bane, Peace Maker, Heaven's Blade, The Wanderer)

Behold Darius Harkon, a man worth fighting for. Let him lead the way as our king, a man with a dream that would benefit us and asks nothing but for us to lead. Now I understand your hesitation on this idea, to have someone rule over us once more when we have been free for so long. But what has this freedom cost us? I can tell you what war, famine, and division that has made us struggle to survive. Many of us turn on ourselves just for scraps. Well, I say no more to that. I want to see a world where my children and their children can have full bellies without being afraid of being dragged out of their homes and butchered. I know this man, and he always keeps his word despite the odds against him, and he is the only man I will kneel before if it means a better future for all of us. So if anyone stands in his way and his dream, then you will have to face me and my ax to get to him - Gunther Ironside

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Darius' years of adventuring have made him strong as he has fought many battles making him more muscular than the average man. He constantly trains his body while he is not busy, which has given him high endurance and agility when the need arrives.

Facial Features

Oval-shaped with a beard

Identifying Characteristics

A scar across his right eye

Apparel & Accessories

Wears finally crafted clothing nobles clothing made of wool and fur with a crown made of iron with a ruby in the middle of it

Specialized Equipment

Armor: full chainmail with helmet and shield.
Starlight: a sword forge from a fallen star.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into Suffering

  Darius was not given a name when he was born, for he was an unwanted child. His “father” was Rolf Bloodaxe, the chief of the Asengar, while his mother, Sigrid, was a slave. Rolf’s tribe raided his mother’s village and took her as a slave for himself. Being an abusive man, he forced himself on her, and later Darius was born. Though he recognized him as his child, he denied any right that he had as a member of the tribe, not even a name was given to him, and he was simply called “Bastard” by the tribe. He would live with his mother as an outcast from the rest of the village and, for the first few years of his life, were of relative peace until he got old enough to roam by himself. This would lead him to realize that he considered the people around him to be nothing more than dirt and was constantly bullied by the children of the village and even his half-siblings. Not even the adults wished to deal with him and often ignored or verbally abused him. It often caused him to stay near his mother most of the time, and by doing this, he learned about the traditions of her mother’s people and the lands around him as no one else would teach him. Rolf finally gave him tasks to work on as he was by law considered a slave as he was born to one. Rather than fight, he did what he was told to stop him from harming his mother, though they did it anyway. Seeing his life now, he vowed to himself that it would not be this way.   When no one was looking, he was training by watching the warriors train and learn skills that parents taught their children from the most hidden places. With time he grew more substantial from the tasks he was given and the training he put himself through to be greater than he was now. Yet his status did not change as he was still nothing more than a burden and considered a slave. However, that would change when one of the villagers tried to force himself on his mother and fought him to protect her. Despite being ten years, he was pretty significant for his age, and his training aided him in his fight, defeating his foe single-handedly. This shocked many in the village, who wanted him to be killed, for slaves were forbidden to strike a free man. But Rolf saw potential in his bastard son and decided to grant him his freedom and have him trained properly. The training he watched for so many years began to aid him in proving his skills as a warrior. He slowly became a part of society that once hated him and showed his worth to them. He even demanded his mother's freedom from Rolf, but Rolf only promised this if he served him as one of his warriors, and he begrudgingly accepted. A few years later, he did not yet free his mother despite his service to Rolf. Finally, he said once he proved himself in battle, his mother would be set free. At the age of twelve, he was sent on his first raid, and it was an awakening for him to understand the nature of the tribe he truly lived with. The Asenger were naturally considered bloodthirsty and a brutal tribe taking whatever they wanted. It showed that two of his half-brothers wanted him out of the picture and tried to kill him. Though they were seasoned warriors, they had trouble with their "brother" as he was a skilled fighter and killed them to protect himself. This caused many of the raiders with him to turn on him as he fought his way out of the village they were raiding. He even helped some of the people from that village escape as he did not want them to end up like his mother. He fled into the wilderness until he knew he was safe, and despite his better judgment, he returned to his village.   He was met with an angry mob, for they heard of what he did despite not being at fault. They came upon him and started to beat him to death, but Rolf stopped because his men told him what happened, for his sons were greedy and petty and would often fight one another for power, and the two killed were of no concern to him. However, his bastard had to be made an example of kin slaying, and several days before Darius returned, he had his mother sold to another tribe. Despite being tired, battered, and bruised, Darius charged at him with rage and sorrow filling his heart, but Rolf predicted this and scarred him across his left eye. Darius told him he was no longer one of his warriors as Rolf broke his oath and declared him an oath breaker. Rather than have him killed for such insolence, for he did not wish to be declared a kin slayer himself, he exiled him into a wilderness with only an ax as it was accustomed to nothing else but the clothing on his back. He was dragged out of the village and, with what strength he had left, moved farther away from the only home he knew into a world he did not know. But promised to himself one day to return and exact his revenge on those who wrong him.  

Finding his Own Way

  Life was not easy on his own in the first month as he was recovering from his injuries which made it difficult to travel and hunt. But he managed to survive nonetheless as he used his intelligence to find ways to make his life easier in his condition. But when he got better, he traveled farther into the harsh lands of Norria in the hopes of finding his mother. However, he began to lose hope as a few months passed as he went from settlement to settlement. He killed slavers he encountered and freed their slaves but did not find his mother. He then finally gave up and decided just to survive, which he was not an idol in doing, as he hunted and fought anyone who decided to cross him and sell what he could for supplies. However, he kept wondering if there was more to this life than what he had now. He would soon find that true when he encountered a merchant being robbed by bandits. After he easily disposed of them, he helped the merchant as much as possible. The merchant was grateful for his aid and introduced himself as Cyrus Antar, a merchant from the city of Alendrea. But as soon as he realized that his savior was nothing more than a boy, he decided to take him with him out of kindness rather than debt. Though he was reluctant to go with him, he was curious about the merchant as he had never met a foreigner. But when he asked his name and said he didn't have one, he decided to name him Darius after his father. Tears came to his eyes when he received his name and thanked Cyrus for his kindness. Together they would travel the land while Cyrus sold his wares, and Dariu guarded him with his life, all the while, Cyrus told him the stories of his many travels across the world, and it brought wonder to the young man that he hoped to go to such places one day. Along with teaching him how to do mathematics and the arts of commerce while they traveled. Then some clicked in Darius' head while they chatted about the nations beyond Norria having rulers to lead their people and looked at his people to see that they were divided and fought one another over petty things. They needed guidance, believing he was the right man for the job. Of course, he needed to build his reputation and understand the world better to ensure his kingdom prospered. Then it was time for Cyrus to return home, and he offered Darius to take him with him, but with his mindset on his dream, he politely refused and went on their separate ways, but not before Cyrus could give him a pouch of gold to thank him. This gave him an idea of how to start his own Warband, and he went off to the nearest mead hall. When Darius entered the hall and asked for brave and honorable warriors to join him, they just laughed at him for he was just a boy, except for those who knew better as they saw his rugged look and the way he spoke made them realize despite his age he was an experienced warrior. Rather than walk out in defeat, he just threw out his pouch of gold and said whoever could beat him in a fight could keep it, and if they lost, they had to join him. Considering that Norrians valued their word above anything else, those who were eager to get rich lined up to face him. But once the challengers found themselves eating dirt as they tried to beat him, they realized that this boy was no pushover. Those defeated kept their word and swore to follow him, and those who had watched him closely decided to give this boy a chance and see what he had to offer. When they asked his name, Darius thought for a moment as he was still a bastard and had no father. Then he remembered his beloved mother calling him by a simple name as he did not have one, "Harkon,'' which meant stormborn on the account that he was born during a terrible storm. With this in mind, he declared to them that he was Darius Harkon and told them that he sought to travel the land with brave warriors alongside him to bring forth untold glory and riches if they followed him, and they believed him too. At first, they were a small Warband with only a dozen and a half men and started one small deed to build a reputation. Such as fighting off bandits and raiders and slaying beasts that terrorized settlements. Along the way, many others soon joined them with Darius, creating bonds of friendship with them and learning everything they knew to expand his knowledge. Many of them would be close companions to him, such as Thorvid the Red, Magnus the Slayer, Galok Frostborn, and Ronna Ironbane. Once the numbers and reputation grew, they decided to venture into the more hostile land across the continent, the surrounding waters, to make a name for themselves. Here is where their story truly begins as the Storm Guard.     Even today, the tales of Darius Harkon and his Storm Guard are considered the stuff of legend amongst the people of Norria. Though some of it is questionable, most of it is backed up as true due to those who were to witness it. Most of these adventures gained them many friends and foes alike, yet were respected nonetheless. It also showed what Darius was made of as he led his Warband to places few dared not go, yet found glory despite the odds. They vanquished the Frost Vipers of Lorhal, battles against warlords in great numbers, slaying beasts that made men cowered in fear, even feasted with Giants at some point. Even Darius had his moments as well as he would gain the title of Storm Lord when he face Þrumandi reiði and forge his famed sword, Starlight from a fallen star. Years had passed, and it seemed that he and his band would go down as legends, and their tales would be sung for all time. However, not all of his companions did not make it to see where they were now, which often pulled at his heart from time to time. But Darius did not forget his goal and did not forget what he wanted to do when he was with Cyrus. He soon set out to sea with his band to see the world as he always wanted.  

Beyond Norria

  Unlike most Norrians who sailed across the sea just to raid and pillage distant lands, Darius wanted to see the world as he often wondered about sometimes now. However, many of his Warband found it strange to do this but followed him anyway as he brought them this far. As soon as they gathered their ships and supplies, they set out to sea with the wind blowing them where they needed and the stars guiding them at night. They arrived in the Western Lands, where Darius finally realized what Cyrus told him about all those years back. Many of his Warband were also amazed as they had never seen such a place. Lush landscapes where food was plentiful and cities that looked like they could touch the skies. Though they did not receive a warm welcome as Norrians were often met with suspicion, and they found few places that they could go. But that did not stop them from learning all they could. They just had to disguise themselves to blend in with the crowd. Here is where Darius learned much from the extensive knowledge in these lands, learning the arts of Alchemy from an Alchemist that only cared to help anyone to learn. But they were hired on a few jobs in the area, paid well, and brought a few goods back home. But Darius also could see the sickness of oppression and corruption that the Vatian Empire had spread across the land. Even the stench of slavery sickened him when he saw it. He knew that this way of life was something he did not want in his dream. Even when he travels down to Ardania, he can see the chaos the rulers had brought upon their people that made them suffer. His travels here were much shorter than expected as they were chased out due to the Ardanians not being fond of outsiders. Then they decided to sail to the Eastern lands, which they didn't realize were so hot. But the knowledge that Darius learned here was much appreciated, and the exotic wares helped would bring quite the boost to their reputation. That was when Darius met a familiar face, his old friend Cyrus! They accidentally found one another while browsing merchandise at one of the local markets in the city of Akbar. They spent much time catching up with one another and Cyrus was surprised at the name Darius himself since the last time they met. After spending a good few days together, Cyrus was going to return home to Alendrea, but he instead wanted to come along with him as he wanted him to show them around the city as they needed a merchant to vouch for them to get in. He happily agreed to do so, and they sailed along together. Alendrea was something to behold when they arrived. It was a place of knowledge and commerce that aided him in understanding the value of trade. However, the idea of slavery in the east did not agree with him either. But once they were done here, Darius decided to explore deeper into the Dark Continent, despite Cyrus' pleas, as traveling through these lands was so dangerous that even well-armed men had trouble traveling through it. It did not faze them as they had faced many things in Norria that were just as bad, and Cyrus, not wanting his friend to meet an unfortunate fate, decided to join them. After many daring adventures exploring much of the continent, they decided to head home as they were starting to get homesick. Though Darius wanted to make a quick stop to the Isles of Refuge as they were along the way. But in doing so, they would find themselves in an unexpected place.   Darius and his Warband never made it to the Isles of Refuge as an unforeseen storm had blown them off course. They soon found themselves shipwrecked in the uncharted Davad Archipelago. When he realized this, he used this as an opportunity to explore to bring what knowledge he could find. What he found was something to memorize. The land is full of beauty and wonders more than he could ever imagine. Though the land seemed to have trouble, it was at relative peace. While traveling around for a while, he soon found himself at the Imperial City of Xi Chen. Where he ends up meeting the empress of the Shungetsu Empire , Su Hulang. The young empress was impressed by the foreigner that found his way to her court and invited him and his men to stay as honored guests. Which would be the wisest thing she did as an attempt on her life would take place a few days later. Darius happened to be there when it happened, and years of experience in combat made quick of them. In doing so, the empress felt safer around him than her people and made him her bodyguard then and there, along with the Storm Guard as extra protection. Despite many pleas against this action, as foreigners had no place in protecting her imperial majesty, she would not budge and considered Darius an honorable man to trust. He was always going where she went, even in the royal bed-chamber. Some rumors suggested that their relationship was more than that of a bodyguard and their employer, but nothing was proven. All the while, Darius learned much about the philosophy and knowledge that these lands had to offer, and in return, Darius told the empress of all of his adventures over the past few years. By the time the threat ended, they seemed to have been taken with each other and bothered by their shared experiences. Darius and his band would be considered saviors of the Shungetsu Empire and its eternal friends. The riches they received and the hero's farewell were also a nice bonus as they finally set sail after several years of traveling the world as their hearts desired to return home.  

Forging a Kingdom

  Upon his return, the people of Norria were amazed at what he brought back home, as the riches and gifts given to him were something to be amazed about. Most never thought he would return as he had been gone for years and thought long dead. All they wanted to do now was to take a breather from all the traveling. Not to mention that their numbers had expanded during their travels as they picked up a few travelers here and there who wanted to join them, which was not uncommon for Norrians to do as they were warriors at heart and were willing to fight alongside anyone just like them. But as they rested, Darius had been thinking about many things he learned during his travels across the world. Seeing it could be possible for his people to rekindle his desire to unite the land under one banner and bring forth a new future that no soothsayer can foresee. Darius then told his companions of his dream that he had never told anyone else besides Cyrus. At first, they were pretty skeptical of it as they just thought he was drunk, but the look in his eyes told them he was serious. The idea was far-fetched, but being around this man-made, they believed it was possible, and all vowed to serve him as their king first. Then a series of messages were sent throughout the land. All were asked to join a Moot, which was a sacred thing not to be taken likely, and when Darius' name was mentioned was something to go to as he was famous now for all of his exploits and deeds. Of course, he had to visit the Giants. He made friends with them as they were hard to persuade, and while doing that, he found a young wounded Griffon no older than a youngling fresh out of its nest. Rather than putting it out of its misery, he took pity on it and nursed it back to health. It took him longer than expected, and he soon needed to make the Moot, but the Griffon did not want to leave him no matter how hard he tried as he had seemed to earn its loyalty, which gave him an idea that only a mad man would think of, to ride the beast. After many attempts at trying to get on it and many times being thrown off, he finally got on it and took his first flight with it, which was a mix of terror and wonder since he didn't properly think things through about flying. After a few new safety features, he set off to the Moot with his new mount that he would name Storm Bringer.   Arriving at the Moot the way he was going was something that left many speechless and bewildered, but not entirely unexpected considering who he was. The Moot brought more people than he ever thought would come, from the tribes of the far north to the deep south. Even a few other races were there. After a fine opening speech, Darius began to tell them what he had dreamed of since he was a young boy and what his plans were for the continent when he made his kingdom. At first, many thought of him becoming a tyrant by forcing those to bend the knee to him when he became High king until they heard the humility in his words that he would only do what he needed to do to serve his people as any good ruler would do, many found his words to be sincere. Many knew what man he was, and others swore their fealty as if their homeland could prosper if it was under this man before them. But not all would do such a thing as they were the ones that thrived in their battered and war-torn and believed that Darius would destroy their way of life in doing so. The sides were chosen and the line was drawn as the Northern Wars of Unification had begun. Though the war lasted only three years, it was a horrible and bloody conflict like any other. Battles were more common than one would expect as Norrians and the other people of the continent always seemed to dive headfirst into battle. However, Darius' strategies would see him win every battle he was a part of. Though he often finds himself injured, he was always in the thick of battle to lead his forces. But then the moment finally arrived for him to return to the place where it all started, the Asenger tribe, he did not hesitate. To say that he held no rage after all these years would be a complete and utter lie, as it would be one of only a few moments where he did not show mercy. The Asenger did not take part in the wars, but they were a danger to his lands' safety; despite the logic in it, it was more about vengeance. He would set upon his former village with the full might of his army as they slaughtered every warrior they faced and burned everything to the ground. Even Darius killed Rolf and all of his kin to ensure no vengeance would come later. Only the women and children were spared and then scattered across the land, never to rise again.   But soon enough, his dream would become a reality he would as the war finally ended with him victorious. Many things had happened during this time as well as he would be reunited with his mother once more as she was freed and married to a kind man. He would also find love in the form of Astrid Fairsong, who would become his queen. Unlike most conquerors, Darius would also pardon many of those against him, as killing them all would make him no better than them. Thus began a time of peace and change as the Kingdom of Norria was born. He began creating many projects to set them on the right path, and new laws were introduced to improve life and society. The knowledge he learned over the years would greatly help infrastructure progress. Even the other peoples and races of the continent were given a place to call home and no longer had to hide in fear. Slavery would be outlawed so no one would ever go through the same thing Darius and his mother did, for all must now share the burden on equal terms. As for the Storm Guard, whom he led in his day of adventuring, they would be transformed into his royal guard and greatly rewarded for their years of service to him. Though he has a long way to go, he will do whatever it takes to see his dream become a reality in his lifetime.

Gender Identity



Likes women

Mental Trauma

Darius has been haunted by the things he experienced as a child and there are things he was proud of while he was traveling the Norria and the world beyond. But most of all the loss of every single one of his companions has had the most effect on him as he often believes that they did because of him, despite knowing better than to believe that as they chose to follow him.  


  He has a lot of problems when it involves snakes as when he was young his, half-siblings put a snake in his bed while he was sleeping, despite waking up to the serpent on his chest he managed to keep remain calm until it slithered off of him. Where he then beat it to death and had it for a meal. Of course, he was still horrified by the moment and it always makes his skin shiver when he sees one.


  • He never goes back on his word
  • Cannot stand by where there is injustice
  • Letting women being take advantage of

Personality Characteristics


Darius desires to create his homeland into a kingdom that will prosper instead of being a war-torn land where people struggle to survive. He wishes for trade and infrastructure to be built up for all his people to live in peace and find ways to grow food to feed them in their harsh homeland. Often gathering whatever knowledge that he can find to do so.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Learning and mead
Dislikes: Snakes, oath breakers

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Has trouble calming down when he is angered.
  • Can go into a state of depression if he thinks about negative things.


He keeps things clean, but keeps his workspaces messy when working in them


Hobbies & Pets

  • Storm Bringer: A Griffon that he tamed himself and uses it as a mount, along with being a faithful companion

Wealth & Financial state

Harkon had managed to collect quite the large amount of wealth during his travels as an adventurer. But what he had now belong to the royal treasury and as king he has started to collect taxes for funding of his building projects and deals in trade. Along with paying to train a new army for the kingdom, making his coffer to the point of being bare.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • High King of Norria
  • Storm Lord
  • Jarl of Jenvlior
  • Protector of the Realm
Year of Birth
1507 CA 25 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of Rape
Current Residence
medium brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
179 lb
Quotes & Catchphrases
To defeat one's enemies is to make them your friend, but if they do not wish to accept your friendship, it's best to keep an eye on them and an ax at the ready.
The gods have nothing to do with the affairs of mortal men, what happens here is of our own accord, and there are no excuses that say otherwise.
The world is much larger than you might expect. Sometimes, you need to see it to look for a fresh perspective to find the answers you seek.
Everyone has a story to tell. You just have to listen.
Don't go pulling the Griffon's tail.
I hate snakes!
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • Norrish
  • Vasili
  • Giant


  • Combat Training
  • Navigation and Seamanship
  • Griffon Riding
  • Horsemanship
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics and Economics
  • Warfare
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Alchemy


  • Mercenary: Has been hired by many different groups to carry out jobs
  • Explorer: He had explored many parts of the world
  • Bodyguard: Protected the Empress of of the Shungetsu Empire
  • Jarl: Current occupation
  • High King: current occupation

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Became a renowned warrior
  • Formed his own warband at the age of thirteen
  • Exploring the world
  • Outlawed Slavery in Norria
  • Finding his mother
  • Besting Harold the Black in single combat
  • Saving the Empress of the Shungetsu empire
  • Bested any army of five hundred with only fifty men
  • Saving the life of his friend Cyrus from bandits
  • Founding House Harkon

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Was shipwrecked on the Davad Archipelago
  • Failed to save his mother from being sold
  • Was a slave
  • Exiled from his village

Morality & Philosophy

Darius believes that people can become greater than they already are if they are given the chance to do so. That together they can create something better than themselves rather than standing against one another. Neither status nor race matters as long as the bonds of unity stay strong. For humility is the key to have a long and successful life. Those who value pride and use it to take advantage of others are no better than beasts that will destroy everything they touch. For peace is truly created through understanding and not control and oppressions.  

Religious Views

  Darius is a true believer of the gods of the north, but he does not ask for their favor in any way as they will not grant it. This does not mean that he does not pray to them though, he just believes that the gods will decide to act when they need to as they need not bother with a mere mortal no matter how great they may be.  


  • Wife: Astrid Fairsong
  • Mother: Sigrid Flokidottir
  • Father in Law: Ragnvald Bear's Bane
  • Blood Brother: Thorvid the Red
  • Blood Brother: Magnus the Slayer
  • Half Sister: Enyra Olafdottir
  • Step Father: Olaf Finehair

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Philosophical
  • Linguistic
  • Spatial
  • Humility
  • Integrity

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Patient
  • Honorable
  • Wise
  • Tolerant
  • Courageous
  • Loyal

Social Aptitude

  • He is a very charismatic
  • Empathic to other
  • Respectful to those have earned it


  • Confidence: Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed
  • Impatience: Tapping or drumming fingers
  • Decision making: Stroking beard
  • Interest: Quickly tilted head
  • Thinking: Hand to cheek

Physical quirks

  • Right-handed
  • Searches head when thinking
  • Walk with seriousness in steps


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