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The quest for knowledge will forever be unending and the paths we take will make us who we are today. - Marcus Ester



Most have several years on alchemy training under a master and be registered by the Alchemist's Guild

Career Progression

It takes decades for a alchemists to master his craft and only then can they Grand Alchemists of the Alchemist's Guild

Payment & Reimbursement

They are payed by making potions for their clients wether its for a disease or and headed ache if it can make it they'll pay for it. They also pay their assistants some of the money if they help make the potion. The rest goes to the guild.

Other Benefits

An Alchemist is in a very unique position were they have access to materials and ingredients that are hard to find and able to make the the best potions that many can buy. Not to mention the respect of your peers is also nice on the side. The best of the bunch are the ones who make discovery's that befit society and end up in the history books.



The alchemists were created in order to bring forth advance advancements in science in order to improve society as a whole were diease is wiped out and technology can be improved. It also helps with Humanity’s quest for knowledge and answering questions.

Social Status

The alchemist is consider an honest living have and helped people with many problems over the centuries. But they always seem cranky about it for some reason.


Three percent of the population. Which is about a hundred thousand continental wise.


In the ancient time alchemy was considered an act of magic by those around them. Which many alchemist would meet their untimely end by a mob. Which is why they would stay in isolated areas to perfect their craft. This would change centuries later when alchemist started to commune with one another and started to show the wonders of their craft to the leaders of cities and kingdoms. It would soon enough that laws would be made to protect alchemist from superstitious folk. Later on the Alchemist guild would be formed to increase their chances of success in finding new discoveries by sharing one another’s own research. The guild themselves even made sure to be aquatinted with the populace in order to be on freindlier terms with them. They soon started the potion making business to help those with alements that affected them. People started to get use it and it became a normal way of life for them. Alchemist since then have made numerous discoveries and helped improve daily life itself. It took a lot of determination to do so.



Alchemist always require books to make their potions just right as well as alchemical tool and other types of equipment.


An alchemist always needs his verity ingredients to do his craft which can range from powders to organs.


The laboratory is the pride and joy with flask and jars filled with all sorts of this. You might as well be in library as well with all the books on shelves. Something is always being made in their at all times along with the most peculiar smell and sounds about the place.

Provided Services

Aclcemist tend to gain access to unique materials from traders and merchants along with discounts to doctors as well

Dangers & Hazards

You could end killing or injuring yourself if you mess up on a potion or a unknown substance. Which is why it is common for alchemist to have a trap above their work table full of dirt to snuff out any flames came from the potion in progress.
Alternative Names
potion dealer, medicine maker, lab rat
Research / Scientific
Many young minds who have a thirst for knowledge want a seat at the table.
Alchemy is quit legal across Kinith but in other places is unknown.
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