Ester Stone


Material Characteristics

It is a solid purple material with a slippery coating that covers it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The stone is highly flammable if in contact with heat



Geology & Geography

Found in the bodies of the undead

Origin & Source

The stone come from the undead thanks to necromancy

Life & Expiration

Does not decay

History & Usage


It is mostly known for it use it creating Blue Flame, a fuel source with many different uses. But the origins of this substance would not be discovered until years later by him. It was during an experiment with an Undead was that he discovered that that stone from the undead itself! He theorizes that the stone was created with use of dark magic and the corruption it brought into body created the substance. Of course it was made sure that the that information was kept secret with only a few other in order to protect the public. But some found out and tried to use necromancy to get rich fast. This often end in death since they lacked skill or they had no magic in them. But as the uses of the stone increased so did the value of it, make it asked for in high demand. So it was regulate by the Alchemist Association and the flow of the stone continued with captured necromanncers allowed to live if they continued the flow undead to harvest the stone. This of course is highly secretive with only the most trusted individuals to know about it.


Discovered by the Alchemist Marcus Ester during his time in Ander's Hold during a research expedition under the city

Everyday use

It is used as a heat source to create Blue Flame

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Ester stone is used by the Church of the Spirit and Flame for religious practices and ceremonies since the blue flame is apart of the The Spirit and Flame and the Blue Flame that is created is to show how devoted they are.

Industrial Use

used in forges furnaces


Due to its flammability, in cannot be refined any more than it should.

Manufacturing & Products

The stone is created through the fusion of rotting flesh and necromancy.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Some people often use the remains of the stones after used and turn it not a powder known as Twinkle, a drug often found on the streets and is highly addictive. Others often scrape pieces off of it and use the shavings to start campfires and burn into wood.


If in contact with heat it will explode if to much of it come in contact with it.

Enviromental Impact

The stone has no actual effects on the environment since it was mostly created naturally.


Trade & Market

The Alchimists Assosiation sells the material since they are more capable of selling it through the proper channel and not for illegal use.


It should be keep in a room temperature room and stay away from any heat source.

Law & Regulation

The stone can only be used occupations that may need of it, such as Alchemists, blacksmiths,


4 pounds
10 gold
Found only in undead bodies
burnt butter
Boiling / Condensation Point
1,000 degrees
Melting / Freezing Point
-200 degrees
Common State
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