Alchemist’s Association


The association is comprised of several different branches that involves different varieties of research and production of certain material that they can only make.

Public Agenda

To discover and preserve knowledge for the betterment of all


The sheer amount of texts and materials alone are enough to create many types of materials and potions for clients and their fellow alchemists.



  The origins of this scientific communion are said to have begun in the city states in the east were alchemy first started and came into practice.These men and women would delve in the sciences which were unknown and knew to the world. Eventually they would make progress and create potions and material that were useful in daily life. Of course back in those day many people thought that alchemy was a form of magic and some these brave doers would meet an untimely end and segregation. As time went on these scientists would come together and use their knowledge to enhance the creation of materials and use them to better life around them. As they became larger and larger they would soon reach the west pf Kineth when all the wars end and the new kingdoms would know peace for a time. As that happened alchemists would head into the region and many more people would join their rank. Though originally only meant as scientific collective that ignore political agendas that would change in the next few centuries. As progress advance along with science many would see the advantage in science and would use it to improve daily life. Not to mention that some of the material that they desired could only be acquired by the association. Soon there would alchemists in every court across that land as a voice of reason to in a world that was ruled by superstition and lack of understanding. It easily allowed the greater control when doing their research and kept the populace from interfering as laws were passed to protect them from segregation and linch mobs. Their knowledge grew larger and larger until finally alchemy was just about every and it did wonders for the people living near them. Disease and sickness began to diminish as medicine were made to combat them and material were used to create resources to improve others lives. Know a days you can find an Alchemists everywhere and to those around them it is just feel normal to them. It continue to be so and as long as there is science to be done, the association will continue their goal for a better world.  

Politics vs. Science

  The association is always in the center of all political activities since they are an important part of society, but when war and ambition start to go to the side lines. The reason why is because the Alchemists were created to better the goals of humanity and bring prosperity through science and understanding, but by allowing greed and war into the mix it would ruin everything. Which is why the association must remain neutral in theses matters, unless in involves epidemics, natural disasters or supernatural occurrences since those cannot be ignored.  

Supply and Demand

  As the main distributors of all known potion and alchemical created materials in the world they have the say on who should get want and who shouldn't. The strict policies that they impose are for the good of everyone since some of these products are not to be abused for one own gain and can't be quite dangerous if used in correctly. Which is why the association can cut off a product immediately if its being abused by business or and kingdom if they are creating things such as creating drugs or dangerous weapons. If their former buyers are more vengeful about what happen to their products and take revenge them it will immediately lead to dire consequences as it is illegal by assault alchemists store houses and laboratories by all governments since to do so is to jeopardize the peace if something dangerous fall into the wrongs hand and will lead to diplomatic repercussions. If things get way to out of hand the association will order an immediate boycott of all products in a region or nation and evacuate all Alchemist for their own safety until further notice. When will often bring angry mobs to the aggressor front door since most people need alchemy in order to go on with their daily lives.  

The Balance of science and Religion

  A common occurrence has always seem to pop up now a days, that science and religion don't mix very well with each other. This can be seen throughout the the history of the association as religious zealots have always tried to get rid of them for they see science as blasphemy to what ever god the worship and should be destroyed. But religion alone cannot cure deadly diseases. Which is why there is a law in every nation that that religious groups and the association must stay out of each other business to avoid complications. This of course is nullified if situation arises that requires both parties such deciding whether an certain event is an omen or can be explained scientifically, such as a drought or a plague.  

Science and Magic

Unlike religion, the association tolerates magic since it can be used to create materials that can not be created through normal means. They also consider it a natural science in its own right as well since it is apart of reality its self after all. Spell Casters and Alchemists often have good terms on one another as both are need by one another for their practices. Their are even some with magic the are alchemists as well to create the material that they need. But neither try to press the other on which is greater magic or science since it can jeopardize the whole relation.

Through knowledge comes light

Founding Date
589 BCA
Consortium, Research
Alternative Names
The association
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