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Ander's Hold


The nobility left the city centuries ago and no one has ever really moved moved into the city leaving those who could not move forces to stay. A city council was formed by the citizens to enforce law and order on the settlement.


A large stone wall surrounds the city with one massive gate.

Industry & Trade

The entire city is a trade hub for people trade all across the land.


Most of the cities structures were already designed from the ruins it was built on


The most valuable assets of the city are merchants stores for trade. The protection that the city has is the city guard.

Guilds and Factions

The merchant’s guild controll almost most all the trade in the city and tend to stay out of politics. Which the Church of the Spirit and Flame tend to weed out sin and try to cleanse the evil the evil that plagues the city.



  Ander’s Hold resides inland in the heart of the Vatian Empire. Though the city itself has only existed for only existed of three hundred years. Founded by the head of house Ander, Crasis Ander after gain the title of Baron by Julius 12th for his heroism in repealing an army larger than own his during the Warlock Wars. Crasis soon begain building a city that he believed would one day rival the Capital of the empire itself, Vatia! He also wanted to complete the project in several years ahead of schedule. So he decided to build his city upon the ruins of Uranos, which was destroyed a thousands years ago by Vampire Korillia, Queen of the Damned, during the Night War . Ever since then the ruins have since been declared cursed by the locals and no one dare set foot in it, let alone build upon it. Crasis did no believe in such things and used the ruins to build his city in less than a decade. The city became his crown jewel of his family though it would never be a great as the Capital. Soon enough people came from all over the empire to live the new city, though most of them were refugees from the war and they thought they could start over in a new place such as this. The city flourished as trade and commerce rose for the next two decades. Carasis soon enough moved he and his family in a large mansion build in the center of the city. Though several years later it would go terribly wrong as many things do when you ignore warnings.  

A Darkness Begins to Rise

  A first it only started with a few disappearances at night which is quite normal in any city. Then wells started to become polluted with the people with bodies of those declared missing. A fog soon came on the 12th of Solis, the day the city was found and more people soon vanished without a trace. People began to panic, believing that the cause was the curse that destroyed Uranos all those millennia ago. Crasis reasured the people that this was nothing more then the work of a mad man and would used all of his power to bring him to justice. Days later a suspect was caught simply known as Aldos the Butcher and was quickly executed. But the way they found him was horrifying, some neighbor were complaining about a horrid smell and the city guards soon enough investigated it only to find the bodies of his most resent victims. Human skin and limbs were found all over his residence along with blood all over the place. With certain body part being used as trophies or decorations. Some people even discover the he was feeding his customers with the flesh of his victims! When was asked why he did it he simply said "they told me to do it." He never answered who "they" were. Though this would not end here later on as thigs did not become better at all.  

A Nightmare Becomes Real

  A year later the fog returned and brought with it more and more terrible thing. A great famine came and many of the people starved, even Crasis began to act strange when he began having nightmare every night, eventually going mad himself. Many of the residence began to turn to cannibalism to satisfy their hunger. As soon this news came, Julius 12th sent a legion with relief supplies to stop this madness from going any further. As the legion entered the city, they discover the streets were covered with the dead and Crasis had burned downed his mansion along with only his wife and his youngest son surviving the fire. They told the legion that he kept saying that "they were truly lost." After that they fled the city to live far away from that terrible place. No one exactly knows where they went through and time has simply forgot them.   Centuries have passed and a new tradition for the people of the city and that is to hide in their homes every year on the 12th of Solis awaiting the fog to return to claim its next victims and those who came along with it. Making sure to fortify anything to ensure than nothing comes after them. Those who stay in the city are often those who have no other place to go and is considered one of the worst in the empire. Poverty is at an all time high and has become a place of scum and villainy where no one bother to deal with it as their are very few guards to patrol the streets. A promising city now lays in decay as it building have been left in disrepair.


The city is not that of standard Vatian architecture and used the designs of the ruins that were built around the city. It is unique in its own way with large towers and blue stone walls around some of the buildings.


Reside around Plains and farmland

Natural Resources

Grain and livestock are the only natural resources that are available.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of the Damned
Inhabitant Demonym
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