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Spark Stone

Careful with that will you I rather not be electrocuted again - Experienced miner


Material Characteristics

Too anyone that doesn't have knowledge on the stone it just looks like a rough looking rock that glows.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Spark Stone are unique as they are able store and conduct electricity. This can be seen from the glow that can be found when they have it stored in them. It can also be felt if one touches one and possibly get electrocuted if enough energy is stored in them.

Geology & Geography

The stone is often found in regions were high levels of electricity is created, absorbing what ever it can to give itself power. This can be caused due to storms or something else entirely.

Life & Expiration

1,000 years

History & Usage


Spark Stone did not see much in the line of use since it was discovered except in the was of magic. Often being used by Electromancers to increase their power and in rituals. Other than that it was just used to control were lightning struck. That was until Marcus Ester found its used as a energy source when created the Spark light. This revolutionizedthe way people saw it as engineers so started creating machinery to improve production and transportation. Leading into an industrial revolution in the process. Most mechanical machines that are found today in powered by a Spark Stone. Making it highly valued and fought over by many who find a deposit of it.


The Spark Stone was originally discovered by the Vakra when they were mining in search of resources in the Vakra Hills. Though their wasn't many uses for it due nature so it was wasn't really used as much. But it was used to alter where lighting landed in the region as violent storms were common and it was attracted to the stone and were unscathed by them.

Everyday use

It is often used to power machinery in order for it to work properly.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Spark Stone has been seen as a crucial component for the future of civilization to its properties as it can be used as a energy source. With the possibilities are endless as they could power factories to increase production or create transportation that does not require animal to pull it.

Industrial Use

The stone is used to power factory machinery from clothing to foundries. Which can run the machines for decades if they maintain them properly.


It the stone is load up with too much energy then it will release electrical burst that will create a explosion depending on the size to electrocute and damage anything around it.


Trade & Market

The Vatian Empire and the Republic of Jocaria are the main sellers of Spark stone and consider it an important resource.


The stone should especially with multiple ones pack in together should be in a room made of stone with not metallic or electrical within it radius. As the slightest spark could cause the stone to release energy creating a electrical current that hit everything around it.

Law & Regulation

Due to the properties of the stone itself, special laws have been put in place by imperial law. Not following these was will result in imprisonment and a fine depending on how is you’re procession at the time. Venders must be registered as well with special mineral permits to sell the stone as well in to ensure no black market trading.     The stones can only be used in regulated magic, science experiments and to be used as an energy source for machinery.
50 - gold pieces
Moss Green
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