Spark light

One of the first creations of Scientist Marcus Ester, the Spark Light was one of the first types of Magitech to ever exist and it was quite popular to it being never ending source of light, of course this was expensive to make as the it required a Spark Stone, a material that can absorb electricity and channel that power and a lighting rune which is difficult to make by even the most skill full of Magic Casters. It was general used by the wealthy as it was in their price range and many of them were seen all through out the Vatian Empire, some can even be found today since they can last centuries as it is magic. But they were quite deadly as the energy build up was only keep inside by a highly advanced sphere design and if damage could lead to a high concentration of electrical energy which could kill anything in it radius, but after Marcus' death all his notes and invetions were given custudy to the Alchimist’s Association and are only created by them in few numbers. Making the rare to find in some places.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

device is rather simple, with it being power by a magic stone known as a spark stone, electric currents are sent through the stone from the platform and lights up and levitates.

Manufacturing process

Ingot are melted down and placed into two casting molds, one for platform the other for sphere. Once hardened platform is cleaned and further crafted with a rune put inside of it, which is lightning rune with copper wires placed into it. The sphere is designed to taken apart and put a spark stone inside of and engraving patterns for decoration and to all light through them. Along with keep all energy from escaping leading to a explosion in the process.


One of the first creations based on Migitech
Item type
Controlled item
5 pds
Base Price
50 Gold Crowns
Raw materials & Components
4 iron ingots, spark stone, lightning rune, copper wiring.
Forge along with tools both standard and arcane to build it property, along with mechanists tools for inner workings.
Related Materials

Cover image: Soulfire Stone by Joshua Eiten


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