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Vakra Hills



Iron Hills: An name given to these due to the vast amounts of iron deposits found in the area. It is said that over a quarter of all iron deposits on the continent are found in this area and many mines have been built around them. Aersam Vale: It is considered sacred land by all clans as a place of worship. It is here temples and shrines can be found for Aersam Gods. This ground is often used for many festivals and religious ceremonies all year long. Here no conflict can happen between clans and no weapons can be used here. Great Vale: The largest of the valleys in the hills and the most abundant. It is a area that is full of fields with some trees. It is rich in game and plant life that is used by many to feed themselves. Some settlements can be found here as well for those wish those who wish to live a more comfortable life rather then in the hills. Green Vale : A valley of fertile land that is used for those who wish to farm it. But it is most unsettled due to the plant life that grows here, many of which can be used as medicines and other plant based resources. Fruits and vegetables grow larger here as well make food more plentiful then one could ever imaginable. Vale of the Wood: One of the only places in the hills that are abundant in wood as forests cover the entire valley. Making an ideal place for lumber yards and suitable hunting ground for larger game. But no one dares live here as the wildlife tends to hunt anything that it finds, along with stories of the Spirits of the dead wandering it at the dead of night. Crooked Hills: These hills get their name because mining over the millennia have caused hills to look deformed as they are full of mine shafts that are both abandoned and active. Creating a large network of tunnels that can lead all over the hills. Storm Hills: Due to being so close the Thundering Coast, this hills often have to deal with the blunt force of the storm the come ashore. With it often having lighting strikes hitting them due them being the tallest of the hills. It's dangerous for people being out in them and special shelters are made in the hills to protect the people there. It is also a region that abundant in Spark Stones. Restless River: A fast moving river that runs throughout the hills that has been known to be dangerous to those who have no experience on it. Here boats often use this river to travel to the south a faster rate. But the farther you travel down it the faster it gets. Causing it to be more hazardous to even the most experienced boatmen. Shimmering Hills: Due to the stones and metal on these hills, the light from the sun that often hits the rocks makes the hills look like they are sparkling. Which can blind anyone who looks at it for too long and makes it easy to spot. Gold is said to be found here if anyone manages to find it as it can be quite elusive to find. But those who do find it often find large deposits within them and can last for a very long time as the deposits go deep within the earth. The Narrow Pass: The only clear passage way that leads into the heartland of the hills. Along with being one of the most dangerous places to send an army through as the Vakra made sure that traps and defenses were made to ensure that any invading force would suffer heavy resistances before getting into the valleys. Of course since the Vatian Empire took over the pass has now become a checkpoint for anyone who wants to get in. That does not mean that traps long since abandoned are still not found here though.

Fauna & Flora

The animals here have learned to survive in this harsh terrain, such as the hills goats and Esca elk. But here larger predator such as hill drakes and mountain lions roam the hill in search of food.

Natural Resources

Many metals are found here and several types of plants that are found in the valleys. Stone is plentiful here as well, with some marble deposits here and there.


The Starfall

From what stories are told by the Vakra, it is said that their gods Heldrun, the forge god and his brother, Jurog, the god of Fire had a great quarrel over who had a more important role amongst the gods. Hedron, who craft the weapons and tools for the gods or Jurog, who cared for the Sacred Fire of Almos. This soon became an all out battle that was so devastating that it made many of the stars from the sky fall to the earth. Many of the them were scattered across the world leaving metal deposits, most of which would land in one area which alter the landscape and created the hills. Where the Vakra then settled and have been their ever since.  

Strategic Value

The hills are considered a valuable are to have control of as they are rich in metal deposits are found all throughout the region. This and that it is connect to the Restless River allowing for faster trade in the region. Making it desired by many over the centuries. Though many would fail in trying to take over the region. Many thing can be found here from tin to iron as the hills have it deep with them, you just have to dig deep enough.  

Natural Defenses

The hills are known to be difficult to traverse and few places exist to go around them. The Vakra have used this to their advantage over the centuries, push back many invading armies doing this. This is due to terrain being rocky, making it difficult to hold one's footing it they don't know where to walk. Causing fatigue and formations to spread out and split to better get up the hills. It is even more treacherous after rain or snow as the ground become slick causing them to lose their balance. Even when raisers come to the region they never get far as they always turn tail when a boulder is coming their way.  

Harsh lifestyle

Living in the hills is not a easy thing for many to due it to terrain and what little food grows up there. Often causing people to live a hunting lifestyle and it sometimes takes days to catch something to eat as the animals are adapted to the terrain and now their way around it. Though the valleys are full of food, it often is only done as a last resort by the Vakra as it is considered being lazy rather then earning the right to eat by catching your food with your own hands. Here the strong survive and the weak remain so until they decide otherwise or perish.  

Under Imperial Rule

After the Iron Wars with the Vatian Empire conquering the region and placing it under its control, the empire quickly took control of the mines in the region to increase their own productivity. This caused some rebellions from the Vakra Clans of a few decades, but in small numbers as the empire was more tolerable with the Vakra then most other peoples due to their metalsmithing and engineering. Allowing them some autonomy in exchange for land and mining rights. While most mines are controlled by the empire, several of them are owned by the clans. They were even allowed to keep their hill regions and way of life as the empire began colonizing the valleys and bringing for infrastructure and technology to the region. Though only a few settlements are built here as not that many people wish to live in the region as the environment is not their standards. Though the Vakra are a mixed bag when it comes to the empire as some have sworn loyalty due to the advancements they brought and some consider them being in their homeland as an act of sacrilege to their gods and traditions. The corruption of the empire has made this sentiment worse as their demands are becoming more and difficult to manage.
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Land of Many Hills, Starfall Hills
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