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Xi Chen, The Floating City

Out of all the beauties that the land that rivals the heavens, Xi Chen is one of them. - Scholar Chun
  One of the greatest cities in all of the Shungetsu Empire, Xi Chen holds the honor of being its capital and a source of trade across the empire to ensure that its power and wealth in never diminished.


Since the city is the capital of the empire many wealthy citizens live inside of it. Along with high raking statesmen and nobles that live here. The rest are the commoners that live in the outer parts of the city.


Lotus Court: The imperial court of the Shingetsu empire, as it is the seat of the empire all affairs in running the city are left with the ruling monarch and their court advisor and state officials. Everything goes through them as they are the empire and to try and go behind their backs would mean severe punishment if caught.


Outer Defenses : Due to the city being surrounded by water, there are only two ways anyone is going to get in, by water and by air. This is why the harbor chain attached to towers with large siege rockets surround the city to keep any ships out.   Inner Defenses: Two walls defend the city the outer wall is known as the Fisher Gate which surrounds the outer city and entrance to it and the Dragon Gate which surrounds the Imperial Palace. A series of large crossbows are stationed around the defense towers that are across the city and along the walls as well.

Industry & Trade

Trade is the main income of the entire city with merchants coming from all across the land to set up shop and allow visitors to buy their goods allowing them to enrich the city.


Much of the city is made with stone foundations and wooden buildings with each district surrounded by stone walls. Many palaces are filled with canals to allow boats to travel along with a harbor to allow boats to dock there. Large courtyards in the wealthier part of the city can be found here as well.


The city itself is divided into several different areas as the island that it is built on.   River District: Often filled with workers that make up the outer city, it has many canals to decrease foot traffic.   Ascension Hill: a large hill on the far north of the island that holds the Palace of the Dragon.   Jade District: Where the wealthy and powerful reside, along with businesses and groups of great renown reside.   Coin District: Merchants from all over the empire come here to sell their goods to anyone who wants them.


The city holds many stores that hold goods from all over the empire. Along with barracks that store weapons to defend the city if it was ever attacked.

Guilds and Factions

Dauntless Tigers: the national police in the empire that carries out its duties by ridding the nation of crime and villainy.   Disciples of the Balance : One of the four faiths that exist in the empire, the disciples are devout monks that believe in peace and harmony.   School of the Scared Beasts: the school of martial arts that teaches the fighting technique of all the sacred fighting styles.


Isolation For Protection

  A long time ago Xi Chen was nothing more than an isolated settlement built by refugees that were tired of the wars that devested their lands, it was said that they were guided by the goddess Suya that leads them to the island in the middle of the Crystal Lake. During this time the settlement was isolated from the rest of the land as very few knew of that island existed as a mist often covered the lake and very few people dared crossed into it as it was believed to be haunted. During this time the people lived in relative creating a thriving community on the island and lived on its fertile soil and clear waters to produce food. The residents lived underground instead of building houses on the surface to ensure that resources could be preserved. Creating a thriving community known as Ju Sai that would not bow to any lord and could live in peace. The settlement would be not a part of any events for the next three hundred years afterward. Until finally their secret was exposed by the arrival of the most unlikely of people.  

The Arrival of the Exile

  It was the arrival of Shado Huruka, a prince of the collapsed Harutama Empire that changed the fate of the island. Shado was considered the last of the princes of the empire that survived the onslaught of the Derugi Hordes that destroyed the empire. It was said that the prince had received a dream that would lead him to the island where he and his people would be free from his Derugi pursuers where he would live the rest of his days in peace. He and his followers would soon find the island and claim it as their own. The natives of Ju Sai were furious about these foreigners coming to their land and a conflict ensued killing many on both sides. It was not until Shado married Yai La, the daughter of the Ju Sai’s leaders, Hunan La that the fighting ended and peace was restored. Many from both sides intermingled with one another to avoid any more conflict. It was then that Shado declared himself Lord of Xi Chen, which meant Heavenly Rock due to the beauty of the water that surrounds the island. With Harutama engineering and technology he would use the island into an age of progress and advance that would change it forever.  

Against the Invaders

  It would take over two hundred and fourteen years for the island settlement to become a thriving city that would rival the Mountain city of Keoro in its splendor. The island was soon known to many across the archipelago as a place of trade and learning as many would settle here to avoid the trouble that plagued the land. Creating a city-state that was untouched by the rest of the world and ruled by Ju Sai’s descendants as protectors of the city. Though the ruling Derugi Khanate considered the city as an insult due to being fully independent. Many attempts were made to take the city, but all of them failed as its defense was too great to breach as the city was made into a fortress that could withstand all naval attacks that came at it. Making one of the few places in the land that the great hordes failed to capture. It didn't help that the Derugi were superstitious about going into the water either, making it all the more difficult for them to do so.   The city would continue to grow and prosper as time went by long after the Darugi Khanate fell and it would remain on peaceful terms due to the influence of the city in trade in the region. Not once was the city taken by and foreign power and centuries of peace would enable the city to thrive. It was not until the Juzakabe Shogunate that the city would surrendered its independence to foreign rule. This was due to the shogunate’s use of newly created Dragon Ships that could fly over the city's defenses and invade it with ease. Though Ju Sai’s bloodline had ended for more than a century, the city’s new rulers, the Berasume were crafty and cunning in their ways of politics and created a ruse that had the favor of the Dragon God, Kuro Da Sung that protected the city from all harm. But the truth was they had a powerful sorceress by the of Huna Sai Kim at their disposal. When the Shogunate attacked its attacking fleet was destroyed by a powerful storm and the ruse worked, fearing that they had angered a god they to went negotiating with the city to avoid destruction. The city would create its own terms when joining the Shogunate as it would become a vassal state with autonomy over and maintain its own laws and customs. Leaving the city to remain the same and paying tribute to the Shogunate to keep them appeased.  

An Empire's Heart

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Xi Chen would change after the fall of the Juzakabe Shogunate as it had gained much influence within it as its resources now made it capable of raising large armies and holding land beyond its watery borders. With this, many lands that once surrounded the island were now under its control and soon became a kingdom in its own right. Using its centuries of wealth and knowledge to prosper greater than ever before since its founding. It quickly expanded due to this as the neighboring lands began to either be crushed or bow down to their might. But rather than conquer all the land, it slowly did this through trade and diplomacy to undermine the authority of its rivals and have its people join them instead. Only as a last resort was war ever used to defeat their enemies. Through this, the city had reached a state that would reach a legendary status that was said to rival the majesty of the golden city of Lun Sa at a certain point as the streets and buildings were crafted by only the greatest of builders and craftsmen. Though the Berasume would lose their power over the city as their wits got the better of them and were overthrown by the House of Hulang and with that the Shingetsu Empire would be founded and become its capital. Making the city the center of everything now as all would flock to pay tribute to their rulers and enjoy the splendor that came with living in the capital. Creating a population that was diverse and productive as well.


People from all over the empire come to the imperial capital for several things, to gain favor in the Lotus court, trade, or visit the many stores and groups that live in it. Though depending on your imperial travel pass you will be restricted from going to certain places unless given permission or getting it upgraded.


The buildings are mostly designed in Harutama art style as it was original built by them when it became a city. Often having clay roofing and elaborate roof designs on their building. But when the empire began its rule all of that changed with Shingetsu architecture when the city was made the empire's capital with the use of stone being used more in its buildings rather than wood or paper.


Xi Chen is located in the middle of Crystal Lake known for its pure waters that sparkle like crystals themselves as far as the eye can see.
Founding Date
21 CA
Alternative Name(s)
The Floating City, The Imperial City, The Eternal City
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Su Hulang
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

The Favored Few

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You must understand that this city only wishes to revive the best that the empire has to offer to ensure its prosperity, to ensure that we must only allow those with the power and skill to back it up to maintain it. - Regulations Officer
  Only those with permission from the state can live here and set up shop. In doing this it is meant to remove crime and bring about favors for the Lotus Court to use. Everyone in the city must have an imperial seal to confirm that they are a resident there. But in special cases, someone who is not a resident can stay in the city for a time if given special permission by a member of the state.  

The Rule of the Court

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Only fouls believe that they have friends in the court, trust no one for if you do your days are numbered. - Minister Quan Ru
  Despite the best effort of keeping the city peaceful, the Lotus Court itself has problems of its own. Often with the fact that the ministers often try to get the favor of the current emperor through political maneuvering and subterfuge. Creating a deadly game that any slight gesture could be the end of anyone on the court. As nothing is above them that can not be won through wits and craftiness.  

Center of Wealth

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For as long as anyone could remember this city has always been wealthy and it will continue to be as long as the trade flows through it. - Silk Merchant
  The city itself is the center of trade within the empire due to its centuries of influence over the northern region where it is found. Even a canal system was built that went on for hundreds of miles into the sea to bring ships into the lake rather than just travel by land. In every part of the city, one can tell that a lot of money was used to make the city look like it was built by the gods to maintain its influence.  

Places of Interest

  Palace of the Dragon: Home of the emperor and built to honor the dragon god, Kuro Da Sung for being a patron protector of the city for centuries.   Temples of Harmony: The major religions in the empire each have temples here for followers to worship and pay respect.   Water Crane Harbor: The harbor that allows boats to dock and connect the city to the rest of the mainland.   Radiant Gardens: A large public space filled with plants that come from all across the archipelago to be enjoyed and show off wealth for all the work and effort to maintain it.   Court of Justice: A building dedicated to preserving and maintaining law and order across the city and beyond it. It is here that the Dauntless Tigers make their base of operations and carry out their missions and duties in dealing with criminals they are sent out to find and arrest.   Ring of Thorns: The series of towers that surround the outer waters of the city are the first lines of defense against all the threats from the water and the sky.

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