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Juzakabe Shogunate

Honor, duty, loyalty are the principles that give us strength to ensure our people thrive where all others fail for they lack these values and will turn one another when they feel that they are threatened and cornered in their darkest hour. - Shogun Hezuru Janjui


Shogun: The Shogun is the highest power in all the shogunate as their will is the law and all must obey. No one is above them no matter their status as they control every aspect of the empire. No one is above them as they control the nobility and the military ensures their dominance.   Daimyo: Landowners that controlled large swaths of land that would be the provinces of the shogunate. They must maintain armies and collect taxes. Though the rank of power for a Daimyo differs depending on how much land they can control and are often subservient to other Daimyos with more power.   Samurai: Though warriors, they are still considered minor nobility that is ruled under a Daimyo and carry out their will. The samurai despite being great warriors also take on other wars as well such as collecting taxes and other civic duties that would see them control many common duties throughout the empire. But their military prowess would ensure that policies and laws were obeyed by all who were under them. Even ranks of samurai will differ as some will have command over lesser samurai to serve their lord.


Being a Member

  You are here because you were born into life and fate has deemed it so. No matter if you were born into peasantry or even the shogun itself you are bound by this fate and it cannot be changed unless destiny deems it so. But fret not for you have entered in a culture that rules the world through our traditions and sheer will to do so. Once we were divided, fighting one another over petty things that were insignificant and lack purpose. But then through the guidance of the first shogun, we were given a vision of a united people that were bound to one purpose and from it came forth a united land a people that became a great empire. In a time were would spread our power across the land to give those below us the same vision, but only after we had broken them could they learn and purge their weakness. We are strong because we accept that the world is cruel and strengthen ourselves with the will and strength of our great warriors to prove that we may overcome all struggles. Though we may not succeed we always learn from our mistakes and improve to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. For the no matter how hard the wind howls the mountain will still stand unmoved no matter how hard it tries to blow it away. There is no place for weakness for it bring ruin upon all, through strength may there be prosperity and the will to never surrender no matter how hard the struggle may be.  

What People Think of You

  The Juzakabe Shogunate is a power that should never be underestimated nor challenged unless well prepared. For only fools were dare to disturb a sleeping dragon only to be devoured by it. All those who faced them would be broken in a thousand pieces at the hand of their legendary military might. Though they have brought innovation and prosperity to those they had conquered with time, they are still had by them in silence and away from prying eyes. For they rejected many things that are not their way of life and those who do not follow them are never their equals. It is an arrogance that will one day be their downfall and when that day comes, a vengeance greater than a thunderous tsunami will drown them.

Public Agenda

To ensure the power of the Shogun does not waver and show all the superiority of the empire over all.


The military force of the shogunate were massive and their industrial were great ensure that their power and wealth last for many centuries.


Forged Though War

  The lands of Kenju have always been a land of war and turmoil as warlords fought for power and influence over one another for control of the land. It was here that there was no peace and only war for those who lived in these lands. But in this harsh land came the rise of great warriors and leaders that would forever change the Davad Archipelago. It was the great warlord Kenshin Juzakabe that would unite the land and conquer its warring clans to create a power that no one ever envisioned. In his lifetime he would reform the land into states and bring forth the shogunate that would peace and order after many centuries of turmoil, but he did not hinder the military traditions of his people for he saw a greater vision that would bring glory and power to them all. For in his mind the age of war had yet to end as the lands beyond were ripe for conquest and need to be brought to order as chaos ruled them. Only through discipline and order would the land know peace with the will of warriors to bring it forth and see that dream come to pass. Thus began a conquest of the archipelago as the might of the shogunate would be witnessed by all who saw its wrath sweep across their lands like a wildfire.   He and his successors would wage wars across the archipelago that would continue to see new lands placed under them. They would see the end of the petty feuds and slothfulness that these lands had experienced and replace it with unity and purpose. These great conflicts would often be never-ending as the shogunate continued its ever-aggressive expansion into new lands. But even though they believed themselves to be benevolent conquers they often were severe in making examples of those who defied them to ensure that those they conquered did not oppose them. Many opposed them to try and halt their expansion time and time again, but they were no match for their highly trained veterans and disciplined armies that crushed them at every turn. For over a century this great expansion known as the Age of Fire would last with no end until half of the mainland was under their control. Then this unstoppable force was finally halted by a woman name Ha Rin Chun that would create the Righteous Hand that would finally halt the shogunate's war machine and end their expansion for decades to come and the shogunate would use this time to rest and learn, but where far from defeated as they learned from their mistakes.  

Seeking Advancement and Renewal

  During their halt of military expansion, the Era of Insight would come about as the shogunate sought to better itself by allowing its understanding of the world and search for knowledge to flourish as they improved their society and their conquered lands. It was here that the war-torn lands of conquest would be filled with thriving settlements and technological advancement as machinery, agriculture, and infrastructure was improved by improving old techniques and learning from their subjugated peoples. It was here that Iku Tatsu, the "Way of Order and Discipline" began to be spread across these regions begin mass conversion of the populations to bring order to the land and cement itself as one of the four great faiths. It would be a time of cultural prosperity as well as the shogunate strengthened its culture by looking back on its heritage and improving upon it. In doing so it strengthened its resolves that their way fo life was the proper way to govern the world and in time began to rearm themselves to once again set out to conquer the mainland and finish what they had started decades before. But they would use their knowledge to bring about new weapons of war the would see them achieve victory over all those who opposed them. It was during this time that the new created Dragon Ships would see that happen as well.   It was from here that war engulfed the mainland once more and with the aid of Dragon Ships, the shogunate's expansion could not be halted as its enemies were unable to stop their flying ship from going where they pleased and the lands in their path were brought into the fold with many surrendering willingly to ensure their survival under their military force that seemed unstoppable once more. Those who refused soon found their lands in ruins and destroyed by the might of the shogunate and its improved military might. In the span of half a century, the entire mainland would be brought under the banner of the shogunate, creating one of the greatest empires that had ever been created till now. Though many of the islands outside of it would remain free for a time they would eventually fall as time passed by. It was from this triumph that the dream of Kenshin Juzakabe would be achieved and many centuries of progress and peace would come from it as the control of the shogunate would tighten its grip on its provinces. For the age of order had only just begun for all to bear witness to its splendor.  

Age of Order

  After the great conquest was finally over, the shogunate once more sheathed their weapons a sought a more prosperous path across its new lands. Innovation and progress were spread across the land. Great cities would rise and massive projects of infrastructure would be underway that would reshape everyday life. For the first time in centuries, an age of peace prosperity would come over the land. The shogunate would enforce their will upon all but it would be a peaceful one for those who obeyed. It was a time where chaos had been tamed and the land was under control as well as the troublesome peoples that lived on it. Times of war would rarely be seen in this time as the shogunate’s military would main order and crush any who stood against it. But from time to time war would break out the most famous being the Great Kerudo War that saw the shogunate face the merciless demon hordes that ravaged the land and would be pushed back by its armies. The rest would often be rebellions and coups that attempted to undermine the shogunate’s power. But it would remain and stand tall no matter what foe dared faced it. But even after the fall of the Jozukabe, they keep its name to honor their service of making the shogunate possible taking the name as a symbol of honor that all would cherish when ruling.


Though the shogunate's rule was prosperous and brought progress and peace to its lands, its lack of tolerance of other cultures and its inability to let go of tradition was its ultimate downfall. As its people revolted and used their weapons and knowledge against them to rid them of their lands. Leading to several decades of unrest that saw the lands of the shogunate be taken by the increasing rebellions that followed as war and turmoil reigned supreme. It was in their darkest hour that Daito Ashubu, the last shogun saw the pride of his people had turned to arrogance and had lost their way in seeking perfection. It was from here he did his best to ensure that his people would not fall into darkness again and order its forces to return to their homeland to ensure it was not consumed by the fire it created. Daito would be successful in his plan and are many years of holding back the vengeful hoards of the people they had subjected, Kenju was safe from destruction. It was here that he felt great shame and dishonor from this collapse of their empire even though it had long before he was born. To ensure his people were safe, he disbanded the shogun and replaced it with a council known as the Iron Council that would rule his stead and would commit Seppuku, traditional suicide to regain his honor and officially end the shogunate.

Demography and Population

Tens of millions lived in the shogunate as they were divided into provinces that made up the shogunate’s territories across the archipelago.


The shogunates embodies the entire main land of the archipelago and almost all of its surrounding islands. Along with several vassal states such as the cities of Xi Chen, Hogo, and Fugomo. Including the small kingdom of Matem.


Hekuto Armies: Armies that were under the command of the Daimyos that were trained in the arts of war and were feared across the land by all who dared faced. Though their numbers varied on their Daimyos power that were still trained well from the high samurai to the lowest foot soldier.   Denru Sky Fleets: Fleets of Dragon Ships that gave the shogunate supremacy over the skies. Despite being in small numbers their ability to take flight and reign fire from the sky made all dread when they arrived.   Odemo Fleets: Large fleets of ships that patrolled the waters that surrounded the shogunate. These ships and their crews were trained to master the waves that they sailed on.

Technological Level

The shogunate was highly advanced in both military and none military technologies that advanced their society by centuries in their age of conquest. Along with seeking out the


Maku Shasi: The old faith of Kenju that surround several gods were elemental, stood for order and the upheld the ideas of strength, control and honor.   Iku Tatsu: A philosophical faith that believes in control and discipline to achieve mastery over oneself in order to become something greater than oneself and the world around.   Disciples of the Balance: Despite is ideas of accepting all things in the world and humility, the shogunate tolerated them due to their determination and wisdom.

Foreign Relations

The state of relations with all foreign states is that of total war as all will fall to the might of the shogunate eventually. Only the few vassal states it had under is control would often have diplomatic ties with knowing that they were in control.

Agriculture & Industry

While much of the shogunate has advanced in machinery its true power is in that of agriculture with rice paddies that feed its large population.

Trade & Transport

Dragon Ship were often the main form of trade as their ability to travel great distances in the air allowed for faster travel, while roads and sea ships still used they were slower.


Education was only available for nobles and wealthy members of the different class in the shogunate ranging from merchants, to farmers. But all would learn the values of that were the foundations of the shogunate to know their place in the world. These schools were often for children for seven to sixteen as they learned to read, write, and mathematics. Special military schools would set up well to teach samurai and their children the arts and war and train them as well.


The shogunate was a highly sophisticated in building their society. As it created many fortresses and castles that were built around settlements. Transportation was also important as well at stone road that connected major settlements would go for hundreds of miles, dams and aqueducts that gave life to farmland and settlements. Along with sky yards that built and harbored Dragon Ships when they were no in flight.

Honor, Duty, Loyalty

346 CA - 996 CA

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Empire of the Sun, The Shogunate
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
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Controlled Territories
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Dominant Force

War was something that was etched into people of the Kenju are centuries of war and through it, they had learned to master the art of war. It was because of this reason that the shogunate's military was legendary for its martial prowess in all things that involved war. Leading to an age of rapid expansion that no foreign military was capable of halting as they would be crushed by the veterans who had years of battle experience. Their machines of war would also aid them greatly in their conquest over the centuries and made them one of the greatest military powers that the land had ever seen.  

Great Builders

The shogunate was not just a mere military power alone for it created many marvels of their time as well. Many cities and landmarks were built in honor of the shogunate’s successes. Allowing it to expand its influence to the lands that it had controlled. But that went with technological achievements as well with the Dragon Ship ship being one of their greatest. Allowing them to maintain their empire and bring prosperity to all those under them. Along with creating many buildings and monuments that would be influenced by Kenjuese culture throughout the archipelago.  


Traditions were something that the shogunate valued above all other things for they had brought them to where they were now. It was through tradition they hoped to create a society built on their values to show all how a society can truly prosper. Meaning that it was often forbidden to break away from it or their society would slowly decline with time till it inevitably collapsed. Along with using it to guide them in how their empire would prosper for many years to come. It was due to this that the persecution of those across their empire would fester as they considered the cultures of others inferior to their own.  

Bound by Fate

Those born into the shogunate are often bound to their way of life the day they are born. As the shogunate believes that fate controls a large part of how a person is meant to live and cannot be changed. Making it very difficult for people to change their occupation as it is forbidden to do so unless under special circumstances. It is in events such as these that people will believe that destiny had other plans for these individuals and will reward them with their efforts. Only those who have the will and courage to change their fate are worthy of changing their lives no matter where it may lead them.


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