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Dragon Ship

To truly have the advantage in battle is not to have control of the land or the sea, but the heavens themselves for they touch all in sight. - Dojin Kargoshi, Herishoma of the 7th Fleet
  A Dragon Ship is a specialized form of a ship that is capable of taking flight through a series of machines and technology. These ships have revolutionized both travel and warfare across the Davad Archipelago as a whole and are constantly being improved upon to have the best results on them.  

To Touch the Heavens

  Through the Juzakabe Shogunate and their ingenuity, they had created where many have failed, to achieve the ability to fly. It was with these ships that nothing was the same ever again as they used them to conquer much of the archipelago with ease as their armies were able to travel much faster than ever before. It was through these ships that the shogunate maintained its hold for centuries across the isles. Over the centuries these ships would be improved upon long after the shogunate had passed, making them more powerful than ever before as it was something that could not be cast aside. These ships can be seen all across the land these days used for private and military use for those who know how to build them. It is truly something remarkable to behold when seeing one of these vessels for the first time. But it is uncertain why it is called a Dragon Ship, to begin with as the true origins have been lost with the shogunate itself, but most believe it due to the majesty and the destruction of a dragon itself.  

Aerial Warfare

  Fighting in the air is a lot more difficult than one could ever imagine, especially when in the sky itself. There are a lot of things that have to be taken into accordance to ensure that ship doesn't come crashing down from the skies, weather, temperature, wind speed, and system maintenance are to name some of the few. But the ability to fly over a large distance and go over enemy defenses is worth the risks. But facing off against other Dragon Ship and other large flying beasts of the archipelago requires skilled maneuvering and weaponry to do battle with them. All that is required is not to fall off the ship and pray that nothing breaks. Often using the latest in sky breaker technology, the weapons at use are designed to cause damage to the ship to either incapacitate or cause the ship to fall out of the sky. But in most cases, the ship is better in one piece as the ship is highly valued and hard to make. Making bordering actions common in the attempt to capture the ship, but it's best to make sure the enemy doesn’t decide to scuttle to avoid being captured.  

Marvel of Engineering

  The creation of the Dragon Ship has been considered one of the greatest achievements that were made in the land. Through the creation of machinery and the harvest of resources such as Sky Iron and Chato Gas, the ships can soar through the sky. As no one thought it would be to achieve such a thing and through skilled metalsmiths, carpenters and chemists the ship would become a reality. The ship despite its size ship can fly through the air with ease and with proper training are easy to handle when you get the use of it. Though the story of how it was created would be shrouded in myth and legend. This due to the inventor of the ship, Kekuto Luyang had fallen into madness at a certain point in his life and no could get the real story out of him. Yet his legacy seems to be all that matters now as his creation is used everywhere across the land now.

Power Generation

Chato Gas: the gas itself help aid in the flight process allowing to float due to it ability to make things float.   Steam: A steam engine is what power the whole ship as it enables to maintain all of it moving pieces.


Propellers: Propers aid in maintain the ships coarse and speed with efficient speed.

Weapons & Armament

Boarding Harpoons: used in the boarding of other Dragon ships by attaching large harpoons with rope to pull them in.   Fire Rockets: Unlike a firework, the Fire Rocket is heavier and has more explosives in to cause damage, yet it is highly in inaccurate meaning several have to be fired at once to hit something.   Ballista: A long distance piece of siege equipment repurposed as a mounted weapon and fires stone or bolt throwers at a target.   Dragon’s Breath: a pump filled with a highly flammable substance that catches fire when in contact with air. Often used to burn anything in sight.

Armor and defense

Iron Hull Plating: The hull of the ship is protected by a sheet of iron that is able to protect it from most known weaponry.   Sky Iron: Sky Iron is much lighter than regular iron, but it able to withstand cold temperatures that would free most other metal in mid air, it can easily withstand fire and it not easily penetrable.

Communication Tools & Systems

Pipe Callers: A series of pipes are used to transport sound throat the ship to the bridge to communicate what happening around the ship.   Emergency Fireworks: A series of color code fireworks used to communicate certain emergencies.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Emergency Chutes: A series of chutes used to decelerate a Dragon ship when it is plummeting to the ground. In theory, enough of them can safely lead the ship to the ground.   Rope Grapplers: Rope used in disembarking soldiers to ships and on the ground. Using any surface to attach as the soldier use a zip line to safely reach the ground.   Wings and Steer: used in helping steer a ship in the direction that it wants to go.   Exhaust Pipes: used to expel steam and Chato gas from the ship to ensure the steam engine does not overheat.   Fire Extinguishers: A series of the water chamber to use cloud and rainwater to refill themselves are found throughout the ship to put out fires.

Hangars & docked vessels

Chute Boats: Small boats with chutes used to disembark from a ship often when it has to be abandoned and allows the occupant to safe land on what ever is below them.
4,000 - 30,000 Gie
30 ft - 60 ft
30 ft - 50 ft
20 ft - 69 ft
1 - 4 tons
60 - 90 mph
Complement / Crew
30 - 250
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
39 - 840

Cover image: Imperial Airship by James Ng


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