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Disciples of the Balance

Everything has two sides for a reason in this world and it brings peace and harmony through it, but if one perishes and the other flourishes it will only lead to suffering and the balance of the world will be lost. - Usagi


Abbot: The head of the temple that is elected by other elder monks based on their zen, age, or understanding of the teachings. From here they will be leading the ceremonies and meditations the monks follow every day. Along with aid those seeking guidance and dealing with outsiders that many come to the temple for certain reasons.   Monks: Those who are trying to achieve or already have achieved enlightenment at the temple through meditation and following the teachings of the Balance of All Things. They will often be tasked with chores and teaching whenever they need or even leave the temple to seek donations or aiding those in need whenever they are needed.


To Be a Member

  Well, it seems that someone is looking for peace and purpose in their life. To understand the disciples one must look back to the founder of their faith, Usagi one of the great Sages that has blessed them with the teachings of the Balance, the invisible force that keeps everything in harmony to ensure nothing falls into complete chaos. From those teachings, they have lived devout lives of peace and harmony with the world around them. Often going through meditation or reading the Scriptures of Harmony to find inner peace within themselves among their many practices. Showing kindness and compassion to all who need it as all deserve it to aid them in finding purpose in life. But they also must intervene whenever the Balance may be in danger from those who have wicked intentions in their hearts. They are will to fight if they must as to stand ideally by when others suffer is something that not be ignored for their all ways something worth fighting for no matter how big or small it is. It is through them that worldly matters seem smaller than they should as they will only chain them down from what truly matters in life. It is from here that they do not fear normal things that most people do as they do not let them overcome the tasks that they must achieve without casting aside their values for any situation that might stand in their way. For the only things, that matter to them is the truths that have been laid bare that shall set all who follow them to a life that is fulfilled and worthwhile. For ignorance will only blind them from the truth and what truly matters in the world until it finally drowns them in all of their sins.  

What People Think of You

  The Disciples are well respected across the land due to their holy lives and their willingness to help others in need. Their fighting prowess in martial arts is something that should be admired as well as they only use it to punish those who have committed disgraceful deeds. Many have sought peace from them with the teachings of the Balance and many more welcome them when one of their monks comes into their towns looking for donations or helping the poor. No one is denied to join them as they are will take anyone in no matter their past for all deserve to find peace and purpose in life. It is why there are often the most welcomed of the faiths across the land as they do not preach their teachings to gain followers but instead to teach them values to better their lives and those around them if they are heading on a path that will lead to pain and misery.

Public Agenda

To teach and preserve the balance of all things so all many know harmony and peace


There are hundreds of temples throughout the land that serve as places of learning and harmony. Here many may find peace to better themselves and remove themselves from the earthly values that hold them down.


Finding Balance

  It all started with Usagi one of the five Sages when he came down from the Heavenly Pillar to spread the teaching of the Balance to all who would listen. From those who listened to him came many followers that would join this holy man spread his words of wisdom. The more time they spent with him the more they understood what he was saying and each one found purpose in life and giving up their earthly values to live a life of enlightenment. From here the disciples would be founded and rather than calling themselves the Disciples of Usagi, they chose the Balance instead for it was never centered around him and never wanted that way. After his death, his followers would return to the Heavenly Pillar and build their first temple known as the Temple of Many Truths where they would live out the rest of their days in meditation and teaching anyone who made the journey up the pillar to learn the ways of the Balance.   From here, many great minds came into being as they shared their ideas and were open to them as wisdom never names from one place, but many places and should be shared to all who are willing to learn from them. From here, the disciples slowly began to diverge into different sects to better pursue these ideas peacefully as the truth had many different perspectives that need to be explored. With many new teachings and scriptures being made from their time of isolation and began to diversify themselves, faith did not believe they should be rooted down by a single set of teachings and guidelines. It was said that for a hundred years not a single monk set foot from the Pillar of Heaven since the death of Usagi and was self-sustaining themselves through their own crops that they grew on the mountain. When the time finally for the monks to leave the pillar many different sects came down for it and journey across the land with many calling this event the "Kenju" or Seeding of Enlightenment as for each monk was a seed that has their faith blossom it blossomed into a flower who properly nurtured.  

Spreading of the Order

  Rather than going out of their way and spreading their beliefs, monks would leave the temple to go and help others facing hardships wherever they went. Often tending to the sick and poor and fighting those who would take advantage of the weak. During this time their teachings would spread to those willing to listen to these humble monks and gradually many would join their faith and some would also become monks as well. With temples being erected here and there until they were found in many parts of the lands and the teachings of the Balance would become one of the five great faiths of the archipelago with many people following the faith and finding enlightenment and peace with their lives. It would also be the time that the sects would spread their own teachings and interpretations of the Balance to where ever they decided to lay down their roots. Though at first there was some confusion as those new to the order would eventually meet other sects and believed that they were heretics for altering the teachings that they followed.   This soon was reminded when a great gathering of all the sects and their disciples would gather is a place the tranquil place that would later be known as the Valley of Harmony due to the peace that it brought to all who entered it. It was here that the Summit of Understanding enlighten all of the true purposes of so many different sects none of them was the true path to enlightenment. As the teachings of Usagi did not go against diversifying his teachings to find different meanings for the Balance was never one singular force but many different parts that can be explored by those willing to see it. For wisdom is never found in one place and can use to bring a greater understanding of the world and the truth that it brought with it. From here that no ill will would overcome any of the sects ever again as they had found understanding with one another and embraced each other as siblings for though they set on different paths to enlightenment they would all eventually meet one another on their same path when they finally reached their destination.  

Bringers of Peace

  The Disciples are considered one of the most peaceful groups in the archipelago as they do not seek power like the other faiths the exist. They only believe in peace and condone anyone who uses violence to solves their problems first. Though many of them do know how to fight they only result to it as a last result. Along with never aiming to kill their opponents either as they only believe in self-defense then taking a life is a precious thing that should never be squandered no matter how vile the individual is. Whenever there is trouble near them they will often be the first ones to be around to see if can be stopped through nonviolent means. It often works too as their peaceful demeanor often causes people to see reason no matter how far a situation escalates. But they will fight if they have to as there is no point in waiting to be slaughtered like sheep. As it they have the right to live as much as anyone else. It is why they are respected as much as they are feared for their fighting as it is difficult to face them in combat.   They have fought many foes over the centuries from dreaded invaders to the fierce Kerudo that terrorize the land. No matter the struggle they always remained in the end and aided in returning peace to the land when it was all over with. Even at times have their former enemies join them on the path of enlightenment after seeing the errors of their ways. It is from here that the true colors of the disciples can be seen as they do not see anyone as their enemies but as misguided individuals that only need to be shown the right path in life. While it may not always work in the end it is still something work trying no matter the difficulty that it may bring to them. Those who have temples near them that belong to the order will know that they will come to their aid when the time is needed and ensure that their lives go unaltered as long as possible.

Mythology & Lore

it is believed that the creation of the universe started with the creation of thought that allowed it to come into being. It is from is believed that several worlds coincide with this one being the youngest. With it being said that there was disharmony amongst all of them until a new world was created from this disharmony with a part of each world was used to from this new world. When this happened balance was created with all the worlds finding harmony as this new world which would be known as Guan Shi as they were all a part of it creating a world of beauty. Eight worlds exist with this world being the ninth one in the center maintain the Balance.

Divine Origins

Usagi, one of the five great Sages of the land founded the faith of the Balance when he journeyed to the Heavenly Pillar to meditate on the understanding of how to bring harmony to the world. He would remain on the pillar for ten years pondering his question until he realized that there was nothing wrong with the world as all things in it lived in harmony with it in perfect balance. Rather Humans and the other races of the land seem to not be able to find harmony as they caused needless death and destruction where ever they went. It was during his isolation he wrote many many things to better understand the world the Scriptures of Harmony would be one of the greatest works to help people seek enlightenment.

Cosmological Views

Eight worlds surround this one with a part of it that was used to create this one and from it balance was created. Due to the ninth world’s creation, it often has to deal with the other worlds that often come into contact with it which can cause turmoil at times, but the balance is always maintained. But from time to time one or more of the world will try to influence the world in their favor and cause the universe to fall into disharmony as the Balance of the nine worlds falls to their wills. These worlds are Nulin, the realm of Order, Hushau, the realm of Chaos, Fen Shui, the realm of Life, Qu Gin, the realm of Death, Shufi, the realm of Heaven, Yunquil, the realm of the Underworld, HenJu, the realm of light, and Shenshu, the realm of Darkness.


It is believed that everything happens for a reason as the Balance wills it. As to truly live life, one must know both its pleasures and hardships. It is through here that one can strive to better themselves by unlocking inner peace and harmony through their experiences along with the wisdom that it holds. No longer are they held down by worldly things such as money or possession as they do not truly matter. It is from here that they cast aside their ignorance and show humility as they hey open up to a power that is greater than themselves.


Only through study, work, and meditation can anyone find true enlightenment and inner peace with themselves to find purpose and understanding in life.


Monks: It is the monks who are those responsible for keeping the faith. For they have given up all world processions in the pursuit of enlightenment and inner peace. Shaving their heads and wearing nothing put robes to stand out amongst other. Anyone can be a monk or a nun no matter what walk of life they came from. It is though them that they pass down guidance and compassion to all who need it.

Granted Divine Powers

Astral Projection: Monks who have gained complete meditation can go into a mental state that allows them to leave their bodies and their spirit to travel off to certain places or planes of existence.   Holy Words: The words of the Balance have power in them that allow the monks to ward off creatures of evil and ill intent that will be unable to go into protected places or chanced off entirely.   Levitation: One of the more stranger powers that monks can achieve is being able to lift themselves off the ground without the need for any help when they achieve a perfect state of mind and can travel like this if they keep it that way.   Body Control: Monks have more control over their bodies than most others being able to control the temperature of their body, the rate of their breathing and heart, and the amount of energy that they can move through their bodies to do extraordinary things.

Political Influence & Intrigue

As one of the five great faiths it members have say in matters of state, but tend to ignore them as they are worldly matters that they are not apart of. Only in matters of importance do they ever intervene as events such as these will lead to disharmony within the Balance.

From Many Truths Comes Balance

Founding Date
3432 BCA
Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
Order of the Balance, Followers of Usagi, Monks of the Many Truths
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

Many Paths of Truth

by Max
There is no one truth when it comes to those who follow the Balance aforementioned the truth is like a tree through its body may embody its branches and leaves reveal more to it than one might believe. It is through these truths that all show follow them will find what they seek in life and more. It is why the Balance is truly diverse and does not follow as a single set of principles set in stone but instead a river of values and ideas that are in constant flow to ensure they can change with time.  

Peace from Within

Peace is something all strive for in their lives at one point or another, but that peace is something that they must decide on. The first step is to look into one’s self and end the struggle that is inside of them. By doing this they may no longer deal with the things that trouble them in their lives as they are insignificant compared to what goes on in the wider world. To gain peace is to find harmony and to find harmony is to achieve enlightenment. Though it is never that simple as it takes time to truly understand what they are searching for. With some taking their entire lives just trying to find the answers they seek inside them.  

Masters of Mind and Body

Through the studies the despises have discovered many things over time as they continued to explore the limits of their minds and bodies. It is from here that many things were discovered such as the Linshun, the first martial art that would lead to many other fight styles over time. Along with them being the first to discover the life force of all things, Qi and many among them being the first Qi Channelers to use its power to heal and defend others. Along with being able to manipulate their bodies in ways no one could imagine. But the achievements with their minds are far more astounding than the physical studies. Some have transcended their natural boundaries as the natural laws no longer apply to them longer as they can levitate with their minds and strengthen their bodies to break rocks.  


  • There is no single truth, but many that shall guide you.
  • One must look within to find the answers they seek.
  • Never hesitate to do what is right.
  • Always lend an open hand to those who need it.
  • Let wisdom set the ignorant free from their chains.
  • No one is beyond the path of enlightenment.
  • Let not the burdens of the world and its possessions blind you.
  • Embrace all aspects of life to truly understand them.
  • Remember to always hold dear what truly matters in life.
  • Life never ends as one ends a new one begins


  Linshun: Monks who believe in physical training with their meditation and following their fighting style of Linshun. It is here that they hone their bodies to their limits and beyond to become great fighters. They have been known for producing Qi Channelers through discipline and concentration.   Quilnan: Some of the best healers in the land have taken a great deal in studying the body and mind to better understand themselves. IT is here that they wish to give compassion to all who are in need as a way to reach enlightenment. Many of its members wander across the land to aid people where ever they can. They were said to be the first Qi healers that can heal even the most severe of wounds.   Urobi: They are always looking for the truth from beyond their mortal coil. Through their astral projections, they travel across the worlds finding answers to the deeper thoughts of the Balance. Their mastering of the mind may have weakened their bodies with time, but they are far more dangerous they can even face their foes in their very minds to fight them.   Kesndama: Those who follow their teachings often believe that every choice they make in life depends on who they are in a past life. Introducing the idea of reincarnation to the faith and believing that life doe not truly end, but goes through cycles until it returns to the world. It is through this that they try to correct the sins of their past lives to reach enlightenment by cleansing their very soul of the sin.   Kazorugi: One of the most knowledgable sects of the disciples as they seek to understand all knowledge of all walks of life to find enlightenment. They often take teaching from other faith and cultures to better understand the world around them from beyond their beliefs to create great texts of wisdom and philosophy to find enlightenment. For they believe that wisdom is the main key to cleansing the mind of all ignorance and doubt.   Urai: The original sect that was founded by Usagi during the founding of the disciples. Those who follow the sect are considered peaceful and do not harm others as they study their founder's texts and seeking inner peace through prayer and meditation. They often isolate themselves by living in isolated regions to avoid worldly troubles unless necessary.

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