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Shungetsu Empire

We strive to better ourselves to preserve this empire to one day right the right to regain the Will of Heaven and restore the land to the old ways of peace and prosperity. - Empress Su Hulang


Lotus Court: The heart of the empire in the capital of Xi Chen. Here the ruling monarch and their court resides with powerful nobles and members of state run the empire.


Being Member

  Behold the empire of wealth and prosperity for all or at least it uses to be that is. Though the empire has done many things to improve the lives of its citizens and stave off the threats of war and rebellion for much of its existence brings forth a century of peace not seen in centuries those days are long behind it. Like a piece of fruit has it has begun to rot from the inside without anyone realizing it. But even rotten fruit still holds the seed of fresh growth within them. Those seeds are now in the possession of the new empress, Su Hulang and she has done quite a lot despite being so young. She is the hope that will restore the empire and if possible gain the Will of Heaven to rid the demons that plague the land for so long. For the empire is nothing like its barbaric predecessors before it, for it is built on trust and coexistence rather than blood and steel. For its enemies become allies and trade partners that allow it to prosper rather than endless conquest. We allow the people to decide to join us rather than forcing them to and their descendants have prospered under our rule. When only force those to bow before us if they deemed a threat to the safety of the empire and by bringing them in the fold and showing the true path they will never a threat to us again. We will not force our way of life on them either as we are not brutes who think ourselves superior to everyone else. We show humility by allowing them to live and worship as they please so long as they are not a threat to the empire. For our very way of life, all started with the imperial city of Xi Chen which was built by outcasts and exiles itself by those who conquered their homes. Though we are the power now does not mean we shall fall to the fates of those before us to carry out our will. We seek the only harmony that once existed across these lands so all may know what it is like to truly understand what it means to have peace in one's life. But neither shall we waver from our duty to preserve what we have built so hard to achieve and for anyone who dares to endanger our way of life will face the wrath of a dragon that has yet to lose its fangs.  

What People Think of You

  The Shungetsu Empire is something marvel at by those that live outside of it, for shows it what an empire can really become when it shows restraint rather than waging war where ever the sky touches. They make peace with their enemies and make them their friends with time, but those who refuse will be crushed under its might. A fair policy if anyone one could say, for it is better to carry staff to hold off the wolves trying to devour your cattle than to not have one and lose the entire herd. Those who work with the empire end up much wealthier than they started when imperial merchants come along with coins to buy goods to take back with them. Money seems to solve everything in life as most people prefer to have a meal on the table than living on scraps. The empire has more friends than enemies these days as their coin lines most of their pockets. But some are starting to see the cracks that have started to show inside the empire and have started to creep from the shadows waiting for the chance to strike and claim its riches for themselves. But they best be careful when they do for even a wounded animal can still fight back and take a bite out of you if you're not too careful.

Public Agenda

The empire wishes to preserve peace and stability within its borders, along with attempting to gain the Will of Heaven.


The empire itself has vast amounts of resources at its disposal from money to military resources to properly maintain itself.


Restoring Stability

  The rise of the Shungetsu Empire was considered a relief to many in the Davad Archipelago as much of the mainland saw endless war for three hundred years since the fall of the Juzakabe Shogunate, which caused warlords to pop up across the land due to its militarization and vast forces scattered across the land. But unlike the shogunate before them, the empire managed to win most of the archipelago without shedding blood. Instead of one, it battles through trade and political maneuvering that is to gain a hold of territory and winning the hearts of many of its population with safety and wealth for the city of Xi Chen never failed with gain wealth and power. What took decades to hundreds of years for many empires before them to unify the land-only took them several years to achieve. It was not until reaching the south that war was unavoidable as warlords refused to give up their power. But their resistance only lasts for a short time as the vast armies and fleets of the empire outmatched them through numbers and resources. It was not until the last daimyo gave up his sword that peace was finally achieved. Creating an age of prosperity for the empire for decades to come.  

Age of Harmony

  Unlike previous empires that came before it, the Shungetsu Empire preferred peace instead of war and began to rebuild their lands to improve life there. Conflicts became less common and instead, tolerance and trade became the power of the empire. From this peace came a cultural revolution and an increase in wealth for its people. Gone were the old days of wars and poverty as the empire followed the example of Xi Chen to show them the right way. As for lands that were beyond the empire, they would either join it willing due to the power it had or become trade partners with them as the empire had no plans to expand through force as constant warfare is bad for business. Even the four faiths were allowed to exist in the empire and coexist unlike ever before without persecution. Though they are often watching to ensure they do not have their followers become fanatics and zealots as it never ends well with that. This age of growth and peace would be considered the golden age for the empire that would last for several decades as it strengthened its hold.  

To Reach the Heavens

  It was during this golden age that the first emperor of the empire Jeong Hulang decreed that the empire would strive to receive the Will of Heaven to rule enterally for all time. It had been over hundreds of years since an emperor had declared such a claim as it was considered impossible by some as none had received it since the end of the Age of Tranquility and the collapse of the Golden Dynasty thousands of years ago. All those who have tried before them had failed to receive it with their empires long since in ruin. Never the less Jeong vowed that even if he was not able to do, one of his descendants would succeed one day a bring the land back into harmony once more and ride of the demons that run rampant in it. It was with this that the empire becomes more involved in all this holy and sacred in search of a way to receive the Will of Heaven, allowing priests to enter the Lotus Court to learn all things divine and discover the truth. It is also common for the empire to send expedition across the learn searching ruins of old empires and some dating back to the Age of Tranquility to find lost secrets. Even to this day servants of the empire still, search for a way to receive the Will of Heaven will bring peace to the land.  

Troubling Times

  No more than a hundred years since the empire was founded that it reached a crisis from within. Su Hulang, the first woman to become empress of the empire had several attempts on her life by unknown assassins. This was considered a shock to many as one dared to take the life of one of the empire’s monarchs in over a century and soon paranoia took over the Lotus Court as everyone was considered a suspect. No one was sure who was responsible for these attacks, but several suspects possibly involved, the empire's golden age had since ended over three decades ago and now political unrest had begun showing its head. Two rebellions have popped pop up in the empire in the south and the Guyan Islands, both of which were separatist movements known as the Swords of Yusoda and the Kerto Jubi. Along with several members of the state being suspected of corruption that was causing the government to suffer. Along with rumors of Geroki, a cult of demon worshipers being involved in the assassination attempts. This turmoil threatened to tear apart the empire as fears of civil war would erupt if the empress was killed and her relatives tried to take the throne as she was heirless as she was unmarried at seventeen.   It was at this time that a foreigner found his way into Lotus Court that things started to get interesting. An adventurer by the name of Darius Harkon and his men known Storm Guard came as explorers when they found themselves shipwrecked with the empire’s territory. Along with them was a Harmonists Monk called Heji and a peasant girl named Yuki came seeking aid from the empress for troubles in their lands. While many wanted these foreigners out of the Imperial Dragon Palace, their exploits of ridding demons, tyrannical officials, and bandits have made them heroes worthy to have an audience with the empress. Su Hulang was also interested in Harkon himself for was as young as her and had never met a foreigner outside the archipelago before. It’s at this time another attempt on the young empress's life was committed but was stopped by Darius who accompanying her. It was then that Su Hulang made him her bodyguard and for many months he and his men would guard her faithful. Later on another one of Harkon’s men, Magnus the Slayer who was believed to have been lost at the sea came back with several members of the Imperial Sky Forces as heroes for capturing a key Swords of Yusoda stronghold and gained a foothold rebel-held territory. Which was some good news that was needed.  

Restoring an Empire

  It was at this time as well the young empress became inspired by her body guard’s exploits that he told her about that she began to act as a true ruler taking control of the Lotus Court and seeing in military matters and the investigation into here own assassination attempts. Making her feared and respected by the members of her court as she took control. It also made her an inspiring leader to be around as she wished to carry one bring order back to the empire and carry one the goal of regaining the Will of Heaven. It was at this time that the true perpetrators were discovered by the loyal Chamberlin Kuro Don and revealed as a group known as the Circle of Clarity that wished to overthrow the monarchy and turn it into an aristocratic oligarchy when only the powerful ruled over the people with an iron grip undoing a century of peace that the empire had achieved. After a failed coup in the capital, those part of the circle who still lived were tried and executed. It was with this the Su Hulang secured her throne and power over the empire.   Once the crisis was officially over, the empress herself declared Darius and his men as eternal friends of the empire and heroes of it. All those who remained loyal to her were rewarded as well. Once Harkon set sail for Norria, efforts were made to put down the rebellions swiftly and both were crushed a few months apart from one another. It was then that a series of reforms and crackdowns on corruption finally bring the empire to peace. But it was far from over for the young empress who was now determined to bring peace to the land and its neighbors. No longer will empire sit ideally by to slowly decay as they bicker and argue over power and status. It was now for action to take place in truly bringing harmony to the land as the dream of obtaining the Will of Heaven is now a priority more than ever. As will know the will of the Su Hulang, Heavenly Empress, and all of her power.

Demography and Population

Due to the controlling much of the archipelago, the empire is said to be numbered around thirty-eight million by an imperial census.


The empire itself controls the entire David mainland and several islands beyond as provinces.


Imperial Armies of the Dragon: The fighting forces of the empire, the imperial armies are a highly trained force that can hold their own against any threat that they may face. The armies themselves are divided across the provinces of the empire to ensure peace if a conflict is on the horizon. The symbol of the army is the Dragon for they chose strength and flexibility when facing their foes.   Imperial Sky Forces of the Crane: The watchers of the heavens that travel the land whenever trouble a great speed to meet it. The sky forces of the empire use their Dragon Ships are a reaction force to deal with a certain event that requires their skill. The symbol of the army is the Crane for they choose speed and agility to rule the skies.   Imperial Navies of the Shark: The hunters of the seas that protect the empire's waters from anything that wants to attack its shores and ships. The navies act as a safeguard against anything that dare lay a hand on the property of the empire. The Symbol of the navy is the Shark for they choose stealth and ferocity to send their foes to a watery grave.

Technological Level

The empire itself has made large leaps in its advancements as they are able to mass produce part in factories for machinery and water and wind systems to power these factories. They have also improved the design of printing as well to create money and distribute information to the public.


The four faiths reside within the empire, The Harmonism, Jirotori, Senro, and Kergoism. All of which are given the right to be practiced inside of it. Each one has its holds in the empire, but none of them seem to have absolute control over the majority of the population.

Foreign Relations

The empire itself is quite open with its neighbors rather than fighting them believing that trade and cultural exchange is much better than destroying one another. It is one of the few reasons that the empire has managed to remain stable without open war with its neighbors. But like all neighbors, there are a few that can’t be reasoned with and if the need arrive war is considered their last option.

Agriculture & Industry

The empire back in its early days had large swaths of land for agriculture, but since then it has been developing its industrial might to increase productivity across the empire. Favoring factories over workshops as they produce more goods than ever before. But the empire still has large areas for farming and livestock that are used to feed its large population.

Trade & Transport

The empire trades from land, air, and sea. As its merchants are allowed to travel the many roads that connect it, sail the seas to the islands around it, and buy Dragon Ships to travel across the sky to get to places faster.


The empire's education system is something only available for the upper and middle class. Those of the nobility and wealth are often taught in the ways of politics, philosophy, history, reading, writing, and mathematics. While middle class have access to mathematics, history, engineering, science, reading, writing, and craftsmanship. The poor on the other hand are not educated as they are just used as labor to work in the fields to farm and whatever other job is available to them.


The empire has improved much of the mainland since it took control of it. Roads that have long been in disrepair have been repaired. Along with harbors and landing platforms for Dragon Ships. Many of its cities are walled and have forts and strongholds near them in order for protection. Along with local magistrate offices to uphold the empires law.

All things bow to the heavens

Founding Date
1378 CA
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire of Harmony
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
The empire trades mostly in food such as grains, livestock, and homemade goods such as silk and paper.
Major Imports
The empire often searches for luxury goods and resources that come from outside of the empire as they have cannot make it themselves. Making it easier to by from them
Legislative Body
The Lotus Court: It is the ruling monarch that creates the new laws of the land with the help of their court of advisors.
Judicial Body
The ruling monarch of the empire is the only one who can decide if a law is no longer need as it is an imperial decree.
Controlled Territories
Related Items

Political Deception

The real wars now are that of the political scene within the empire as men and women alike tried to gain influence in the empire for their connection and their words to thwart their rivals. In the empire, this is simply called the Dance of Spiders as the politics are all connected just like a spider's web all it takes is a spider to form its own web and destroy other webs to remain on top. This of course often causes more harm than good as it can easily destabilize a region politically or economically as power is transferred to the victor of these dances.  

Local Rulers

  The empire has been more lenient in how it rules in lands by allowing local settlements to be run by the local citizenry themselves rather than by elected officials by the empire. In doing this the people do not have to feel like they are being occupied by a foreign power and can tolerate the imperial presence in the area. This has also created support for the empire as well as has enabled its leaders to be more cooperative with the laws of the empire and its delegates that may come by them for official business.  

Influential Trade

  The reason the empire has always been so powerful is not through military might or political maneuvering, but through trade. This is due to the empire being able to produce large amounts of goods that it is able to sell to just about anyone in the archipelago. As these goods are of excellent quality and many people desire them it does not take too long before they are soon dominating the market of the region they are selling to. Making both sides become wealthy as those foreign goods are highly valued in the empire as well. This of courses has had it draw back as well as these regions have become dependent on these products as well and trade with other neighboring states is less likely to happen.


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