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All of our currency must be handled with care and precision in order to maintain the wealth and stability of the empire. To ignore this would bring shame and negligence that would see the economy fall into shambles by those that want to take advantage of it. - Imperial Minter
  Gie is the standard currency of the Shungetsu Empire and it comes in two ways, paper, and coin.   Paper Currency: Gie on paper comes in the form of a banknote that is used for a high amount of current when coins are too much to carry, often being printed and made through an Imperial Seal of Commerce and elaborate art design to make it official. These can be used at any business in the empire and are accepted by all businesses within it.   Coin Currency: Gie in coins is often found in copper, silver, and gold. But what makes it unique is a hole in the middle of it to place the twine in the middle of it rather than a pouch. This makes it easier to carry but still retains its weight. It is also finely crafted thanks to the printing forges that the empire uses to make them so finely crafted. It is much harder to create forgeries as well as they need the printing plates with each symbol just right to use them.  


  Gie was created originally in Xi Chen, the Floating City as its original form of currency when it was a city-state. But back in those days, paper currency was much more common and was restricted to the city only. This was due to the city being the center of economic power on the Davad Archipelago and having most of the currencies used across the isles coming right into it. Then the idea of creating a single currency within the city by exchanging foreign currencies with their own. This allowed a better time for many traders and shopkeepers who had no idea how most foreign currencies worked, while all foreign currency was kept locked up until their owner came back to retrieve it when leaving the city.  
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  This was quite a successful system used that it was later used when the city later became a kingdom and eventually the Shungetsu Empire. Only much of the paper currency was replaced with coins with the form of paper left as banknotes. This was due to the fact that paper currency was easier to forge than coin currency as the Shungetsu Kingdom almost collapsed economically due to counterfeit bills being distributed across it. But learning from their mistakes, they managed to create a complex currency that was hard to forge by using printing forges and press to better secure their economy. Plus the law that was created to execute anyone trying to forge their currency often deterred most counterfeiters.  

Redesigning Currency

  Though the currency itself is hard to copy it does not mean that with time some may be able to make a near-perfect one in time. This is why every decade they go through remodeling to ensure that it does not happen. The printing plate is altered a little differently from the old ones. Sometimes those words a done differently or the hole in the middle of the coin is diamond-shaped rather than a square. It also helps maintain the economy as it just redistribution the money rather than just creating brand new ones to create inflation. This is often done every decade or so in order to protect the currency from counterfeiting. As for any existing paper currency, it is just destroyed and remade to look different from the last one. In doing this, creating a safer economy that can maintain itself without the threat of economic collapse.  

Influential Exchange

  Despite Gie not being as strong outside of the empire does not mean it is not favored by others. Often with dealing with the empire, Gie is stored to create a business agreement with them rather than paying with their own currency instead which in some places is not as strong as the Gie. Making a highly valued currency to have outside of the empire should trade ever be involved with them.


Gie is a sign of wealth within the empire; using it means you are part of it. It also signifies the idea of a safe and manageable currency for people to use and regulate, making it ideal for creating a flourishing economy. Especially when it is difficult to counterfeit it due to its strict regulations in creating and maintaining it in order to avoid inflation and reduction in the value of the currency.
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Gie is only found within the borders of the Shungetsu Empire. But sometimes some places are willing to accept if it is made of gold or silver and retain some value. However, beyond that, the currency becomes less valuable the farther it goes beyond its borders.
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Symbolism and Design

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  Gie is covered with many symbols used by the empire to properly maintain its economy and stability to avoid fraud and inflation. Making it much harder to counterfeit unlike most currency used before the empire. These symbols are printed onto the currency rather than forge and coins were created to have the same weight and are weighed at every business to see if any fakes are being used. Their small size makes them easier to distribute and does not waste large quantities of resources to make them. As for symbols, they are often that of imperial design which is impossible to copy, and to do so often comes with the death penalty.  

Imperial Symbols

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  Each word on Gie comes from the Imperial Treasury Branch and is created on printing plates, with each symbol being used from the Shunshi alphabet, which is considered a difficult language to write as its letters are hard to copy if not written the right way. Making the currency even much harder to duplicate.   Hunli: Meaning fortune, it is found on the right side of a coin.   Chun wen: Meaning majesty, it is placed at the top of a coin.   Pi ki: Meaning wealth, it is placed on the left side of a coin.   Ruelu: Meaning prosperity, it is found on the bottom of a coin.   Teri quen: Meaning, Approved, is often on banknotes right next to the imperial seal on it.

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Jan Kaltenecker
17 Apr, 2021 22:32

I find this article very intriguing. The idea that the coinage was created to solve an issue with paper money is fantastically quirky.   The redesigning Process warrants further investigation. How does the Empire communicate what the new currency looks like? Is there special care taken to remove the old currency from trade and circulation? Is that a particularly bad time for everyone because everyone is afraid of getting scammed? Such an interesting topic!   I don't understand the Significance portion. It's the default currency of the empire? Of course people will use it and having a lot of it means you are wealthy. I'm missing the contrast in that description. On its own it's perhaps a bit confusing.   On a different note, I think you could split the text into more paragraphs. Some parts of the text mesh with the noisy background into a mush. Giving the writing some room should help with that.   Thank you very much for the article, it was very fascinating.

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