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Crystal Lake

You have to see the lake to truly understand where it gets its name, for its waters shine like crystal itself - Xi Chen Resident


The lake is connected to most river systems that would enter the region, with only an extensive canal system being used to connect to the sea to allow ships to enter it. The lake is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Davad Archipelago due to its crystal clear waters that allow anyone to see deep underneath the surface of the water. In the center of the lake is a small island known as Su Lu, which is settled with and now holds the city of Xi Chen, the Floating City. Several rock formations can be found in the lake as well.


The lake remains unaffected for most of the year but will change with the weather as storms make the lake's water hard to sail across. Winter also affects it, with the surface freezing over when it gets cold enough and causing ships to become stone in the harbor until it melts. But even frozen, it remains a beautiful sight to see when the ice catches the sun and sparkles from it.

Fauna & Flora

Many birds are found around the lake that hunt for the fish that inhabit it, and the clear water makes it easier for them to hunt.


Trade Zone

  Since the creation of Xi Chen the lake has seen large amounts of trade for those that use the rivers connected to it to enter it. Allowing the city to become very wealthy because it has continued to do so uninterrupted for centuries. Now the city has become the capital of the Shungetsu Empire, and traffic across the lake has increased exponentially as political groups travel across the lake to visit the imperial court to conduct trade agreements and the prices of certain goods are brought to the city.


Traders and travelers come far and wide to head to the lack often to visit the city of Xi Chen to trade or visit some of its luxuries. Along with diplomats and envoys visited the imperial palace to deal with matters of politics that affected the empire.
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