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I forged this sword from a fallen star, is stronger than anything you could ever think of, and can cut through the hardest things imaginable. - High King Darius Harkon
  The fabled blade of Darius Harkon himself. It is said when he was traveling across the Continent of Norria with the Storm Guard he came across a falling star that came from the sky near him. Knowing the tales of the power that came from star metal, he took the star and hand-forged it into a sword that he crafted himself for he knew how to craft the material. Ever since then it has been at his side and has been his primary weapon of use due to the strength it processes as it can cut through just about anything and can withstand great blows from even a Giant. Making it a weaponed to be feared as much as it wielded.


Belongs to Darius Harkon
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Current Holder
The sword is one of a kind and made from Star Metal, a material that comes from the heavens themselves! A weapon forged from this are stronger and lighter, and faster than any metal imaginable.

Weapon of Legend

  Despite only being a decade old, Starlight has become a weapon etched into the minds of the Norrians as a weapon of great power and influence. This is due to the fact it has been used in every single event and exploits that Darius has done with it. Its uses in the Northern Wars of Unification was also instrumental in his success as a weapon that could cut through most armor that it made contact with. Making a weapon that was only worthy to a great man such as Darius himself or he is favored by the goods to revive such a powerful weapon.


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