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Basic Information


Giants are massive with their shear size with their dense muscles and bones are able to with stand massive blows.

Biological Traits

Giants have evolved differently since they were forced to live in the mountains for the last few millennia. With two different groups rising from these condition, Earth Blood Giants and Snow Blood Giants.  
Earth Blood: Earth Blood Giants are taller and heavier. Having less hair on their bodies, often living on the lower parts of the Green Mountains in the eastern lands of Norria.
Snow Blood: Snow Blood Giants are shorter and lighter. Having more hair of their bodies, often living of the high parts of the Sky Peck Mountains in the western lands of Norria

Genetics and Reproduction

Giants go through a long period of intercourse which take months or ever years to endure a pregnancy. But once pregnancy is achive it only takes six months to give birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

Giant suprisingly slow, as it their bodies take time due to their sheer size. Meaning a Giant is not fully grown until they reach fifty years old.

Ecology and Habitats

Giant prefer colder environments as their biology was designed to do so. So tundras, mountains and glaciers tend to be good sports for them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Giants tend to eat meat and plants, anything they can get their hands on to say the least. They will either hunt ffg or it or forage for it, only to store it later for future meals.

Biological Cycle

As a giant get older they become more hairy and their hair becomes more pale

Additional Information

Social Structure

Giants live in sufisticated tribal society that have complex traditions and rules that must be followed. Often having different classes and ranks to determine who has to do what.

Facial characteristics

Giant often have heavy facial features such as wide jaws, small noises and wide eye brows.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Giants are found on the continent of Norria

Average Intelligence

Giant are cable of building, metallurgy, and masonry. But they are a bit slow in the head.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A Giant’s eye sight is not as strong as a Humans, but they made it up with hearing and sense of smell as it is much stronger allowing them to hear and smell things from longer distances.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: Gro Mil, Mag Wun, Shag Log
Female: Mibe, Temi, Fione

Major Organizations

Beauty Ideals

Giants value dental hygiene as they believe that it attracts mates and can be used to intimidate foes as well. Often using tools and plants to keep their teeth in shape groom their fur

Gender Ideals

Males often are often apart of social circles and government, as well as hunting. Females hunt as well, but are often chosen to defend the home and their young when the male is away.

Courtship Ideals

Giants often sing a song known as they Song of the Earth which they sing to find a potential mate. The female if she accepts will sing it at the same tone as the male and both will begin stomping on the ground. They will the begin a small dance and then they will press each other foreheads together to bind them together.

Relationship Ideals

Giants always have a strong connection with their mate and will never be to far from them at any time. Giants often stick to having one mate almost indefinitely. Often charisning every moment they have with one another and not regreting a single moment of it. They still will seek out other potential mates if they die, but they will create a life chain to always remember them by.

Average Technological Level

Giants have some advancements of note even though they are primitive in many aspects. They know how to carve stone to build monuments and buildings. Along with massive advancements in metallurgy and forging, create weapons that can literally break through rock!

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Earth's Breath
Western Breath
Eastern Breath

Common Etiquette Rules

When Giants greet each other they often punch each other in the shoulder as away friendly way of saying hello. If their is a pregnant female though they do not touch them as their mate is the only one allowed to touch them. They also have a significant way of telling one another their presences which involves a massive shout to reveal themselves and to show they are not a treat. Giants tend to let the one who gathers the food eat first since it is their bounty. They also allow pregnant females to eat more since they need it for their child. They have also been hit hands with rocks if anyone tries to take food when it is not their turn yet.

Common Dress Code

Giants of both genders often wear furs of animals they haves killed and have them somewhat tanned, but keep most of the fur for warmth. Along with bones, trinkets, and carving that often have to do with social value or religious significance.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Giants are said to be the children of Runbonar, the first Giant that came from the earth and molded his people from clay got they would be close to the earth. Giants have a close connection to the earth and the land around them and often live off in rather then live on it to preserve balance.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals


Common Taboos

Giants only hold one thing dearly and that is the earth in which they come from. To desecrate it or renouncing it is like social suicide and they will be branded a exile and outcast.


Giants were once the dominant race on Norria long before Humans came. Giants lived the nomadic lifestyle in groups of a several dozen and conflict was between one another was uncommon. They roamed the land as they pleased and lived a peaceful way of life. Often building great monuments and shrines in honor of their god, Runbonar. They lived off the land and only took what they need and gave back to the earth when they could. Their tools were primative as well, with many of them only using stone tools. But some were able to to forge metal weapons and tools in the deepest part of mountains. They had no idea that their was an entire world that they did not realize existed. That was until Humans came.   The first Humans arrived as refugees from Kinath as the Beastmen rampaged across the western lands and these survivors came in search of a new home. The Giants did not mind them and only saw them as no more then simple creatures. That was until they began killing them out fear. Giants were much larger and stronger then any Human, but their size was their weakness as the small Humans exploited that weakness and their large numbers quickly ensured that they could out number them. Though the Giants killed tens of thousands of them, their own numbers dwindled and the were forced to flee to the mountains to find safety. There they remained isolated from the rest of the continent.   Giants at this time began to create more centralized tribal societies atop better organize and protect themselves. Once that was accomplished they fortified themselves in their new mountain homes and tried to rebuild their society. Not much is know on what exactly the Giants did since that time, but for several millennia they have been repelling and force that dare came after them on their mountain home. With no on ever succeeding in that regard, let alone to talk to them without getting cursed. That was until Darius Harkon came along.   Harkon saw the plight of the Giants and wished to help them to ensure peace between Humans and Giants. Most believed that he was going to be crushed once he got there but to everyone surprise, he was still alive and created respect between him and the Giants. When he swore that when he became king he would grant them lands to farms and citizenship in his new kingdom. He also stated that if any of them could join him in his war of unification to ensure that this promise was kept. Many refused and thought that he was lying, but their were a few that joined him and fought for him in the Unification Wars. After he won, he keep his promises and Giants can be seen roaming around as much as they use to in ancient times.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Giants do not mind most races and tend to isolate themselves from them. But they have a bitter resentment for Humans due them almost wiping them out several millennia. But they are still willing to talk to any race and interact with them from time to time.
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
300 - 700 years
Conservation Status
Their are said to be at least ten thousand of them left in the world and live in the high mountains of Norria to stay clear from Humans.
Average Height
16 - 20ft
Average Weight
Males: 400 - 700 lbs Females: 300 - 600 lbs
Average Physique
Though not all Giants look like they are in good health, that is all a lie as they are still able to lift boulder and uproot trees. Their size also helps them traverse large distences with ease.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pale white to light brown
Related Organizations


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