Must have weapons training, a weapon, have own armor, can read and write and are able to ride a horse.

Career Progression

Older and more experienced lawbringers are able to take on more dangerous assignments that involve more dangerous criminals. Once that reach high standards they often allowed to become Law Cheifs that are in charge of other lawbringers of a lodge.

Payment & Reimbursement

They are often payed ten silver gryphons per criminal they bring in dead or alive per month.

Other Benefits

Lawbringer are highly respected as well since they are the only thing between order and chaos. Once they retire they are



Law and order must be brought to Narria especially since their are still some who stick to the old ways of Norria through raiding and pillaging. They are the ones sent to deal with the matter.

Social Status

A lawbringer has an important role in dealing with the unlawful elements that are across the continent. With many warriors across the land vying for the position.


Ten percent of the population of are lawbringers, numbering at a hundred thousand.


Lawbringers were created at the creation of the Kingdom of Norria as the law enforcement to keep peace of a fragile land. They often travel were ever crime has been committed to bring criminals to justice and return order back to the land. The original lawbringer were were warriors from all of Norria, that fought in the unification war, wether of not they were on the king’s side or against him. There skills were than honed in order to make them more affective in the field. Their skill soon became legendary as their exploits were heard across the land and the people respected the peace that the brought with their duty. They still do what nessacry for the safety and welfare of the people to this day.



The seal of law is what they need to prove themselves as lawbringer. Without it they cannot preform their duties.


The lodge is the main base of a Lawbringer, it is were all lawbringers that are assigned their go to report to their Law Cheif for assignments and payment. The building itself often holds about twenty people that train, sleep, and socialize with one another. They are often fortified since they are often trageted by criminals.

Provided Services

Lawbringers are granted free room and broad since they often travel all over the land constantly. They are also allowed to commender a vehicle if it involves chasing a suspect.

Dangers & Hazards

  • Kill while apprehending a criminal
  • Harsh weather
  • Wild animals
  • Attempt on ones life
Alternative Names
Public Services
Their influence expands all of Norria, and they cannot go any further than that.


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