No Mercy, No Pain, for my purpose is to serve and not gain. Those who dare tread near shall know fear and will grovel in a pool of their own tears. None shall take hold of what is under our charge, for we have promised to protect with the utmost care. So come and take it form us if you care to dare - Chant of the Draugr
  Far within the crypts and old places of Norria lies a creature that should not be underestimated. The Draugr is a kind of undead that very few ever get to see for they are smarter and think like any living man. But are bound to a purpose that they must fulfill. This purpose is often guarding or protecting items or places that it has been assigned to after it was resurrected. Of course the existence of this creature should not be possible, but it most like the creation of Warlock Lords back when the Warlock Dominions ruled Norria. Though how this form of necromancy was accomplished has all and many never be discovered as it was lost when they feel. But many of the ruins where the Warlock Lords once ruled are said to be filled with them. Including places where they kept their secrets and knowledge away from thieves. They have even been known to dig tunnel all around the places they stay in to get around faster and at an alarming rate too.

Basic Information


Humanoid creatures that lack muscle and and have a strong skeletal structure.

Biological Traits

The Draugr have more than just intelligence, they are consider incredibly strong despite their current state. They are considered excellent diggers too as they tend did burial holes for themselves when they want to rest. They tend to dig large amonts of tunnels where they stay too, often to get around better or to hide what their protecting better from intruders.

Ecology and Habitats

Draugr are found in places abandoned and forgot by time. Often places devoid of life and have the stench of death.

Biological Cycle

A Draugr will go into hibernation if left undisturbed for some time and remain so until something living comes along to disturb their slumber.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Draugrs who are often stuck with one another tend to build their own form of society since they follow their same purpose. Often working together with military tactics to deal with those who trespass on their territory. Most involve a leader who is often in charge of the their domain and is often the strongest one of their kind that holds the mantel.


In a way a Dragur is domesticated in their creation as they are bound to the person that created them and their bloodline. Those who are of these bloodlines will not be harmed by them and will obey their commands. They do tend to be a tad bit aggressive when dealing with things though.

Facial characteristics


Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are found on the continent of Norria just about anywhere.

Average Intelligence

Have Human level intelligence and can plan.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Draugr have a high sensitive hearing being able to hear things from far distances. Though their eyes are average and have no sense of smell.
Scientific Name
Class: Supernatural
Conservation Status
Number of Draugr is unknown due the number of known and unknown crypt across the continent.
Average Height
Depending on corpse
Average Weight
Depending on corpse
Average Physique
Strength is unnatural and are much more powerful than a average Human. Even though they don't look like since their skin and bone.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Grey, black
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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