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Bloody Bride

All men should know the story of the bride betrayed by her betrothed to make sure no to end up dead like him. - Old Man


There once was a young woman that was beautiful and fair. She was also kind and affectionate to all of her friends and family as well. She was sought after by many men who wanted to marry her, but she rejected all of them. Wanting to give herself to the right man to spend the rest of her day with. She would one day meet a kind and gentle that treated her fairly and showered her with gifts, never asking one to marry her. In time she fell in love with the man, and when he finally proposed, she said yes. She was happy with her choice, believing that this man would truly love her forever. That was until her wedding day that she learned a horrible truth: the man she loved had seen another woman behind her back. Here that she confronted him and called off the wedding. But in the man's rage, he killed her and left her lying in a pool of her blood. Making it look like an accident that would only become a tragedy with him walking away free. But he would not escape so easily from the crime he had committed.   That night when the man went on with his life like nothing ever happened, he felt a chill that froze to the bone. For in the mirror was the bride all dressed up for her wedding day, but all covered in blood over her wedding dress, blood coming out of her eyes. He tried to ignore her, but from that day forth, he saw her where ever he went staring at him, knowing the truth of what he did to her with no one else being able to see her. It would go on for many days, and it would drive him mad. He would one day confront her, begging for forgiveness, only to have his eyes cry out, blood continuing to bleed and bleed with no end. The need day, to everyone's horror, the man was found dead in a pool of blood, holding the bride's wedding dress in his hands. With all of them seeing the bride in the mirror before vanishing without a trace. To this day, all men are now wary of betraying the woman they give themselves, for if they do, they will come face to face with the bride and meet a bloody end.


The story of the bloody bride is a tale that primarily exists in Ardania, often told by every boy to remain faithful to the woman they choose to marry or suffer a terrible fate.

In Literature

The story of the Bloody Bride was placed into a book that was done by a Vatian explorer, being one of many tales he learned to allow people to understand the culture of the people of the south. The book would be known as the "Myths and Tales of the Southern People."

In Art

Many parents have been known to have a picture drawn of the bloody bride to scare their sons by placing it in a mirror if they were suspected of cheating on their current betrothed.
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Moral Tale

Son, you better keep your eyes on one woman from now on, or you might just be seeing red if you are the next time you see one - Father Warning His Son
  Within Ardanian culture, marriage is a sacred thing that should never be cast aside or abused when a man proposes to a woman they are going to marry. In doing so, they give their life to them till death do they part and never go after another woman once it has been given. Adulters is greatly frowned upon, as both men and women are blamed for committing such an act. This is why the story of the bloody bride is told to keep men faithful to their betrothed since it is more likely for them to start an affair with another woman. By making them afraid of the possibility of death for them, they will learn that their vows are not to be broken no matter what.

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