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Welcome Adventurers,

Over the following months, you will be exploring the world of Tarantellia. Beware, for here there are monstrosities, unlike anything you’ve faced before. The creepy crawlies of your day to day life - bigger than you could possibly know. The true evils - far more sinister. Each of you is seeking the port city of La Chiave a Croce. Some seek truth and reason, others seek fame and glory. But all seek adventure. Welcome to Tarantellia.

When we first meet our heroes, they are traversing the forest aiding the alchemists, Vax and Key, in their attempts to get to La Chiave a Croce.

Currently residing inside the caravan for a brief rest you look around to see your compatriots. Fellow protectors or, let’s face it, meat shields, taking a bite to eat. At this time I would like each of you to describe what your comrades see when they look at you and anything else they have learned about you through your journey to town.

Tarantellia is a world believed by most tarants to be created by the goddess, Malmi, and her fellow godlike being, Basi. The semantics of the creation story vary by culture and location. Many believe a spider goddess wove the world into existence and a necromancer's magic brought her designs to life. Unfortunately, that is where most of the resemblance stops. The relationship between the almighty beings ranges from fierce enemies to lovers. Some believe they were kin and a handful doesn't believe in the existence of either being. There are those who follow one and believe the other to be a myth. Most of the fae don't care one way or another, preferring instead to worship chaos.

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