Louvenia Draegan

Pirate Queen, Mistress of the Forgotten, Louvenia Whispershadow (she/her)

Banished decades ago from every port-city on the Claw Continent, Louvenia's name has fallen into the category of myth and legend in most regions. La Chiave a Croce, however, not only remembers her life but a few even celebrate her exploits.   In one story, Louvenia was wreaking havoc just outside the clawed waters - fighting off a fleet of the King's Sailors on one side and a sea monster on the other - when the sky turned green and a heavy fog rolled in. For a moment, all was still - even the sea monster seemed to wait with bated breath. A large shadow loomed in the fog and it was slowly coming closer.   It was the Boneship, of course. The one run by no tarant and foreshadows only death. As if knowing its fate, the sea monster dove below the water. King Raylin's fleet never returned to port. Louvenia and her crew? Well, they still sail the ocean. Figure that what you will. A tale of a tired mind or arrogance? The meeting of a pirate and her patron? Who knows.   What we do know, is that you don't cross Louvenia or her crew. She may not be allowed on land but she owns the seas.
Note to GMs
Louvenia is meant to be run as either a BBEG or a high level 'need some minions'/'run these errands to prove your worth' type character. She is capable of annihilating a party on her own, not to mention her crew.

Mental characteristics


"do you like-" "yes" "what abou-" "no!" "oh..and-" "sometimes" (winks) "the-" "completely"
Chaotic Bad*ss
Year of Birth
1200 CD 53 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born in silence on a night with two new moons
Light Gray with specks of Emerald
Long, thick, braided, silver
5' 9"
145 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Known Languages
She's never had a problem.
Most likely

Cover image: Golden Clouds by Lauren Nelson


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