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Draegan's Crew

This article covers GM/author information about the Pirate Queen and her crew. If you are in one of my campaigns, turn back. Please and thank you. ^_^
  While the Pirate Queen, Louvenia Draegan, can handle most threats on her own, her crew of misfits is there to protect her in case of trouble. Their loyalty was not won through threats or coin, instead, Louvenia gave them a chance at liberation.  

Meet the Crew


The Phoenix
Before joining the crew, Cristyl was a nobleman's daughter. Despite her acuity for business, she was passed over in favor of another sibling. Preferring life with more adventure and money, Cristyl joined Louvenia Draegan's crew. After only a few years aboard the Siren's Song, Cristyl was named the next Quartermaster by popular demand. She's tough as tack but always makes time to hear concerns raised by the crew.


The Creator
Ardan was an arcane teacher in La Chiave a Croce. After years of bureaucracy and tied hands, they decided that teaching was no longer the profession for them. Around that time, a ship came into port. It was beautiful. ...and their ticket away from law enforcement. Apparently, the school did not find their resignation appropriate. Although, the summoned monsters might have something to do with it...

Gunner & Surgeon

The Singing Dragon
As with all princesses in Zusea, Emari was trained as a healer. While she loved her kingdom, she did not enjoy playing a puppet for her family and their relatives. In one of her failed escape attempts, she ran into Louvenia at a tavern. After a few drinks, Louvenia offered Emari a life of adventure, if she was willing to bring her the Hollow Candle. Within a span, Louvenia had the candle and Emari had her freedom. The King knows Emari left. Regardless, he claims Louvenia kidnapped his daughter and has sworn vengeance against her and her crew.

Sailing Master

The Stargazer
Originally a navigation specialist for King Raylin's fleet, Tuyon joined the crew when he overheard Louvenia Draegan promising to save Princess Emari from a shackled life of duty and puppetry. After Emari's successful liberation, Tuyon signed up for the Draegan's Crew and never looked back. While Tuyon enjoys life at sea, he spends substantial time imagining maps of other worlds and sketches them out when the Quartermaster supplies him with extra paper.

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