Siren's Song

Louvenia Draegan commandeered the Siren's Song back when she was a vessel for the King of Wingham. During that time, many ships were being produced in expectation for war. Tensions were high and any willing persons were requested to begin training post-haste. Captains and similarly minded individuals were brought forward at King Maerik's request to go over battle plans. Disgusted with the innerworkings of the Wingham Court, Louvenia abandoned her home and took off with a crew of like minded individuals.   At this time, Louvenia went by another name since lost to the ages. There is much speculation on her origins; however, as no members of court were missing after the reallocation of Swan's Song, most assume her role was more peon than royal.

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

The working crew have come and gone with the tides, choosing a life of ease on land to that of the sea. Others have found sanctuary and freedom on the waves that could never be found on land.   Louvenia Draegan is the only original crew from the Siren's Song's maiden voyage. While the crew still votes on who takes the role of captain, no one has toppled Louvenia in her nearly 40 years aboard the Siren's Song. It's almost as if Louvenia and the Siren's Song are spiritually or metaphysically connected.  

Some of Draegan's Crew aboard the Siren's Song include:

  • Cristal the Phoenix (Quartermaster, nobleman's daughter, business acuity, she/her)
  • Ardan the Creator (Boatswain, ex-arcane teacher, summons fey creatures to act as Powder Monkeys (the same fey monkeys accept the summons to make things go boom), they/them)
  • Emari the Singing Dragon (Gunner/Surgeon, gunslinger/bard, King Raylin, Zusean princess, she/her)
  • Tuyon the Stargazer (Sailing Master, lore bard, he/him)

Structure and Foundation

Shipbuilders in smaller shops began creating this 32-canon heavy frigate on the behest of King Maerik of Wingham. This model was small enough that many shipbuilders could reasonably construct them in their home shops. The Siren's Song, or Swan's Song as it was known before its reallocation, was created in a small shop called the Dragon's Daughters.
formerly Swan's Song
Liberation of the Forgotten
One of a Kind as Siren's Song
Common as Swan's Song
34.5 ft
127 ft
12 ft hold
680 bm
22 knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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