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Major updates coming to Tarantellia in 2024!

Remodeling Tarantellia

a Breakdown of Goals for Tarantellia in 2024

Tarantellia has been my passion project for at least 5 years now. It deserves a lil revamp. It's been my goal for a few years now to give it the attention it deserves. There's a lot to do but I'm glad you're here with me on this journey! Thanks for stopping by!   I'm currently breaking up this task into 3 Major Categories.
  • Revision: edit and elaborate on current articles
  • Expansion: focus on new projects, stubs, and reader features
  • Maximizing My Subscription: utilize the features WA has to offer
  This breakdown will be thorough and complete. For all my goal setting, number loving phoenixes, this article is for you.  


General Improvements

Create User Journey Paths
Update Meta
Implement New CSS Layout
Fix Up World Categories and Organization for the Spring Cleaning Unofficial Challenge from Sapha Burnell, Dazzlinkat, and Emily Armstrong.
Add Icons to Categories  


World of Tarantellia

Revise Current Map
  • Update Geography on World Map
  • Add Region Names
  • Add Major Cities
  • Design/Pick Out Pins

Claw Continent

Zoom in on World Map for The Claw Continent
  • Add Region Names
  • Add Major Cities
  • Design/Pick Out Pins

Stubout 2024 Challenge

Catoblepon put together an unofficial challenge to clear our those pesky stubs! I’m tracking my progress with their spreadsheet. Check it out on their challenge page.
Edit & Revise 311 articles on WA
Complete 66 stubs on WA
  • Read through Articles
  • Create Article-Specific Checklist
  • Implement Checklist
Article Improvements
Update Access Denied Page
Add audio narration to each article upon completion
Musical Accompaniment: 0/10 Songs
  • Generic World Song
  • Sweet Coffee Shop Song
  • Coffee Shop Mystery Song
  • Going on an Adventure! Song
  • Adventure Forest Music
Update background
Create & Update header & footer
Create & Organize Self-Assigning Roles
Tags List
FontAwesome Icons List  

Generic Revision Checklist

  • Edits & Grammar
  • Context & Expansion
  • Artwork & Placeholders
  • Linking Articles
  • Icons, Tags, & Categories
  • Subscriber & Role Access
  • Layout & CSS
  • Statblocks
  • Article-Specific Tasks

CSS Refresh

All CSS tests can be found in the Practicing CSS article.

Introduce a 3rd font (Marko One?)
Article Previews
Scroll to Top (a:hover, not working)
Article Badges alla Polina "Line" Arteev's 2023 Summer Camp Badge

Coding Tips

Bootstrap, Part 1
Bootstrap Tips, Part 2
CSS Interview
CSS Size Modifications
  • Book Title (neutral & hover)
  • Book Cover Size to Fit Columns
  • Book Cover Images
Fixed Followers Page
Fixed Comments Section
Fixed Inline Table CSS
Fixed Calendar CSS
Fixed Navigation Panel
Adjusted Sidebar
Adjusted Map Box
Progress Bar

Revision by Topic

Priscilla's Potent Pastries

Priscilla's Potent Pastries

Compendium of Spiders

Malmi, the Spider Goddess
Scelti dell'Occhio
Weaver's Guild

Life & Death

Children of Life and Death  

Story Leaves

The Leaves
Story Leaves
Leaf Reader

The Morenals

The Morenals
Sera Frendl
Counsel of Mages

Den of Papyrus

Den of Papyrus
Den of Papyrus One-Shot Invitation
Den of Papyrus: One-Shot  

The Collector

The Collection  

Self-Care Articles

Self-Care Plan
Self-Care Generators


Write 20k words

New Article Checklist

  • Grammar
  • Does it need context?
  • Placeholder Images
  • Article Linking
  • Icons, Tags, & Categories
  • Subscriber Role Access
  • Layout Check

Major Writing Projects

I have two major personal projects for Tarantellia in 2024: Priscilla's Potent Pastries and the Compendium of Spiders. I haven't decided how I want to launch these projects but we'll see!

Priscilla's Potent Pastries

Recipe Template
Potent Pastry Recipes
Homelands of Shop Owners
Relatives of the Shop Owners
Old Party Members of the Shop Owners
Regulars at the Bakery
Rumors in the City
History of Priscilla's Potent Pastries
The Owner's Final Adventure
How the owners met
Herbs for Ariza's Teas
Potent Brews by Ariza
Ingredients for Loneli's Pastries
Diminutive Animals
Small Animals
Medium Animals
Large Animal
Huge Animal
Draft - Collection of One-Shots
Draft - Module

Compendium of Spiders

Diminutive Animals
Small Animals
Medium Animals
Large Animal
Huge Animal
Unique Spider Themed Items
Rare Spider Themed Items
Uncommon Spider Themed Items
Common Spider Themed Items
Major NPCs
Character Ancestries
Character Classes
Adventure Hooks
New Languages
Draft - Collection of One-Shots
Draft - Adventure Path

Minor Writing Projects

When I'm in a slump or need to do something a lil different, I have several minor writing projects in 2024 including, but not limited to: Aquisition Organizations on the Claw Continent, the Fungi Coven, and Story Leaves.

Acquisition Organizations

Den of Papyrus
Primary Locations
Draft - One-Shots or Module
Campaign Info
Weaver's Guild
Primary Locations
Draft - One-Shots or Module  

The Morenals

Finish Up One-Shot
Side Content

Fungi Coven

Draft - One-Shot or Module  

Story Leaves

Story Leaves Template - Tarot Card-like
The Cards (Up to 100)
Draft - One-Shots (Drop ins)  

The Collector

The Collection

Article Ideas

I have over 50 ideas ready to go when there's time. Might be time to roll dice and make it go. I'm thinking about having an idea bowl or a dedicated notebook.

Old WA Summer Camp Prompts

Prompts from 2018
Prompts from 2019
Prompts from 2020
Prompts from 2021
Prompts from 2022
Prompts from 2023

World Anvil Challenges

Cabinet of Curiosities
Summer Camp

Unofficial Challenges
Widow Honeybees for Crafting Creatures
Grimgate Residence Hall for Marchitecture
Flows of Magic for Magic March and Spring Improvement
Spring Cleaning
Fashion MAYhem
Food, Glorious FOOD!

Maybe next year!
Here's the challenges that I couldn't complete in time this year but am looking forward to attempting next year!
New Years Resolutions
WAWA 2024
Adventure April
Riddle Me This
Adventures in Romance
Unofficial Dragon Challenge


I don't know if I'll have enough product to go this route, but maybe! I have lots of ideas.

Deviant Art
RPG Books
User Journey

Maximize Subscription

This section includes a list of WA Guild Features.

Checkboxes indicate feature usage:
low usage; improve soon
low usage; improve next year
moderate usage; could improve
heavy or sufficient usage

Create more than 10 worlds
Create more than 125 articles
Utilize article templates
Maps - Explore more features
  • Marker Groups
  • Line Map Marker
  • Map Labels
  • Compass
  • Special Map Markers: Custom
  • Circular Markers
  • Exclusive map markers
Timelines & Chronicles - Create eras & major events
  • Create eras
  • Add major events
  • Timelines by continent?
Export world data
Revise world homepage
Use more art storage
Co-Owners & Editors - Revisit in a new world, maybe in 2025?
Private Worlds & Articles
  • Private worlds
  • Private articles
  • Implement subscriber and role access
Use whiteboards
Creator's notebook
  • Use creator's notebook
  • Revisit creator's notebook
  • Clear out old info from creator's notebook
  • Refill Notebook with New Information
Update word count goals
No ads, love it!
Themes & CSS Personalization
  • Base CSS personalization
  • Revised beautiful CSS
Utilize to-do list
Image Uploader
Focus mode
Revisit and update calendars
Discussion Boards
  • Post discussion boards
  • Fix CSS
  • Open discussion boards to public
  • Visit and update regularly
Manuscripts: Diary of a Tavern Wench
Manuscripts: Dream Story
Manuscripts: Hairstory
Manuscripts: The Chosen - Library
Create interactive tables
Diplomatic relations web
Family Trees
Update discord webhooks & integration
Article Autolinking
Content trees and charts
Quick visibility toggle
Self-assigning roles
Userstate controls
Create custom article template for Potent Pastries and the Compendium
Customizable categories
Design RPG character sheet
Create custom containers
Create custom sections
Add widgets to articles
Extended world statistics
White labeling
Google analytics integration
Custom web domain name
Custom article URLs
Password protected articles
Private access shareable links to articles
Patreon supporters import and management
Professional Portal and Sage Seminars

Completed Task Tally!


Subscriber and Role Access

As the remodeling progresses, I'm going to add content for my new subscriber groups in every article. The Game Master group can be accessed by anyone. Any statblocks, mechanic content, and light secrets will be available here. The Patreon group should be inaccessible until my Patreon account is ready.   Game Masters   Patreon Content   Party, the Second Players
Userstate Test
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Profile Images/Avatar
Update or Create New Placeholder Images
Custom Error 404 Page: "Still Weaving"

Placeholder Artwork

World Banners
Book Covers

Continent, City, & Battle Maps

The Claw Continent
Orie Country
La Chiave a Croce

Generic Images

Mushroom Forest
Vibrant Forest
Spider Forest
Boreal Forest
River Forest
Generic Forest
Beach facing Ocean
Beach facing Shoreline
Cypher Wheel

World Inspiration

Embed YouTube - Once YouTube is up & running
My Favorite Writing Playlist
World Anvil Community Playlist
Quotes on Writing
Generic article | May 1, 2024
Prompt Inspo

2024 World References

Collection Artwork

(Insert Artwork Carousel Here)

Global Color Palette

(Insert Artwork of Tarantellia's Color Palette with Hex Codes & RBG codes)

Embed pdfs & reference documents

(Make them first...)


  • One Shots: 1 session, (4-6 hours of play)
  • Modules: 3-4 sessions
  • Adventure Paths: 15-30 sessions

Reference Articles

Tarantellia Article Index
Document | Mar 25, 2024
Tags in Tarantellia
Generic article | Mar 31, 2024
FontAwesome Icons
Generic article | Mar 31, 2024

Articles to Review

New Year's Resolutions 2024
Generic article | Feb 25, 2024
Error 404: Content Not Found
Generic article | Jul 23, 2023
Please Note:
For the remainder of 2024, please expect articles to change. Most articles will be expanded and improved, some may be removed until a future date. If you'd like to follow along, check out Tarantellia's Transformation here.

Cover image: by Lauren Nelson (Lnphysics)


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