Children of Life and Death

Centuries before magic overwhelmed the Claw Continent and the rest of Tarantellia, a small religious order formed around premonitions of Basi's Rising. Prophets claimed a voice spoke to them of treachery the spider goddess, Malmi, brought to Basi, the true creator of Tarantellia.  

Modern Impact

One century ago, signs that the prophecy of Basi's Rising began to pass helped the Spider Crushers gain traction. The magic geysers that surfaced overnight and overwhelmed the world were seen as the largest display of Basi's Power.  

Religious Influence

Before the Children of Life and Death were formed, the most common creation myth involved Basi interfering with Malmi's attempts at bringing forth the world her heart sought to create. Malmi was seen as a goddess of creation and goodness. Basi was seen as her destructive counterpart. As a deity of death, Basi was believed to be inherently evil in nature.   Today, the Children of Life and Death speak out against this idea of creation. Stating that, in truth, Basi is a deity of life and death. Their fight with Malmi was taken completely out of hand. Malmi created the threads of Tarantellia so she could manipulate the world into anything she desires. However, Basi's lifeblood was responsible for not only life but magic.   In this version of the creation myth, Basi refused to obey Malmi's manipulations. Seething from a lack of total control, Malmi attacked Basi. When passed out, Basi was wrapped in her web. In spider-like fashion, Malmi liquified Basi's remains.   In her grief or to her delight, Malmi began to weave the world around Basi's body. Over time, her small creations began to move as Basi's lifesource seeped into the world. In this way, it's Basi's magic that runs through Tarantellia and brought life to the world. Basi's life, trying to escape Malmi's webs, brought about the magic geysers a century ago. As such, the Children of Life and Death have gained greater influence in Tarantellia's recent history.
Still Weaving by Self

Related Organizations

Keepers of the Prophecy are a subgroup of seers in the religious order who wrote the Tome of Life and Death.
Sect of Spider Crushers are a subgroup within the order who study necromancy beyond the moral scopes of the Children of Life and Death.


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