Rise of Basi

C: "If you're quite finished weaving your web, I'll tell you the truth about "Malmi's" Temple."
B: "Oh, aye. You know the Spider's Web be the way of it, not this "truth" which you feel so inclined to throw about the room. But I told you the floor'd be yours, so take it."
C: "First of all, you got more things wrong than you did right. So let's reset the scene, shall we?"  
  The Webbed Temple's location is unknown by those whose minds or souls have been manipulated by Malmi, the spider goddess. Only Basi and the believers of chaos and balance can find it.   The temple was created by the Serpentfolk in honor of Basi and their return. When the Spiderfolk attacked, the Serpentfolk knew that if they could just get their invaders into the fountain, they'd be saved.   The fountain can cure any ailment physical, mental, or spiritual. They could heal themselves. But the fountain also has the power to purify hearts. In the painful process of healing, if a heart can be purified before health is depleted, a tarant in the fountain could survive.   If, however, someone dies in the pool before their heart can be purified, a transparent form of the androgynous divine Basi appears in the center of the pool. Their face turned upon the lain body with sorrow and pity. The body evaporates in a divine light.   Death swept through both communities. While neither were killed from a single battle, over the centuries, neither Serpentfolk nor Spiderfolk have been heard of since.   The temple, once a fountain of Basi's healing gifts, has been infested by small and large spindly creatures. As if Malmi wishes Basi to know that she's coming for them.   But Malmi's preemptive measures will not stop Basi's return. Basi, themself, has been reaching out through the dreams of gifted souls to bring about their rising.  
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  B: "You know how to tell a story, I'll give you that. But that's all that was, a story. Basi is no deity, just a venomous snake. And what's this about the "believers of chaos and balance?"
C: The power of Basi is eternal. And I did not misspeak. Those who follow Basi understand that every front has a back and life is the middling chaos that endures. They will rise as soon as the trials are complete."
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