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Marchitecture 2024

An unofficial context-specific building challenge

In Architecture, one of the key driving factors of a really strong design is context! The site, the history, the culture, everything that is surrounding the project that might influence and shape the architecture as a building comes together. So this year for Marchitecture, we're going to bring this context to the forefront with a unique spin on an unofficial challenge!   You have the entire month of March to complete this challenge. You will be submitting TWO articles; one article is your context, and this can be an old article or something newly written (perhaps for another unofficial challenge!). The other article will be your building template, the one that responds to and resonates with your context. Use the hashtag #Marchitecture to share your challenge articles via World Anvil global posts!
— Stormbril

The Prompt:


Somewhere in your world, choose the CONTEXT for your Architecture.

This is one single article (any template) that will form the core reason for this building to exist. It can be history, a character, a location, anything! It does not have to be newly written. It can be an old article. It can be written for a different challenge as well!  

Then create a NEW building template article that fulfills the needs of your chosen context.

It must showcase direct connections between the two! It can be the home for a certain type of species, a building built upon the ruins of an ancient civilization, or a castle perfectly situated on a mountain top, among many other possibilities. This must be a new article created during the runtime of this challenge.  
  Marchitecture is an UNJUDGED challenge! Thus it is very easy to take part in it -- you simply have to comment down below and share the block link to your context article, and then also share the block link to your building article! You can comment both of them at the same time, or if you're using a pre-existing context article, you can share it first as a "promise" and then come back later to post your building as well.   This is intended to be open for all genres of worlds as well -- gothic castles are just as valid as space stations or bio-buildings or weird dream-scapes in strange worlds that don't even have normal physics >:D All worlds have architecture!

Resources and Inspiration

Architecture can be overwhelming. There's a lot of things to consider. This year we're honing in on one specific portion of it, which helps, but you might be interested in looking at more facets of design in order to fully realize your building article! Below are a few things you might like to consider.
— Stormbril

The Building

Consider your building's Program, Concept, and Scope! These all have a huge impact on how it'd form. Sometimes a project will be started that is massive in scope, expanding until it outgrows its initial capacity, and is thus never finished. Unfinished architecture is a fascinating place to take an article as well.

The People

Here's some really good worldbuilding food for your building in your world. Who is the Designer, and what is their goal? Every building will have a person or team behind it -- whether designed intentionally, or designed as it's built. Then, who is the building for? Who is the Client? Were they happy with the final result, or was there some Controversy surrounding the building?

The Inspiration

Design is always built around inspiration, ideas born out of previous projects and precedents. Don't be afraid to use them! This can help you determine your building's Style as well as its Materials. Check out Wikipedia, Archdaily, Archilovers, and this list of famous historical buildings for that sweet inspiration!


Participants and their Badge

All participants in this challenge will have their articles showcased here! Want to see your article shared on this page? Comment down below and provide me a block link to your context article and your building article, and you will have earned a place on this page, a Marchitecture2024 badge, and have completed this challenge! :D The participants will be added in reverse order -- newest entries at the top!


Context Article

Building Article

Marchitecture2024 Badge.png

Grandmaster Pandora9

Pandora 9

Crimson Court: Dark Isekai Fantasy focusing on Court Intrigue, Politics and Complicated Relationships. And Wars. Heavily Under Construction, beware the pits.


Eternal Sage Michael Chandra

Michael Chandra

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young


Eternal Sage Lnphysics

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting the rest of our lives." -Lemony Snicket


Grandmaster CrazyEddie

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Note: This challenge does not start until March! Take the time now to think about your context, comment them down below if you want to get a head start, and maybe do some plotting for your building >:D   Don't forget to take a look at other #Unofficialchallenges that are running during March! They'd be the perfect opportunity for you to find or create the context within which your building article would take shape. Check out this spreadsheet to see a list of confirmed March challenges!   And once more, please share your articles using a global post with the hashtag #Marchitecture included on it! I will be using the hashtag to find peoples entries that might not have been commented down below, as well as using it myself to showcase this article and all the entries collected within it :D   FAQs
1. Do I need to write two new articles?
  - No! You can, if you want. But there's no requirement. The only new article you need to write is the Building Template article -- your context article can be something you wrote before.
2. I'm not sure if my context fits!
  - Short answer: It fits! I love when people bend prompts and fit their ideas into a challenge. Resist against those constraints!
  - Long answer: If you want to try to match it more closely, then try to choose a context article that would be key to a building existing in it current form, rather than any other. Examples I like to think about are: A Character that just HAS to have their house designed in a certain manner; A Mountaintop with a hole blasted through it where a villains secret base has been built into the 'cave' walls; A Historical site of a great and terrible battle that now has a museum or monument dedicated to the lives lost constructed upon it, built out of the metal that has been melted down from all the weapons from the war. Each one of those buildings could not exist without their context.
3. I'm not a building designer, what can I write about?
  - That's okay -- but I'm sure you're used to being in and around buildings. You know the things you like! Just touch briefly on the things to help paint a picture of the building in your readers minds, and then go have fun expanding on the rest of the stuff you're really interested in -- like all the controversy, historical blunders, and dumb decisions made by whoever designed the building as they ignored the needs of their clients >:)
Still not sure? Click here for more info.

Cover image: SALK Institute photographed by Stormbril


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Feb 26, 2024 17:39 by Mochi


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Mar 1, 2024 22:50   Lil excerpt thingy... aaaaaaa Vampires, but, trying a different take on them. Yeah. Hope this works!

Mar 3, 2024 17:47 by Stormbril

EXCITE   Looking forward to seeing the building article too :D

Mar 3, 2024 12:01 by Elspeth

I've had an inspired weekend! Thank you for setting this challenge, it's been a really fun one to get my head around, and I've not written anything like this before. Here's my context article:

Hometree - Fenfolium Abordormusia
Species | Apr 2, 2024
And here's my building article:
Dark Green Moss Family Home
Building / Landmark | Mar 3, 2024

Mar 3, 2024 17:51 by Stormbril
Mar 3, 2024 18:36 by Elspeth

Thank you so much! And thank you for such a well-put-together challenge. It was such a nice reason to put some serious thought into a building which is going to be a key setting for what I'm working on. :D

Mar 4, 2024 17:06 by Stormbril

You are very welcome! :D I'm so happy to hear that, and see the creative and fantastic thought and writing and design going into these, brings a happy tear to my architecture-student eye :')

Mar 4, 2024 11:40

This is a cool challenge! It is also the perfect opportunity to introduce this castle to my world. It is more or less directly inspired by a mountain fortress near my home town, which is one of the largest of its kind in all of Europe and has fascinated me since I was a child. The article may or may not have turned out longer than expected, but here it is.

The Eagle's Nest
Building / Landmark | Apr 2, 2024
  The context is one of my entries for WorldEmber 2022, updated for this purpose. It's a landscape that is also inspired by the region around the real-life version of the castle.
Highlands of Meador
Geographic Location | Mar 4, 2024
  I hope you'll enjoy reading about this.

Mar 4, 2024 17:05 by Stormbril

Yay I'm so glad you liked the challenge! I love seeing write about buildings and explore their impact and surroundings >:D I love the real world inspiration, too.   Definitely enjoyed the read!

Mar 4, 2024 21:04 by Simo

Ok, I will try this :D My context will be the buildings in the small 1 man colony of Spargi mentioned in this article. I think it will be fun to do this challenge with only low technology and reclaimed materials available :)

Free Kingdom of the Northern islands
Organization | May 29, 2021
I hope you'll enjoy reading!

Mar 5, 2024 17:46 by Stormbril

Yay!! :D That is such a fun context for this! I think it's a great idea to really focus it in on the low tech and reclaimed material, too. Excited for it :D

Mar 6, 2024 07:29 by orphidor

Not gonna lie, I'm always nervous about sharing my stuff, but I figured it's time to step out of my comfort zone, so here is my context ( and here is my new building (   Hope I'm doing everything right!

Currently obsessed with Athanya.
Mar 7, 2024 03:00 by orphidor

I just figured out how to find my articles’ block links and now I’m going wild with them.

Whispers of the Flesh Trees
Spell | Mar 5, 2024
Spelltesting Hall
Building / Landmark | Mar 5, 2024

Currently obsessed with Athanya.
Mar 14, 2024 02:45 by Stormbril

You're doing great! Congrats on sharing your work, that first step is the hardest :D I've been suddenly overwhelmed by life so I won't have a chance to read and enjoy this for a bit, but I've gone and added your submission to the article for all to see!

Mar 15, 2024 03:49 by orphidor

Thank you!! :)

Currently obsessed with Athanya.
Apr 2, 2024 05:44 by Stormbril

I think you have comments turned off on your article so I shall provide your badge to you right here!  

Congrats on completing Marchitecture 2024! Here is your badge <3 You can use code [img:5394609] to add this badge wherever you please :D

Marchitecture2024 Badge.png

Mar 9, 2024 21:48

Cool challenge. Maybe a little loose interpretation, hope that its ok.   Context: Item that was responsible for destroying the building:

The Eye Of Morkoth
Item | Mar 5, 2024
Building: structure that was destroyed by the artifact:
The Temple Of The Web
Building / Landmark | Apr 3, 2024

Mar 14, 2024 02:45 by Stormbril

Definitely okay! Prompt twisting is always a fun time. I have added your submission to the article, and I'll give them a read once life calms down for me!

Mar 10, 2024 21:06
Mar 14, 2024 02:46 by Stormbril

Added! And I shall read and enjoy them later once I'm able to spare the time :D

Mar 11, 2024 17:58

Here's my entry!   Context article:

Species | Mar 21, 2024
  Building article:
Mor Fiodh
Building / Landmark | Mar 21, 2024

Author of Labyrithis and more!
Mar 14, 2024 02:46 by Stormbril

Thank you for participating! <3 I've added them to the main article for all to see, and will give em a read once I get time :D

Mar 12, 2024 19:16

I wound up flexing the definition of the building template a little bit with this one, but I hope you like it regardless!   The context:

Cobalt Protectorate
Organization | Mar 12, 2024
  The article:
Applevale Resort
Building / Landmark | Mar 13, 2024

Mar 14, 2024 02:47 by Stormbril

Oooooo I love a good definition flex! Buildings can absolutely be in space, and architecture is all around us, so it totally fits. I'll give it a read once I can handle reading again, but for now they've been added to the main article!

Mar 16, 2024 17:18 by Stormbril

I think you have an unclosed italics tag in your signature! I'm just going to add a closing italics tag in this comment so the rest of the comments below yours aren't effected.

Mar 14, 2024 13:24 by David Worton

Great idea for a challenge! Here's a building I've made in March, based on a pre-existing context article which I've also enriched further this month. The Royal Palace of Katrapetch features heavily in a writing project I'm currently working on which forms part of the long history of the world of Magicians' End in my Discontinuum Universe.   Context :

Settlement | Mar 17, 2024
Building :
Royal Palace of Katrapetch
Building / Landmark | Mar 15, 2024

Mar 15, 2024 17:04 by Stormbril

I'm glad you liked the challenge! :D Fantastic work on this, I've added the entries to the article and will read them once I get time!

Mar 18, 2024 03:31 by Jacqueline Yang

Here are my articles! Hope you enjoy. And if you have any feedback/critiques/opinions you would like to share please let me know!   Context:

Entrance Examinations Manual
Generic article | Mar 26, 2024

Examinations Building
Building / Landmark | Apr 2, 2024

Mar 19, 2024 03:02 by Stormbril

Yay! I most certainly will! (once I have time again D: )   Thank you for participating, the articles are now added!

Mar 20, 2024 04:08 by Dimitris Havlidis

This is an awesome challenge and I really wish I had some time to complete it ;( I have so many things I want to write

World Anvil Founder & Chief Grease Monkey
Twitter | World Anvil Changelog
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

Mar 20, 2024 05:34 by Stormbril

Oh god I know how frustrating of a feeling that is D: It sucks to have so many ideas and so little time to complete them. Where is the WA time machine??   But I'm glad you think it's awesome, I have been loving seeing what people have created for it :D

Mar 21, 2024 21:31

Hello again and thanks again for this glorious challenge just like last year. It is an honour. :)

At first my context article, the royal palace of Vraitha:

Royal Palace of Vraitha
Building / Landmark | Mar 28, 2024

And here is the building article, the graveyard called Mistress' Return:
Mistress' Return
Building / Landmark | Mar 21, 2024
  Have fun reading it and thanks again, always a pleasure. <3

You wanna see what we did for the last events? Go, click here: Eddies Major Events
Mar 23, 2024 19:03 by Stormbril

Yay! Glad to see your entry :D Thank you so much for taking part!! I shall certainly have fun reading it (once free time comes back for me) -- for now though your entries have been added to the article!

Mar 23, 2024 21:00 by Judith (she/her)

very fun challenge! thanks! (I don't know how to comment on something in the block version tho, sorry.)   this is my context article:   and this is my new marchitecture article!:

Mar 24, 2024 11:16 by Judith (she/her)

ahh, I think I found how to blocklink?!   Context: "The ancients"

Species | Mar 24, 2024
  Marchitecture: "the source trees"
Source Tree
Building / Landmark | Mar 24, 2024

A source tree is a natural wonder in the world of Ûnduleah.

Apr 2, 2024 05:13 by Stormbril

Yay! I'm glad you had fun :D Thank you for participating!

Mar 25, 2024 18:28

Thank you very much for this unusual challenge, I hope the connection between the two articles works, I had a lot of fun focusing on the construction of the building, which was also a real challenge if you have no idea about construction technology.   Context:

Of Earth Buildings & Leaf Roofs - Almanac
Document | Mar 27, 2024
Crown Palace of Tirvox ad Coimi
Building / Landmark | Mar 25, 2024

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
Apr 2, 2024 05:14 by Stormbril

It makes me smile to know it was fun focusing on the construction :D There's so much fascinating stuff to think about for that!   Thank you so much for joining in :D

Mar 27, 2024 21:16

This was a fun challenge. Context

Character | Mar 27, 2024
Solace Seekers Inc.
Building / Landmark | Mar 27, 2024

Want to check out more read my bard article
Apr 2, 2024 05:16 by Stormbril

Really happy that it was fun :D The joy of architecture must spreaaaaad!   Thanks for taking part :D

Mar 28, 2024 23:38 by Lauren

Thanks for such a fun challenge! It was a ton of fun to revisit some articles from last year's Summer Camp. :D I hope you're able to find some time to relax this month.   The Context

Settlement | Jul 25, 2023
  My Marchitecture Submission!
Grimgate Residence Hall
Building / Landmark | Mar 28, 2024

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting the rest of our lives." -Lemony Snicket
Apr 2, 2024 05:17 by Stormbril

Ooooo extra fun to revisit summer camp articles too! I'm glad it was fun :D   Thank you for taking part, I did actually get to rest this weekend <3

Mar 30, 2024 04:02 by Dragon
Apr 2, 2024 05:17 by Stormbril

Wooo! Thank you for joining in the fun BD :D

Apr 2, 2024 05:38 by Dragon

:) It was very fun! Thanks for the challenge!

Mar 30, 2024 07:04 by Ononomad
Apr 2, 2024 05:18 by Stormbril

*gasp* two contexts! Amazing!   Glad to hear it was fun though, that's the best part :D Thanks for taking part Ononomad :D

Mar 30, 2024 21:22 by Emily Armstrong

This was such a fun challenge! Squeezing in my entry at the last minute xD   Context:

Juniper Waddleleaf
Character | Feb 7, 2024
Brew Ha-Ha
Building / Landmark | Mar 30, 2024

Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!
Apr 2, 2024 05:19 by Stormbril

It wouldn't be architecture if it wasn't a submission just before the deadline >:D Glad it was fun though, that's the most important part! Thanks for taking part in this :D

Mar 30, 2024 22:37
Apr 2, 2024 05:20 by Stormbril

Makes me so happy to hear that :D Thank you for joining in on the fun Victoria, well done!

Mar 31, 2024 02:23 by Michael Chandra

This inspired me to get a start on my personal twist of Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, and find the narrative tone. I would like to expand on these in the future, but the basics are there.

Geographic Location | Mar 31, 2024
Building / Landmark | Mar 31, 2024

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Apr 2, 2024 05:21 by Stormbril

Oooo, that's exciting to hear! In that case very great starts on these, and I'm so glad this challenge was useful to ya! Thanks for joining in :D

Mar 31, 2024 06:02 by Morgan Biscup

Been a bit hectic here, so it's after midnight where I'm at, but I am hoping I can still sneak these in?   I wrote up the Resurrection Center, and all its death-centric care:

Resurrection Center
Building / Landmark | Mar 31, 2024

The Mordena's Resurrection Center is actually a collection of sites and buildings spread across Janikk, dedicated to the care and counseling of all Jannadael in any matter pertaining to death or the Afterlife.

  And here's death, for context:
Condition | Feb 29, 2024

With the availability of Necromancy, death doesn't have to mean the end.

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Apr 2, 2024 05:23 by Stormbril

You were safely within the deadline! Well done Solar :D So glad to see these, and I hope it was an enjoyable write -- thank you for joining in <3 :D

Apr 2, 2024 22:03 by Morgan Biscup

I got my dates all confused, hahaha! Thank you, I had a blast writing this

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Mar 31, 2024 10:54 by Ephraïm Boateng

Here's the context Article:

Soulbound Mages
Species | Mar 31, 2024
And here's the Architecture Article.
Suriat Temples
Building / Landmark | Mar 31, 2024
Thanks a lot for organizing this challenge. There's a lot of great entries here and i had a lot of fun making my own!

Apr 2, 2024 05:24 by Stormbril

Thank you for joining in!!   And omg you're so right, there's so many entries I am actually blown away! Really glad people enjoyed it, super happy to hear you had fun with your entry :D

Mar 31, 2024 20:51 by Zannazook læ Gnom

Hi ! Sooo what about landscape architecture ? ^^   Here is my context article, the place where building is happening : Lac Sombre And here is my "building" one : Vasières aux Plumes d'Or   Thank you for this nice challenge !

Apr 2, 2024 05:25 by Stormbril

Landscape architecture of course counts too, it's very important :D   I'm glad the challenge was nice! I had a lot of fun making it and running it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it -- thank you for taking part!

Mar 31, 2024 21:30 by spleen
Apr 2, 2024 05:27 by Stormbril

oooooo that's a really smart context to build off of! Well done and thank you for taking part in this little ol challenge :D

Mar 31, 2024 22:37
Apr 2, 2024 05:28 by Stormbril

I hope you enjoyed the building writing experience! They're such an important part of our worlds, and have such potential for really fascinating worldbuilding :D Thank you for taking part! :D

Apr 1, 2024 03:43 by Pandora 9

The Building

Miurmar Castle
Building / Landmark | Apr 3, 2024
  The Context
Maelis Kodester
Character | Apr 17, 2024
  Last Minute runby. It's not really DONE done, there's a lot more I want to do with it, but it's presentable at least, and the time clock is running out.

Crimson Court: Dark Isekai Fantasy focusing on Court Intrigue, Politics and Complicated Relationships. And Wars. Heavily Under Construction, beware the pits.

Apr 2, 2024 05:29 by Stormbril

Last minute is totally within the deadline still! So amazing work on that, and feel free to keep editing and working on it   thank you so much for joining in :D

Apr 1, 2024 04:31 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Sorry for the last-minute entries. Things have been quite hectic this month...year, actually. Please feel free to disregard if it is considered too late. Also, feel free to feature, stream, read, or whatever you'd like to do with this article, you have permission. Thanks and God bless. Much success with the challenge and whatever future endeavors you may be embarking upon!   Context:

Stewart's Final Assignment
Plot | Apr 1, 2024

One team. Too many tunnels.

Building / Landmark | Apr 1, 2024

An extensive underground training facility...

Apr 2, 2024 05:31 by Stormbril

No need to apologize! I absolutely get it, things have been so wildly busy and hard to keep on top of non-stop here, so you absolutely have my empathy/sympathy for that haha D: Thank you for participating in my little challenge here, and great success for you in the future as well!

Apr 2, 2024 12:21 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

thanks so much. sending hugs!

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