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Free Kingdom of the Northern islands

In 1862, Girolamo Muzittu, chased by the family of a girl who supposedly was carrying his child, took his father's boat from Bonifaziu and sailed towards Onfalu - S'ard land in the hope of reaching the Gaddhura coast and start a new life away from his obligations. The Bocche sea tough, traitorously sent him crashing against the southern point of the island of Spargi. Failed the attempt to reach the main island and with his boat destroyed, the man settled in an old fishermen's shelter and lived there for a few months out of fish, wild rabbits and edible herbs and berries.
  It is unclear how he came in possession of a new boat but, in the summer of 1863, he was sailing again, this time in the direction of the larger, but uninhabited, island of Taulara.  
Here he built his first house in the southern area of the island, and a little quay nearby and started domesticating the little population of wild goats that roamed the cliffs.   In a few years, he had made fertile a few acres of land and cultivated them efficiently with a variety of crops, had a stable where he kept his goats in the winter and a couple of pigs. He also had the company, since 1869, of the fisherman Angelu Boi and his children Anna, who will two years later become his wife, and Bettu.
  In 1875 he first proclaimed the independence of Taulara from the law of Onfalu, then named himself King of the northern islands, laying claim to the entirety of the island and to the island of Spargi, where he still had a modest house and garden. The Juigadu of Turri, that in the times reigned over all of northern Onfalu, questioned his claims, but Girolamu presented as proof of them a copy of the Carta de Liga that sanctioned the independence of the two islands from Onfalu's control, as they were breeding areas of The Traigolzu.   Turri's governor quickly relented, partly because of the unwillingness to meet the ires of Myrtha, and partly because in his own words:  
If that madman wants to be eaten with his family by the creeping death, he can well do it with a crown on his head
— Juighissa de Turri Fanziscu Carta
  Against the expectations of many and the secret hopes of all the others, the Muzittu dynasty thrived in their little reign and at the moment of this writing, the fifth King of the Northern Island has just succeeded his father to the guide of the little community of fishermen and farmers.   The main goal of the family seems still that of keeping their claim on the land they occupy, and they are ready to arm themselves against any foreign invasion, even if in reality nobody so far ever tried to occupy with military force their dry piece of land.
Current inhabitants:
King Paskali I (Pasquale Muzittu)
Queen Rita II (Rita Ornano)   Heir Prince Gustu I (Augusto Muzittu)
Princess Lidia (Lidia Muzittu)
Princess Mintonia (Maria Antonia Muzittu)   The royal family at the present day rules over the Cafiero family and over the only inhabitant of the Spargi Colony, Tonino "Neno" Delitala.
In Tavolara:
A flock of around 50 semi wild goats and a few acre of cultivable but not very fertile land. 7 civil buildings, 1 lighthouse, 1 small port with place for 5 small boats. 2 fishing boats. 1 motorboat. 1 shotgun for each adult inhabitant (25) and enough ammunition to take down a small army.
  In Spargi:
10 goats, a vegetable patch, 1 semiderelict house with attached an al fresco restaurant. 1 diminutive quay of rubble and unstable stone blocks with place for a 2 person dinghy.
The Traigolzu
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