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Since the dawn of time humans basked in the illusion of being the only sentient creatures to inhabit the Earth.

Some of them always knew the truth, populations that managed to nurture a positive relationship with spirits and magical creatures. Others stubbornly refused to aknowledge their presence, or actively antagonized them.

During the course of history more and more cultures embraced the presence of the Others and become stronger because of it, working together to better life in the planet. Other cultures rejected them, unwilling to share what they considered their exclusive property.

It is now 2020, some of these cultures intertwined magic and technology to create powerful eco empires, in stark contrast with those who fell into dark cyber dystopias.   Among these enlightned empires is Onfalu, an island in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, whose history forever changed 600 years ago.              
Cover image by andrea from Pxhere