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Welcome to P'Ache

Welcome to the P'Ache Nebula, named, of course, after the illustrious P'Ache Solar System, the birthplace of the Peacekeeper Alliance which sits at its heart. We are pleased to have you here.   My name is Peacekeeper H'Spe and I am pleased to take you on this journey through the Alliance, it's history, politics, geographies, peoples and those other parts of the P'Ache Nebula with which it has an association. I will be leaning on the words and expertise of others throughout our time together, but rest assured I will do my best to keep you fully informed and on the right path. But first, a small amount of housekeeping...


  For several thousand years the Peacekeeper Alliance has been growing in force, reach and influence. From the initial starting point of P'Ache Solar System, they have worked with several solar systems to bring them under the umbrella, to the benefit of the Alliance.   Now that they have substantial control over this corner of the universe, they are on the look out for new opportunities and untapping potential value from previously unidentified sources.   Speaking of sources, I have put aside certain volumes which you might find illuminating.  

An Introduction

For those of you who are new to the Peacekeeper Alliance, I would recommend starting with this welcome pamphlet, an artifact often given to peoples who are lucky enough to be joining the Alliance.  

The Peacekeepers

If, on the other hand, you are keen to jump straight in to learning about the history of the Peacekeepers, their organisations, technology and culture, then this is the place to start.  

Further Afield

Perhaps, you wish to journey further, and understand more of the territories of the P'Ache Nebula which we have mapped (it's a large galaxy, and we've not discovered all of its secrets yet).  

Why keep reading

  This is an exploration, that you and I will take together. I have long hoped to examine the various elements of P'Ache and dive into several thought experiments, which have clashed together in my brain in a way which entertains me enough to want to write about them (and will hopefully be interesting to you!).   Each of the peoples who make up part of the Alliance are different and interesting in their own way. Their planets, their cultures, their very existance have all change and grown after joining the Peacekeepers and to think there are so many planets still out there just waiting to be discovered!