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Peacekeeper Alliance

The Alliance

  The Peacekeeper Alliance is an intergalactic organisation which covers a collection of planets known as the Peacekeeper Territories. It is simultaneously a geopolitical, military and diplomatic organisation which governs the planets within it.  

The Command

To Lead to the Light
  Peacekeeper Command is the name given to the leading organisation within the Peacekeeper Alliance. The Head of Peacekeeper Command is, by default, in charge of everyone and everything which happens within the Alliance. While there are different organisations that deal with different parts of keeping this alliance functioning, those who work within Peacekeeper Command oversee it all, and eventually all problems and all victories trickle up to them.

The Three Pillars

  Beneath Peacekeeper Command, there are three major organisations within the Peacekeeper Alliance, each of which serves a specific and crucial purpose. These three organisations are known as the Three Pillars and are said to hold up Command and the Alliance.  


Peacekeeper Diplomacy
Organization | Jun 12, 2024
Dignity and Unity
  Peacekeeper Diplomacy is the organisation dedicated to all diplomatic efforts on behalf of the Alliance. This includes finding new potential partners, initiating contact, developing treaties, and assimilating them into the Alliance.


Peacekeeper Efficiency
Organization | Feb 28, 2024
Speed and Strength
  Peacekeeper Efficiency is the organisation which deals with the processes, systems and technology that keep the Alliance and those within it functioning. This may include handling infrastructure needs, developing new communication methods or debugging outdated processes.


Peacekeeper Integrity
Organization | Jun 12, 2024
Whole and Undivided
  Peacekeeper Integrity is the organisation in charge of ensuring consistent organisational culture across the Alliance. This includes maintaining the strength of the relationships within the Alliance and ensuring that everyone is united under their shared goals.

Other Branches

  Outside of the Three Pillars, there are two additional offshoots of the Peacekeeper Alliance which each serve a purpose. These organisations aren't seen to have the same weight behind them as the four already mentioned, but they are just as important when it comes to ensuring the smooth running of the Alliance.  

The Academy

Peacekeeper Academy
Organization | Jun 13, 2024
To Seem, To Be, To Light, To Learn
  The Peacekeeper Academy is designed to train new "leaders of the future". Gifted students from across the Peacekeeper Territories attend the academy and 97.52% go on to have prominent careers within either Peacekeeper Command or one of the Three Pillars.  

Media Outlets

P'Ache Prime Media Outlets
Organization | Jun 13, 2024
Truth Through Transparency
  The P'Ache Prime Media Outlets is the lead organisation for all media outlets across the Alliance. It predates the Alliance but is now happily an arm of the organisation, spreading Truth as far across the universe as they are able to.  


Structure is extremely important to the Peacekeeper Alliance, as it allows them to create order out of chaos, and manage such an expansive organisation.  


    Each of the four major internal organisations has its own 'Head of', and within them, there are directors of the major disciplines. Ultimately everyone reports to the Head of their organisation, and each of them reports to the Head of Peacekeeper Command. This doesn't make this position an absolute ruler, as there is still a lot of collaboration and accountability which lands with them.


For the Citizens

  The Peacekeeper Alliance prides itself on its ability to adapt anyone into its fold. They allow for the individuality of a person's culture or heritage, of course, but also expect all members of Territories within the Peacekeeper Alliance to respect the authority of Peacekeeper Command, and work to enhance, not detract from, the Alliance itself.   This includes expecting all citizens to have an understanding of Primian, the primary language of the Alliance, and to absorb and understand the regular outputs of their local branch of the P'Ache Prime Media Outlets. These outputs are to be recognised as truth.  

Internal Culture

  The strict hierarchy ensures that there are clear reporting lines and also that everyone understands who is in charge. It is expected that everyone follows this closely, and takes full accountability for their own areas.   Those who enter the organisations within the Alliance do so for one of two reasons:
  1. They believe in the mission of the Alliance and want to make the universe a better place
  2. They want access to the power and prestige that working for one of these organisations will bring
  As well as speaking Primian, everyone who works within the organisations of The Alliance is expected to understand and communicate using PA Standard Commands. There is also a level of behaviour outside of "the office" which is expected. Even when they are not at work, the people who work here are representing the Alliance and are expected to behave accordingly.

Public Agenda

The aim of the Peacekeeper Alliance is to improve the universe. Every planet which joins the alliance is automatically improved by association. They want to actively help everyone, bringing them into the future and pulling everyone together to work for the same goal. They are dedicated to making the universe a better place, one planet at a time.


The Peacekeeper Alliance was founded in 791 PT (Post Treaty) after the war known as the Formation of the Alliance, which saw Peacekeepers from P'Ache Solar System fighting against the Asora. This war was the result of an 8-year Assimilation campaign, by the Peacekeepers to take control of Asor, and teach the inhabitants how to do things the right way. Eventually, an agreement was reached, the Alliance was formed and the following day the Asora became the first people outside of the P'Ache Solar System to sign a treaty with the Peacekeepers.   Over the more than 4,000 years that the Peacekeeper Alliance has been in place, there have been changes, and the Peacekeepers have adapted to each new challenge that has been thrown their way, but the lessons learned in those early days have lasted. The war with the Asora has shaped a lot of the ways in which the Peacekeeper Alliance operates and is part of the reason for the regimented structure and hierarchy.


Territories within the Alliance

  There are four solar systems which make up the Alliance. There are additional planets that the Peacekeepers are currently reaching out to, but this is the extent of their territories so far. The Peacekeeper Expansion has been in progress for more than 5000 years, and the Alliance has been part of it for the last 4000 years.  

P'Ache Solar System

P'Ache Solar System
Geographic Location | Jun 13, 2024
  The P'Ache Solar System is the birthplace of the Peacekeeper Alliance, and is also home to the primary base, P'Ache Prime. There are four habitable planets within this solar system. They have been part of the Alliance since its inception in 791PT.  

The Primary Territories

The Primary Territories
Geographic Location | Jun 12, 2024
  The Primary Territories is the first solar system outside P'Ache to be discovered by the Peacekeepers. Asor was the first planet to be assimilated into the Alliance, and as such is the primary location within this solar system. The Primary Territories were officially formed on 1 One 1410PT.  

The Aspiration System

The Aspiration System
Geographic Location | Jun 12, 2024
  The Aspiration System was the second system outside of P'Ache to join the Alliance and the first where the Alliance insisted on renaming planets as they joined. Loyalty is the primary location, and there are four other habitable planets in this system. The system joined the Alliance on 1 One 2303PT.  

The Victalis System

The Victalis System
Geographic Location | Jun 12, 2024
  The Victalis System was the most recent solar system to join the Alliance. Victor is the primary planet and there are four other habitable planets within the system. The Victalis System was officially formed on 14 Five 4504PT.


Department Purpose % of Alliance Force
Command Special forces, Intelligence forces and Secret Police 40%
Diplomacy Enforce diplomatic missions and assist with assimilations 20%
Efficiency Enforcing processes and system changes. Protecting developments. Security, 10%
Integrity Police the territories within the Alliance 30%
  Each of the four major organisations within the Alliance has its own military. Generally speaking, each of the four is designed to serve the purposes of that particular organisation, but there are times when two or more join forces in order to accomplish a particular goal.   The table above demonstrates not only what the primary purposes are for each military group, but also the percentage of all the military within the Alliance which is allocated to each group.

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Together in Unity. Today with Strength. Tomorrow to Glory.


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The Peacekeepers
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