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  The Peacekeepers was originally a slang name that the Asora gave to the people from the P'Ache Solar System who first approached them about solving all of their problems. This included the   These groups of people realised that this word was easier when reaching out to new planets, rather than trying to explain the nuances between these different cultures. So they used the name for the Peacekeeper Alliance and provisionally adopted the name when reaching out to other planets within the Primary Territories and it was so successful that it stuck.  


  While there are minor differences between the various backgrounds, there are several rules which apply.  
Explanation Example
Honorific / Title People who work within the Peacekeeper Alliance prefix their name with "Peacekeeper" Peacekeeper Chal L'Ief
Feminine Given Name Female names are traditionally two syllable names Trankly, Brantar, Miron
Masculine Given Name Male names are traditionally monosyllabic names Peacekeeper Ty R'ry
Heritage Name In order to honor both of the heritage lines, the first letter of the mother's father's heritage and the second part of the father's "L" from L'kran and "Ief" from K'Ief gives you L'Ief

Major organizations

The Alliance

Peacekeeper Alliance
Organization | Jul 10, 2024
  The Peacekeepers are the primary ethnicity within the Peacekeeper Alliance, and are the founding members. The Alliance is responsible for governing everyone within Peacekeeper Territories and bringing new planets and solar systems into the fold.  

The Academy

Peacekeeper Academy
Organization | Jul 10, 2024
  The Peacekeeper Academy, while not strictly speaking a Peacekeeper Organisation, certainly favours those who are born and raised as Peacekeepers. It aims to raise the future leaders of tomorrow and sends most of its students on to work for the Alliance.  

The Media

P'Ache Prime Media Outlets
Organization | Jul 10, 2024
  The P'Ache Prime Media Outlets predates both the Peacekeeper Alliance and the Academy. It has been collecting and sharing information since long before the inception of the Alliance, and before the Peacekeepers came into being. But as Primians became part of the Peacekeepers, the organisation is now recognised as Peacekeeper too.  

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